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  1. Second pic: Kerbal's discover Tiberium .... I'll just leave that here :)
  2. RW-1

    Mir Development Thread

    If you are serious about it, yes, a complete ISS mod that has both russian and american segments would be great. It's a daunting task though which is why most use habtech and tantares together. Smaller stuff would be nice as well to attach to it, experiment wise. Good luck with it!
  3. I'm sure it may be a mod, but none of my mods have changed between updates. I'll miss it for simplicity in IVA because it enhanced the realism using in cockpit screens, but I'm just going to uninstall for now revert to the internal navball/noggin method. UPDATE: Well, I had a fresh copy of 1.7.0 anyway, so I just started moving my mods over to gamedata starting with DPAI first, checking if it stayed up after each. To my amazement I had t through all of my mods. So then I did the last thing, recopied my save folder over, and I still have it. Something must have been borked somewhere. but I don't know where. Anyways I have it back for now, which makes the IVA slightly easier overall.
  4. I've updated but not seing the icon when in ships, I'm fairly sure my file structure is as explained, anyone else having this issue?
  5. Hi, First off, thanks! This mod is indispensable, if JSP were like google, they would bake it in (but maybe pay you to do so ... ) To my knowledge I didnt know I had smart autostruts on for anything. I knew though that you would figure out what was going on though. Will install the new release, but also check your fix by enabling on both sides in my current loadout. (loading as I type) PS, most of that career didn't load, because earlier in the week I removed missing history mod or upgraded and it broke a few things, I had to rebuild my Station II which I felt would be easier to do that troubleshooting that issue down, it was when I was trying to align modules I ran into the reported issue. It was sad, I had that loadout since 1.5.1, but a fresh start isn't all bad ... Yes, I could reproduce, now testing with the new release... Ahh, so sweet to have it back! you're the best ... Many thanks!
  6. Hi, sorry for the delay ... Yes, I believe the previous version had it, though unfortunately I couldn't tell you what it was, I hadn't updates the mod in a while, may have been in the 1.3 or 14. range. Here is my persistent file (was that correct?)
  7. Having an issue on a reinstall, put in latest DR, after docking my science lab to my station, I enable rotation, for this example it shows a -150 degree angle on my clamp o tron. Hitting rotate to snap the numbers change, and the module is rotating, but after the "movement" is complete it reverts back to the -150 angle shown.
  8. So I" was doing something, cant remember what now, and my largest station no longer loads, missing "liquidEngine3" Of course that's the first message, if I solve that not sure what it will do nect. I believe I updated the missing history mod to get rid of flickering T800 tanks in the VAB preview and on the part when moving my view. I can provide anything to assist in this.
  9. Im late to the farewell,. but life comes first my friend, I know the feeling trust me. CXA is the best of all the parts I had seen, likely from all the time you spent on it. Will miss it, but the only thing certain in this universe is change. No worries.
  10. Thanks, I upgraded just after posting and all's well. Man, so many mods to track!
  11. Hey, I got my 1-2 capsule to show aset IVA but now displays are upside down and I think for the navball miorrored, anyone else fix that? I figure it's me not the IVA
  12. Hi Waz, (and Dave), No, I had not found a fix, as Waz indicated it is EVE, I just lived with it for now. Waz, nothing "done" per say to get it to occur, to answer your question and help as best I can, I'd say it is most noticeable at Sunrise and Sunset looking just past the terminator towards the ground on the "night side" at that point. It's always been there for me, at least since when I posted originally.
  13. RW-1

    Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    Sorry, Valve copyrighted this for HL-3 way before Kerbals existed ....
  14. Hi, no worries, I've had to deal with some real life stuff lately. I'm not using real plumes, but still have that issue. Currently installed mod list: Mod List
  15. Thanks G, that's good to know, I always figured it was me, duping on configs, but made sure to only have one loaded per comments I read somewhere. Thanks for your awesome work!