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  1. Problem fixed! Is there an issue btw on the self-induced sliding of certain base parts? Seem to be some drag modifier.
  2. Alright! I was relying on the startup notifications a bit too much I think. Cheers
  3. For USI-LS: "VERSION":{ "MAJOR":0, "MINOR":5, "PATCH":21, "BUILD":0 }, USI-MKS: "VERSION":{ "MAJOR":0, "MINOR":50, "PATCH":15, "BUILD":0 }, The 'bubble' is the MKS Inflatable Storage Module. I don't have a full stack of the error, I only seem to get the basic exception message in the console. I doubt a full stack message is generated somewhere?
  4. Debug console shows "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" whenever I try to deploy the inflatable ground habitat/agriculture/workshop modules. The inflatable logistics bubble seems to work fine. Might be something off with the required variables for starting the deployment animation/function. You guys recognize this?
  5. Can they be connected with a single logistics module if I keep the 2 bases at a distance of 3.8km and put the the logistics module at 1.9km away from each base? Avoiding planetary logistics entirely? Logistics module range is 2000m afaik.
  6. If I have a base with the Kerbitat and efficiency modules at a certain spot in a Mun crater, can I connect a "farm station" with it if I put the farm station ~5km away? Do I have to use a logistics module(s) in between to connect them? Will bases 5km away from eachother share resources? Have I missed some feature?
  7. I see it's possible to merge 2 ports together, but: Can I weld 4 or 6 docks at the same time? (2-3 pairs) That would make for some interesting designs to say the least. If not, and I try to merge pairs, one at a time, between two vessels, will the Kraken attack me?
  8. Is there I chance we could get a variety of KIS containers, like flatter ones that fit well for longer surfaces, and rectangular 1.25m/2.5m/3.75 (and rounded)?
  9. Bahamuto, would it be possible for you to create landing skids? Light, Medium and Large ones, and they could have the same physical properties as wheels, although with some inherent braking power? Your design regime would make for some awesome skids is my guess!
  10. Request: toggleable Lights for the windows of your parts would be lovely
  11. Maybe possible to do an easy fix by adding a resource parameter? Just copy what's from the stock 2.5m shield?
  12. Hi! If I remove nodes from my huge welded part (consists of 2.7k parts) Can I solve some of my memory-related crashes? Looking at the .cfg file and thinking I could remove 95% of the nodes that I won't need.
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