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  1. Just saw this mod had been added to CKAN for 1.1....Thought I would give it another try wth my X55...IT WORKS!! YAY!...Thank you very much for sorting this out, very much appreciated
  2. Replicated tyhe ship I was testing last night...It is now working (still with no warp) in normal drive...Pretty sure either I or Squad fixed something from last night...Joys of testing Shot with all right click menus of main components open Forgive the self indulgence...I had to take one "beauty" shot Final Image for now...This one same as the stats one above...but with drive running I noticed no power drain at all when using either drive.
  3. Update. Either something was broken in my instal...or Squad fixed some stuff in their update yesterday. SAS and RCS look to be working properly now..Also the engines look to be working much better...tho may need some tweaking. I'm thinking something was missing in my instal...because I clean installed and added hyperedit, mechjeb, KER alongside KIS/KAS and the warpship. ( I wanted better info on stats and a way to easily move a ship to orbit.) So...basic functionality is there...we can build a ship and fly it in space...and control it as we are doing so. Next test is in my full modded instal...just updated to the latest build this morning...See if it was another mod breaking th8ings
  4. I don't see a major problem with going to RoverDude's warpdrive system...It would actually probably make both the mods more desirable having them work together. I tried to get a Warpship flying (just normal flight, not warp) last night, and both the engines I tried from the mod were unusable. Very low thrusts, and seemed to thrust off access, causing the ship to tumble even using SAS and RCS. Also the power drain of the QV drive very quickly drains even the large reactor in the parts.. I think the instability under thrust might be that the reaction wheels and SAS are not working in the mod parts...(I have seen something like this with the USI Honeybadger parts) I shall try a build today with stock parts that test out as working. I think the power usage and thrust outputs are just a matter of tweaking the configs of both. Let me know if there is anything else I can be testing out for you...I have not tried RoverDudes warp prts yet will have a go and see how they work...I think his Alcubierre drive rings are a lot smaller. Nod...there was a real mix of working/present but not working/ missing functionality in the parts...pretty much as expected considering I did wonder about the command pod interior...that was a really nice feature of the original mod.
  5. Ok...In a stock instal...only other mods are KIS and KAS. I did a quick build and opened all the main right click menus he
  6. First look...Everything seems to be there and in the right folders...Parts look good with no obvious glitches. No doors or interior for the command pod, but I can understand why (and it may have been taken out of the mod a while back...I don't know ) Functionality is mixed, as expected. The main Alcubierre ring has no right click options in VAB or launched....It does have the warp bubble field indicator...but no toggle for it is on permanently. I need to put it in a stock 1.1 release instal...since I do have quite a few mods that may be conflicting with this...Including RoverDudes standalone warpdrives. Great start tho:)
  7. Yep..Looks like that is the culprit for sure...Phoenix Industries Rover and AV have the same issues and i linked to that thread on -ctn-'s.
  8. Browsing the forums..and keeping an eye out for any other reports of this issue. I found this in the pre release modding thread...if you have not seen it , it may help your troubleshooting when you get 1.1
  9. Thank you...Just downloaded, and will give it a test in 1.1 later today.
  10. Yeah...Changed or broken for sure I think I recall Roverdude saying he had to move his airlock on the Karibou rover too...But i need to check if that was for 1.0.5 or 1.1...He def had to move it for some reason tho. Glad to help...Its way better little glitches get identified now than after 1.1 gets its full release Edit...I checked RoverDudes thread on the karibou...and, if he did make a change to the airlock, it was before his 1.1 release.
  11. Posted to the Buffalo thread...but this might help you also.... I had just exited and Bill is hung in mid air from the ladder...not moved at all...with no options at that spot
  12. This might help... Had just hit the EVA button...and exited
  13. I just checked the mod too...With similar results...also I had found a very similar issue with the ARES Rover and Ascnt Vehicle from Phoenix Industries. I explained it as best as i could there.
  14. The Buffalo from Angel-125 also seems to have the same issue...I just noticed it posted on his thread, and downloaded and tried it myself...very similar issue.
  15. Not that I have ran into so far...I did test most of the other rover mods..all seem to work fine. Anything I can help with to give you a better idea of what is going on?