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  1. I tried to build the KC-135R Statotanker and the engines were a flop... sooo....
  2. i did that no, its not the Shepard landing leg...not anymore...
  3. But this is for modders, not players. As I said, it's for modders, and I'll be showing the modders exactly what the .dll contains. All I'm doing is helping out other Modders that would want custom category's for their own mod. Also, KSP has its own inbuilt custom category for players anyway, and you can easily add in parts to that category with a click of a button, but in the end, its the modders choice
  4. Have you ever wanted your mod to have its own custom part category? -Don't want your mod to rely on other mods like Community Category Kit? -Don't know how to code or codding isn't your thing? === I can make one for you! All you'll need is: Two Icons that are both 128x128 (preferably png). One for tabs normal view and the second icon for the tab being selected (here is an example of what I mean) [Icon Normal] [Icon Selected] Just tell me the name of your parts Manufacturer and the name of your mod and the name of the tab and I'll send you your .dll file Note: The Icon(
  5. Announcement We're updating to Vanilla Minecraft 1.13 and starting a new world for now, while we convert a copy of the original world to 1.13. Anything built on the 1.13 save will be merged onto our original world once it's converted. please ask either: @Kepler68 / @Shania_L / @ZooNamedGames (for a quicker response)to add you to the whitelist or join our discord server (for an even quicker response) and ask our discord moderators to add you to the whitelist. => Please remember to tell us your minecraft name => Tell your friends, everyone is welcome => We have other
  6. I found all the values for cannon shells, shells and bullets in BDArmory\BulletDefs\BD_Bullets.cfg I think nearly all the bullets and shells and cannon shells or ammo type still have their legacy values I made a radial bofor gun and trying to make its own ammo type and have it work like the real thing. It was a modified version of the BDA cannon shells, with the values being a little bit higher to try an simulate the real effects of a bofor shell(specifically from an AC130 :P) ahhhhh thank you!
  7. also tntMass = 1.0275 blastPower = 1.5 blastHeat = 0 blastRadius = 0.8 could someone explain those values please? I was playing about with these values or settings and made the blastRadius ridiculously high(like 9999999) and didn't see a difference between 9999999 and 0 blastPower was the same blastHeat, I did notice parts heating up, so I understand that tntMass this seems to be the only thing that determines the explosion's power. At 1300 that's able to (rightfully)destroy any of the KSC buildings in one shot, any lower and it takes a few more(not complaining, I really lik
  8. not sure who to go for asking about this(ive said over at the BDc thread aswell) but with scatterer installed, theres a few issues with the camera display in the BDc tracking ball is this problem with scatterer or BDc? ==== Nevermind, its a BDAc problem and its been reported and known already
  9. not entirely sure who to go to about this, but the targeting cams while having scatterer installed causes weird camera angle issues(moving the ingame cam fidgets with the targeting cam) (this is in 1.4.4 but ive seen this happen since 1.3.1)
  10. I'm using this for 1.4.4 and everything pretty much works fine, but there is a lot of bugs present 1. time warping causes NaN 2. the servos?(hinges, pistons, rotors, ect) seem to get stuck or cant complete their movement and tear the craft apart 3. some parts get stuck and cant be moved anymore through action groups and need to be moved with the toolbar 4. on a body, parts don't work properly due to gravity(on kerbin, in older version, I was able to move my ion engines into place, but on 1.4.4 on kerbin, the hinge and rotor isn't able to move the engine properly and needs to be in orbi
  11. Just going to say, this works perfectly fine on 1.4.4(at least the 1.3.1 version of IR) the IR sequencer works perfectly fine aswell. (I can upload the files to dropbox if its necessary)
  12. in the past, if I remember right, PWings have usually been stable and fine when updating to another version, but in that screenshot, its only the control surfaces that's borked up
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