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  1. the kerbal FAA grounded me after what happened in the video XD
  2. I finally got engine light and heating to work, along with some gimbal and custom flame particle https://streamable.com/4jxhfg (it's green because Kethane)
  3. I finished redoing all the kethane tanks and completely redid the zero bypass turbine again. https://imgur.com/a/7WG0xHv 2 meter extra large tanks 2 meter large tanks 2 meter medium tanks I stopped doing the double pipe? part since it was starting to look kind of weird on short tanks 2 meter small tanks 1 meter tanks & external tank I gave both of these tanks two different variants, external tank has the option to turn the text off/on, and the 1m tanks just have a different coat I completely redid the zero bypass turbine, again, because the one I had before was looking a little inconstant with the storage tanks It's still able to reverse thrust and switch modes
  4. I remodelled and retextured the kethane's 2m extra large tank and added a custom tab for kethane parts. I also made a new texture variant for the kethane jet engine that I remodelled.
  5. I remodelled(from scratched) and re-textured the old kethane turbine/engine/thruster. I've given it a fairing, mode switch for atmosphere and vacuum and a reverse thurst. Development Nerd Album Recent Album https://streamable.com/l07zjf
  6. I made this inline KIS container for storing stuff like buggys/rovers. I tried to make an orange variant, but UniTeH wasn't having it also, MQ-9
  7. I made The AC130 Im gonna redo it's guns and add some tiny details aswell as new targeting ball things The reason it looks bad right now is because I was shoving it into minceraft but that's a different story, the targeting balls are gonna get a complete remodel
  8. I made a new kethane scanner (blender screenshots to make it easier to see cause no texture) I think i broke something, it instantly exploded after launch
  9. this is very helpful, the bottom egg thing records temperature and pressure, the top egg records temp, the fin top records atmospheric stuff and at night the ball tracker helps find the runaway and the front probe stick thing auto pilots aswell as transmits the data then we got space tours, just kinda strap thumper on the bottom and get to 71-77km then gently float back down and get paid this plane can fly around kerbin one and a half times before running out of fuel, i was very proud of that
  10. I made this like 3 or 4 years ago, it was my first ever models: I'm gonna completely redo them and give them more KSP styled textures
  11. thank you I've completed the drone part models, all they need is funny descriptions and maybe a folder tidy up, but the important stuff is done. It works with ScanSat and stock science stuff and BDArmory(nothing weapony though, just functions) the camera scans surface stuff for ores. I was gonna go with Tarsier Space Technology, but the close animation broke things and it would need a script of its own and i'm not good at C# and BDAc is better for locking on a single area
  12. Trying to get this camera to work with tarsier-space-technology and i have no idea what im doing maybe BDArmory would be better, its better at tracking i guess mehhh scienceeeesese goes out the window for that part
  13. sooon also, I'm spying on you lot im thinking about making the ball thing and having it work along side Tarsier Space Technology(same way the rover cam works)
  14. ITS COMPLETE!! Ive fixed all kinks out with the wheels and they're working perfectly They're really stable, and dont bounce or slide, the back wheels are fixed and the front is steerable and they both retract and deploy at the same speed
  15. a few config kinks here and there, but i gots it!
  16. Completed the front gear for the drone Can anyone help me with a good description please?
  17. f i n a l l y!! I've got these accursed wheel finally working! the suspensions works(not in the way i want to, but ksp limitations of being local transform and other stuff) steering, braking(very stable at that) wheel spinning and touching the ground properly! Now for back wheels
  18. soooo.... i made a new MQ-9 reaper wheel(its not textured properly or UV mapped) this one actually turns, the wheel properly spins, the breaks work and its steady, it doesnt bounce or slide and i have no idea what ive done, only difference is I've zero'd out a few stuff and added a suspension
  19. pretty much, especially Airplane Plus and Squad, and object inspector to get the unity stats and details.
  20. once i get both wheels(front and back) modeled and properly working i'll show it around, and maybe share it, but right now its very very broken XD
  21. its a mod im making for myself; front and back reaper wheels, so far ive got the steering fixed and the wheels to kinda spin, but there's no brakes and they keep sliding around as if its on ice and i think i'll need to ask around for help https://imgur.com/a/5L0OyO2
  22. getting them to spin and steer and colliders are the real nightmare
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