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  1. Have I missed this for so long? I was just working on an orbital station and went into darkness, but noticed the panels were still tracking Kerbol. I would believe they should return to a "flat" (Installed state-extended) for that duration. But I could be off ...
  2. Well, got it squared away, seems the "panel fit options" was set to "maintain display scaling", I set to "Scale Full Screen" and poof! It's back! Interesting, as I had never had to fool with those options before, but stranger things have occurred.
  3. Sand box or Career?

    Career, but with cheats to open it up a bit so I'm not starting from scratch each time ... I think its the enticement of points, science and rep rewards for completion. Nothing wrong with sandbox, great for testing out stuff.
  4. It continues ... Next new build, and same thing, though I manually updated the Intel HD4000 drivers to the latest from Intel's site. At one point though, I got the unable to switch monitor resolution, for this lappy, can't find a particular "monitor" driver either. 1.2.2 no longer working as well, so I know it;s something on the OS side, just frustrating. My main rig is nvidia, but well supported, not worried about it on 10, as it is not taking insider builds.
  5. I don't believe all that that website says... I've had no issues with this build, nor most of the others that came before it. KSP had always worked fine, I'm just surprised. This lappy uses the intel HD 4000 integrated chipset, looked and latest are installed. Been reported already on insider feedback. It's not a dealbreaker for me, I have plenty of systems, this is not a primary one that I play on. Primarily I used to just build with it and then transfer ships to my primary rig for use I agree that it is entirely possible that on the next build it may work too, stranger things have occurred. . .
  6. Hello gang, Unmodded KSP_x64 dir on desktop, earlier this week went to run it and got a video mismatch error for screen size. Pulled the directory and reinstalled, both by installer and by extracting the x64 dir from that package. Not running, just sits on black screen, on occasion the cursor changes to a pointer, but that's it, no loading graphics or info. Drivers are up to date, no other new software installed, anyone else having issues? Marc
  7. Of course it does! I typically figure I'm missing something on the install, before I figure that it's the build, etc. so knowing others have had similar issues is relaxing. Yeah, something under the hood most likely. I'm playing 1.2.9 in a separate folder than 1.2.2 anyways... can wait to try in 1.3, plus look it over first before adding, as AD mod should be in there.
  8. I realize that, so I suppose the question remains, has anyone else tried either of these with 1.2.9 ?
  9. Likely been covered before, and I did search, but ... sigh ... Tried adding asteroid day for 1.2 and parts overhaul to 1.2.9 pre release, but not successful. Placed the folders that were under gamedata into gamedata, like they should be, but parts not showing up. something change I missed? Or was the structure borked?
  10. KSP Weekly: That Pale Blue Dot

    I'll see your Blue Dot and raise: "In one of the countless billions of galaxies in the universe, lies a medium-sized star, and one of its satellites, a green and insignificant planet, is now dead." It's definately been like BTPOTA lately ...
  11. My first 10-ish hours with Kerbal Space Program

    Very nice, always good to relive those early days ... Wait a minute,I do that with every career restart Enjoy!
  12. An alternative reality!

    In related alternate reality news ... Verizon Wireless announced today the end of $$$$ Vampirism of its customers, beginning with the Google Pixel, you can unlock, mod, and purchase the phone without extra fees, and in addition, get updates on the same day as Google releases them. No Man's Sky Developer Hello Games sends an invite to the departing dev's. "Come work for us and improve NMS, we need it to be as promised, not delivered" Mark Zuckerberg announces that Facebook apps will no longer hose phones like a virus. On a very tiny link at the bottom of Valve's main website, it was announced that the link to Half Life 3 can finally be purchased, click there. Drug ad's are no longer allowed on broadcast television, instead, more ads for eating right and staying fit. Well, if you believe any of the above .... [Making more carmel kettle corn to watch this]
  13. "There's no easy way to say this."

    [Eating fresh popcorn] I like this show, it's exciting! [making carmel kettle corn for the next episode ... "As the Kerbal Krashes" or "Days of Squad's Lives"]
  14. "There's no easy way to say this."

    That's true as well, they may not. Action or inaction will only lead to more assumptions.
  15. "There's no easy way to say this."

    Spin is spin,looking forward to seeing how Squad continues to try to spin this into something good, might even be more entertaining than the General Election. They had to announce 1.2 because the departing Dev's beat them to it with the departure notice, not that they didn't know about it or fathom it occurring with 1.2 set for release. [Settles in for the two big shows]