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  1. The downloads are fixed. They are on github. I will update the first post links in a few minutes.
  2. The (old) latest versions on GitHub have been modified to be in spec. ModStats was removed, and the ORS includes a license.
  3. This must be a rendering/layout bug, because there is nothing (other than the title) in the window. I am not sure if it's fixed in the next release or not. I will try and investigate, but I can't promise anything.
  4. 1. It always will (I won't be revising the distribution for an old version). 2. The only non-anonymous part of the ModStatistics data collection was the fact that it communicated directly: that is, your (public facing) IP address. There is no realistic way to subvert this (unless you route data through something like tor). And this IP adddress is *the only* potentially identifying data (that is, the actual information transmitted contained no identifying information). So by the definition you appear to be using, 'gather data anonymously' is an impossible task (it is an empty set). If you want
  5. While I helped write part of those rules (specifically 4a), SCANsat does not do anything against the rules and it won't be going anywhere. So his comment still does not make sense. ModStatistics is already removed from the git HEAD of SCANsat (and from the jenkins builds); so if that was the reasoning, it is no longer valid.
  6. I think there might be something else going on. It's a little hard to think about with that image. I'll have to look at the map generation code carefully anyway. Can you send me instructions/code so I can look at this scene myself? The primary issue with SCANsatRPM code (whose code I have barely looked at at all) is that the aspect ratio is assumed of the map is assumed in SCANsat proper to be fixed (2:1?). Not only do the IVA screens not have this aspect ratio, but they have several different aspect ratios (in ALCOR, for instance). Also: I'm about to release the v8/v9 series of SCANsat; so th
  7. Thanks for the Rep. I apologize for the delay. It's one of those things where you know you are distributing bad information, and you want to stop that before you make even one more table. Please let me know how your scanning journey goes.
  8. OK. As one might see, I have now produced all of the tables for all of the planets. These occupy the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and a few other posts on the front page (it all fits on the front page!). All tables and albums are up-to-date, with the 5 scanner types supported.
  9. As an example of the new output, see this link. I actually don't trust the error values that much; but as you can see, we now have too MUCH space.
  10. I was attempting to add another textual output format (csv-github) (csv, but formatted in a way that it looks nice on GitHub), and I was tracing back the EQx. As far as I can tell, I have either been labelling things wrong, or I have introduced a bug. Looking at some specific table, like this one for example: It's clear that the UEQx is produced by orbitRatN(minalti). And that the EQx is produced by orbitRatD(minalti). The same is true for every text file format. A cursory search for orbitRatN reveals that the only uses of it are: the initial assignment and the text table outputs. (ie, it
  11. Indeed. That is why I was very, very careful (and spent a whole day) writing my imgur album upload script. I did not want to break any existing image albums when I added the two new scanners. And yes; I def. should put the stuff in the first page/post. I will do that later. Thanks.
  12. I apologize for the delayed response. I have been doing several KSP-related projects at once, and this one fell back a little bit. However, due to the upcoming release of SCANsat v8, I have a renewed interest. I have not completely merged all of the Matlab-related suggestions yet; but I fixed a few more bugs: See this link for the commit. I'm happy to report that, with this commit, I can finally build all plots and tables for all scanners without any errors: on Gilly on Minmus on Jool on Moho on Eve on Kerbin on Mun on Duna on Ike on Dres on Laythe on Vall on Tylo on Bop on Pol on Earth on M
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