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  1. Glad to hear headway is being made on this, it is not a dealbreaker, but I wondered why only minmus (so far ...)
  2. Sounds like one will have to send landers with paving capabilities for a runway
  3. OMG! What would we all do if someone didnt have an issue? You're fine, we all learn something when one of us has an issue my friend.
  4. I have Planetshine, not sure if I even touched its settings ... will look later...
  5. It happens, not like I'd notice .... no worries GL at least it was easy right?
  6. BR or anyone who knows, City lights are fixed with Parallax, however how might one change the brightness level?
  7. There are two types of players here, those who use and love your stuff, and those about to. We're patient for the fixes, whenever you can get to them!
  8. I got it to do it again, if you look close you can see a slight faint outline of the flames (waterfall) but nothing there ... Not sure of the cause myself, not a dealbreaker either, haven't seen it on kerbin or mun so far, just minmus. Minmus Burn
  9. Thanks! Between you and GamesLinx, who needs KSP2? {Sits on LKO or LMO and admires the scenery .... ahh, so beautiful...)
  10. it's still an issue, but I believe on the EVE side with terrain mesh Strike that, LG just released a new EVE: https://github.com/LGhassen/EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements/releases/ Redux Latest Fix flickering city lights with Parallax (added a small depth offset) Fix volumetrics in VR (fix by @JonnyOThan) for Kerbal-VR https://github.com/JonnyOThan/Kerbal-VR Fix a nullref and some game event leaks (Thanks @BrettRyland and @gotmachine) Going to try it out now ... Update: It's fixed!
  11. Looking great, Guys with the new version let's just relax and report, and GL will look at the issues and correct as necessary. Between this and when BR releases EVE with volumetric clouds, a whole new generation of computer systems and players will have their hardware/minds blown
  12. Oh? So, uh, 3.1 is right around the corner eh? As we go thru this, question, space center looks darker now overall, a setting I missed? [waits as those better than I fool around with various tweaks]
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