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  1. waiting for someone to try to use this to full texture their aircraft with camo on top and white on bottom.
  2. Please forgive me, I don't convey my thoughts, as well as I would like to, in writings. From the beginning of the game, Squad had a very boring load screen. Every now and then we got a new one (like one or two). This time we get whole host of new load screen images that are very entertaining to me. I didn't really mind that cat at first and was glad that it was finally removed. Now we have all these new screen and I can't enjoy them. I love the mod. I'm more than certain that it's save me from crashing many time. Keep up the good work but please have mercy on me. Suggestion: how about an on/off switch in the cfg ??
  3. I've been playing KSP for a very long time.(0.13ish). The modding community has always been wonderful. Yes we've faced hard times and many changes to the community. One change was the release of the 64bit KSP and all of it's Krackeness. Many of us players need the 64bit app because of all of the wonderful mods were too much for the 32bit KSP. Without the 64bit app we were given a heartbreaking choice of playing KSP with the bear minimum of mods and limiting the experience. With 64bit we were able to play the game to the fullest. We knows some modders refused to support it (too buggy), which is ok we just couldn't use that mod or use the mod with limited features. What is not ok is mods that mock the game and introduce elements who's only purpose is the ridicule and demean the 64bit app. One may have the right of one's mod not support the 64bit app. but not the right to negatively change the game just out of spite. Please, I respectfully ask that you remove this from your mod. I'n not trying to pick a fight I just feel this needed to be said.
  4. We do you have a tech tree that in itself is a fog of war. Any map that is generated by uses fog of war. For the planets we can have them be discoverable through science points.
  5. Yeah good luck guy I miss this mod so much. Actually the most used part to me is the small air breathing generator. I used it in all my airplanes.
  6. I'm just blown away by this mod! I've been waiting for something like this for a long time. You've obviously have put a lot of thought and effort into the mod. I truly believe this should be incorporated into KSP as a new game option. Is there a way of mapping the radiation storms/belts? (maybe with a SCANsat type system?)
  7. I'd like to see a mode where you start with the basic and can't see anything but a few hundred meters around your base. You only have the runway, and crew building, and must build the others thru a tiered game play. With the fog of war you only see a few hundred meters around your base and is uncovered through visiting those areas. I think you must even build things like a telescope to even view other kerbinly bodies. no access to "M" to see kerbin either. I think if this can be implemented you force the player to be a true explorer.
  8. Ever thought, "gosh I sure would love to get that person's mods." However with all the redistribution restrictions its impossible to repack your mods and share them with others. Enter.. Ckan's metapackages. https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN/wiki/Sharing-a-modlist-(metapackages) With metapackages you can share your mod lists and have ckan install them. Has anyone thought of having a repository site for sharable metapackages kind of like https://kerbalx.com/ ? I'm not much of a coder but I have ideas, I just need the right people to help implement this. Any thoughts?
  9. Based off F-16. This is Phil http://kerbalx.com/vontreigo/Phil-211