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  1. I'm sorry, I should have been more specific and included screenshots, will put it up when I can. It is the (I believe) ambient light onto the modules from the fixed lights I placed on my station, nothing wrong with Kerbin, city lights, etc. Light points referred to the actual lamp placed. I believe I have temporal turned off in parallax, as causing some other issues, don't remember if that's when this issue began though. simple enough to remove a mod at a time to narrow it down Update: Seems deleting the module manager cache files fixed whatever was happening ... Nice Idea Thanks!
  2. I'm not sure if it is EVE ... if not I'll move it to the appropriate thread, unless someone might identify the issue. I use parallax EVE and Scatterer, I seem to have lost my "Glow" in shadow of Kerbin for my station, I see the light points, but their illumination is gone until it comes out of shadow, No issues with my other stations or craft so far on mun, minmus, etc. Cant say for others as I've no craft there (Yet in this save) Any ideas? Full mod list can be provided, I know it must have been one I updated recently, Kopernicus perhaps? Not a deal breaker here, as I figure when next update hits that I install "fixes" it I'll know which one, or just remove one at a time, etc. to determine. Which mod of the three recently improved lights, giving a flare to them?
  3. Though its said that Volumetric clouds look like heaps of mashed potato's from far away, kind of Thanksgiving like, wink wink, nudge nudge ...
  4. The first rule about EVE Club is you do not speak about EVE Club. The answer is there in the thread.
  5. Damn, this is really going to bring more people towards the aircraft side of things. Low Fog = ILS actual approaches hehehe .... Right?
  6. Another reason to upgrade my GPU, let alone3 system, another 7 years has passed since I last toyed with it, ugh!
  7. Beautiful! "Memories ...." Of course, Jeb didn't Land back at KSC either hehehe ...
  8. Moose, we're in agreement, I hold the same opinion on 2 vs the original at this moment. I didn't feel devalued at all. More I was defending the right to have an opinion, whether or not I might agree with it. I would hope that when it can, it loads faster Ya still teasing eh?
  9. I disagree. First off, everyone is entitled to their opinion. We've waited for KSP2 for a while, and IMHO while the "Core" game being released is a great idea, it can also be viewed as it just isn't finished. Now, that said, two camps, one which will grab it and play/test, and one that wants all the things that were marketed at the game's outset. Sound familiar? No Man's Sky, and realistically KSP itself which was a work in progress for a tiny bit I fall into both categories, I'll keep playing KSP, and may not get 2 right away, even though likely I could run it side by side. I believe they shot too high with the initial marketing of 2, and if they had just overhauled what they are calling the "Core" game and released, then added the other stuff as DLC's when bugs were worked out, then we wouldn't have this fracturing of the fanbase. [opens saved KSP to play until Feb 24th, but not continuously from now ... ]
  10. I believe the equation is (Donuts) Squared = Volumetric Expansion Quotient X M (Current) That or the Kracken has taken over my scale. (Those things LIE! )
  11. If you use scansat, you can use the BTDT too locate the rocks/craters to visit. if not there is a cheat setting to show you their location too, can turn on / off at leisure.
  12. The new release will include a free copy of HL-3, does that assist you with timeline calculations? (you have kursed the group an awakened the Kracken ...}
  13. Glad to hear headway is being made on this, it is not a dealbreaker, but I wondered why only minmus (so far ...)
  14. Sounds like one will have to send landers with paving capabilities for a runway
  15. OMG! What would we all do if someone didnt have an issue? You're fine, we all learn something when one of us has an issue my friend.
  16. I have Planetshine, not sure if I even touched its settings ... will look later...
  17. It happens, not like I'd notice .... no worries GL at least it was easy right?
  18. BR or anyone who knows, City lights are fixed with Parallax, however how might one change the brightness level?
  19. There are two types of players here, those who use and love your stuff, and those about to. We're patient for the fixes, whenever you can get to them!
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