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  1. There's a development version of KJR available in the thread that solves the docking port issue. I've been running it for a bit and have no adverse issues to report.
  2. A Titan analog would be pretty nifty! Also, it looks like Distant Object Enhancement is at least rendering flares for the new planets.
  3. I really like the possibilities that the rear docking tunnel offered. Sad to see it go. Is the new ATV fuel tank the same size as the old one? In other words, would the old engine fit the new tank? Edit: Well then we would also run into texture path conflicts. Easy to work around for an individual I suppose.
  4. The pallets also fit the standard KSO cargo bay like a dream, especially the offset one.
  5. You're bordering on being mean now... Looks great though!
  6. Concept storage silo. Derp: http://imgur.com/lmm6X05
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