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  1. Awesome. Congrats on the dev release. Looking forward to testing this out!
  2. This sounds awesome. I would also be interested in a Science Lab type part, or series of parts which could be joined together on a base or orbiting station to provide the same (or almost the same) science value as returning the samples. That may be a whole other mod, but it would be another cool reason to build an extended, long term base on the Mun or another body, especially, say Duna. That way you wouldn't have to keep going all the way back and forth. The parts should be decently large and hard to launch and assemble to make the effort worthwhile. In any case, I'm stoked to have more to
  3. Are there any provisions for compatibility with RoverDude's Modular Kolonization System mod? It takes advantage of TAC, Kethane, and EL, but has its own configs. I love the look of both of these mods and I'd really like to have some variation in module types for bases. Either way, I could envision a separate save for each of these, but I would really like to use them at the same time.
  4. I've been planning to build a colony on Minmus using Roverdude's Modular Kolonization System mod and I needed a way to assemble the modules once they'd landed. The only logical solution is - a space crane.* I used philotical's Planitron mod to test the rover without hyperedit at KSC. *does anyone have a good way to post imgur galleries? I tried quoting other's posts to see how they did theirs, to no avail. - Thanks.
  5. Great mod! Playing it on a test install of mine that I like to pretend is for "mission simulations". Been planning a Minmus base and I wanted to test a crane under the right gravity without actually sending it first. Keep tweaking and see if you can add Toolbar support for it! Thanks for a super useful tool.
  6. Try turning the angle snap setting off and placing the landing gear again. Some of the wings also have lines on the textures that will be perfectly straight, and you can line up the landing gear's straight sections (especially using the B9 pack) to those. Keep trying, its really very tricky to place them.
  7. Not quite what I had imagined, but that also looks really nice. I was thinking the legs would make an X shape on the bottom of the module, and then swing downwards 180-ish degrees away from the stowed position. Definitely explained this poorly the first time. I was imagining they'd have two cylindrical struts like the stock legs, but the smaller of the two is free floating until it gets extended completely. It meets the larger strut say halfway along it's length, and the free floating end has a "U" shaped brace that clicks onto a recessed structural ring further towards the top of the module.
  8. That makes infinitely more sense. Right on, those'll look rad! I've got blender downloaded on my desktop, trying to watch some tutorials so I can try my hand at modeling some parts eventually. Looking forward to those concept images!
  9. I like the look of this, but I'm confused how they mount and extend from the module. I had an idea, but don't have the skills to model it. I wanted to make a low profile set of landing legs that would sit, in-line with a module. I'm imagining something styled like the Atlas low profile engine. They would fold flat into recesses in a base. The pivot point would be nearest to the outside edge of the bottom. They'd swing about 270* outward. Let me sketch it out if you're interested.
  10. Love these parts. Waiting to advance a little further in the tech tree and send a whole base out to Duna in my current save. Just wanted to mention I had issues with the Orbital Orb ejecting Kerbals on EVA. I can't recall if I've had this issue with other capsules (read as stock) too. Once I clicked the EVA button, the Kerbal pops out of the capsule and then shoots off into space, breaking solar panels he hadn't collided with. Nothing the EVA pack couldn't fix, but less than graceful. I did have a retracted 1x6 panel just above the hatch, and the collision mesh might not have been playing ni
  11. I'm all about this, models looking very nice so far. Excited to see where this goes.
  12. Yup you got it, B9, FAR, DRE, Procedural Wings, KER, among others, but those are the relevant mods. Using IR in the cargo bay to mount a couple batteries and some generators. Theres not really any point to it, but they stay stationary while the plane rolls around it. It doesn't like to re-enter the atmosphere with the nose pitched up, I haven't added any RCS which could be part of the problem. When it killed Jeb the nose wobbled, then pitched straight up so the wings were perpendicular to the velocity marker going probably 1,000 - 1,500 m/s. Here are some grabs from the SPH. Spaceport was
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