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  1. Hangar Extender was a great help and moving the splody bits was even better thanks, though...Airpark didn't really stop whole "Bermuda triangle" problem, but it stopped exploding and flying out the universe, so that's a huge plus, thanks
  2. This is a really great mod, I really like the lifts going down into the hangar and the deflector shields, but here is my problem...(using ksp 1.2) the Aircraft Carrier Accessories provides a craft called enterprise and I've tested that and it sits great on the water and land without any problem or any kraken attacks. The Nimitz is sometimes fine on load, sometimes not(90% of the time it fails on load) here is a list of stuff that happens: On launch load -game freezes for a second(while physics kick in) and the sun explodes and all of kerbins water is drained -Nimitz jitters then its suddenly going 5million times the speed of light(literally, flew past jool in the space of half a second) In world load(once in the water and loading up an aircraft and taking off) -Nimitz is just perfectly fine until you fly in close and then suddenly it vanishes and if you have it set at a target, your target speed suddenly goes to NaNm/s (I know once you go over 5km away from it, the ship unloads, but when flying back to it, the ship reloads around 3km but then suddenly vanishes) -Reverting launch once Nimitz is in the water causes Nimitz to suddenly vanish, followed by a huge load of lag I've tried using KJR and Part Weld I've tried taking off the engines and rudders(taking off/welding the rudders seems to fix On launch load problems) I've tried changing the mass in the config file for all the Nimitz parts I've tried using the same config as the enterprise does and that fixes a few issues, but doesn't stop the in world load problems. Would having the Nimitz mast and bridge and engines and rudders being the one single model be a good idea? it would fix the joint issue and make it easier for people to build on since this carrier is soo huge. This Is seriously a cool mod.
  3. apparently its quite salty about having an atmosphere ahhh ok then, that makes sense
  4. :| there's your first test
  5. ah, I wasn't sure if he knew since I saw him saying something about realism and had a link to here
  6. no offense or anything or trying to rain on your parade, but... moons*/rocky bodies don't have atmosphere.(*titan is a moon with an atmosphere) Atmosphere is that huge gas thing that surround gas giants, stars(?) and atmospheric planets. Atmosphere is the reason why things burn up at certain speeds and the reason drag happens(e.g parachute deployment) and the reason for sound being present. wouldn't really be realistic(?) just a tip or a heads up incase you didn't know
  7. Mini Announcement I'm on vacation for another 2 weeks, I wont be able to get round to adding people to the whitelist as quickly as usual until I get home please ask either: @Kepler68 / @RA3236 / @Shania_L / @ZooNamedGames (for a quicker response)to add you to the whitelist => Please remember to tell us your minecraft name => Forge + Installation Instructions are provided in our discord => Currently on Minecraft 1.11.2 until either forge 1.12 becomes more stable or minecraft fixes a small client sync bug => Tell your friends, everyone is welcome Server mods: =========================== || {Sparky's} || || {Kepler68}|| =========================== Discord: =========================== || || || || ===========================
  8. oh my glob...squad, hire blackheart or...or something!
  9. I have been tinkering around with the game code in the past and seeing how stuff works, so I know how a lot of things work, and personally; I'm a fan of making boats or submarines, and like I said, this was only a thought for a good friend of mine. In the past- water was literally a ground with an animated texture, but I have seen quite a lot of potential with mods. Again; yeah, the game would need to be a complete rewrite and even still this would cause a lot of problems and graphical glitches and a huge performance hit I can see how this could be some what possible through modding, but since the water is such a huge body, it would most likely crash the game or just flat out break something or the save.
  10. So I was wondering if it was possible to add normal current waves varying from serene calm to raging storm. So boats and other sea craft actually have to adjust for the water conditions and boats can actually be impacted negatively by this if they enter a stormy area. Maybe in conjunction with a pre-existing wind mod maybe? Just a thought, especially since I know a friend who's going to be working on a project in KSP that'll utilize it. I know the water isn't an easy thing to mess around with and when something hits the water it plays a splash particle.(just like when something hits the ground it either plays the explosion or smoke-puff particles/effects) Scatterer (+SVE?) adds somewhat of a wave/current thing, but that's only due to texture animations, and I know this would need an event to trigger the water effect texture animations from the storms which would probably from a pre-existing mod?
  11. team viewer is completely not what you think it is, its not not as open as you think, its waay more secure, now that's out the way, are you still having trouble? I can talk you through it take screenshots and i'll pm you a walkthrough
  12. the server isn't dead, its down because of difficulties that I wont discuss on the thread. The server will back up soon. @KAL 9000
  13. @taniwha ahh... thanks anyway though. I originally installed kethane back on 0.25? or 0.23.5?-anyhoo. While I was trying to fix the pink grid thing I noticed in the parts folder that there was 3 drill folders, one of them only had the .mu file(finding out that it was still functional and it wasn't showing up in the parts list is a different story), so that's how I noticed in the first place and I had seen that you were the new maintainer I thought you were the best person to ask, but again, thanks for letting me know.
  14. is there any plans to bring back the old radial drill? (its still fully functional, only things missing is a texture and it showing up in the part list)
  15. there you go :)