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  1. Yeah, I wish we had the old cockpit to use as well. Especially if you're going to give me fighter jet engines in the same update, just saying.
  2. Every time a new engine comes out, everyone says its OP. When there are no new engines, people complain that there aren't new parts.
  3. Takeoff with SSTOs landing gear have a tendency to wheelbarrow or otherwise tilt or deviate off the runway and disassemble the craft.
  4. One of those computers built in Dwarf Fortress. Or maybe a Minecraft redstone computer.
  5. What if you could literally mine for SRBs? Like you go drilling and dig up a BACC or two. I hear the Minmus flats contain large seams of Seperatrons.
  6. Eh, I can't the pads to work without colliding into the first positive slope I encounter.
  7. Craft File I believe I can claim 21 points: Supercruise: +.1, 1 point Top Speed: +.9, 18 points Vertical Climb: Yes, 1 point Drop Tank: 72 Fuel Units, 1 point
  8. What Aerodynamics config settings would I need to make the air on Kerbin to act convincingly similar to water?
  9. Only when my strategy calls for strategic use of strategies.