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  1. Hi Everyone, I can confirm for me that it is fixed in Scansat 18.14: FYI
  2. No problem with that Jonny, I appreciate your taking the time out to respond directly. My first thought was it may have been that I needed to tweak something in my IVA mods themselves, hence a community question in case that turned out to be the cause. If I see anything else, I will be sure to assist by reporting thru Github for you. Patiently will await the next release.
  3. I went ahead last night and replaced RPM with this one. Awesome! My IVA's typically from alexustas, are showing with the Q-Ball display correctly orientated, not upside down. I have noticed though that the map MFD's, are not showing, just blank white, and in the Orbit MFD I have no capsule indication of my "position" Any recommended corrective procedure I may try? (remove all and reinstall perhaps?) It's terrific that JonnyOThan took over! I have been waiting to play for a bit as all this got sorted. Thanks beforehand...
  4. Is there any valid reason that Unity needs to invert (or use the opposite of) the coordinate system for rendering vice what DX and open GL use (If I understand this right) causing the flipped and mirrored issues we have had ongoing with updates?
  5. It's not specifically that RPM is messed up in 1.8, it is that the RPM dependent IVA's that many users use need to be upgraded for 1.8 and RPM. I believe MOARdV has done an admirable job striving to create a replacement for RPM, the issue is that IVA dev's need to take it an run with it to give the general modding IVA user base what it has been craving [Sits patiently looking out thru the MK1-3 window, sometimes covered up, sometimes not, with reversed and flipped ASET navball displays ...] hehehe ....
  6. Oh I'm patient, just doing without at the moment makes IVA not so great. No worries.
  7. Well, the thing is, with 1.8 out now, I'm back to having my navball display mirrored and upside down. I did update Module manager to 4.1.0 for 1.8, but issue remains. Using -force-glcore will correct, but other thing occur running that. Is ASET out of modding for good?
  8. I just wanted to say thanks to Blackrack for his honest posting to RTB, knowing all he was trying to do was assist the mod and the community as a whole. I'm patiently awaiting the new release, and that's all any of us can do. If one is so impatient that it must be now, simply remain in 1.7.3 until it's corrected, or use 1.8 without until Blackrack has the time and energy to work on it. In the end it's a game, not a life (unless you're on staff at Squad or Take Two)
  9. Anyone else using this? I'm figuring its the dll not re-compiled for the upgraded unity or something along those lines.
  10. Hi Gang, Onto 1.8, and i know we're all waiting for our wonderful modders to get their mods updated for it. My 1.7.3 saves loaded, but I have one issue to address, a part from ASET, the external camera: Gamedata\ASET\ExtCamRadialVert Arriving at the space center, it will not see this part anymore, so 3-4 Rovers I had out there cant load, nor can a couple ships in the VAB. I was playing around to see if moving the folder itself might have done the trick, but to no avail. I compared 1.7.3 locations to 1.8 etc. Anyone else using ASET that might be of assistance? I could then re-copy my saves and just await scatterer to update Marc
  11. I will second that, scatterer definitely is not ready for 1.8. Removed for the moment.
  12. sweet! What one has to remember though, that fun disclaimer "Not Real in Game Footage"