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  1. Hi,

    which flavour and version of linux are you using ? And do you remember which libraries were causing problems ?

    I use the pc i have ksp installed on for a little naive c++ programming (learning vulkan :-)), but i am not a programmer.

    I must say that the past versions of ksp always have been an unstable mess causing kernel intervention sooner or later. And there hasn't been any new functionality since 0.90. I would expect a well behaved program to certainly handle messages related to possible timing problems etc.



    1. Green Baron

      Green Baron

      No dependency problems on my pc, they would have jumped in my eyes :-)

      Yeah, don't downgrade to versions from before your os' version. Only if you are sure that you can really keep them apart from the newer stuff, and especially with a system like Ubuntu one can never be sure what dependencies hide behind the scenes :-)

      GCC 6.3 and kernel 4.8 come with debian 9, so no version problem there on my side. Funnily enough ksp runs on my notebook with debian 9 but that has only an i3 and 4gb ram. The poor thing starts to sweat heavily.

      The pc i am on now has an i7 4700k with 3500ghz, 16gb and a gtx660 graphics card, so a reasonable pc from 4 years ago. That thing quits when ksp runs. I have another newer one here with an i7 6700k, 16gb and a gtx970. Tomorrow i'll try it on that one ...


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  2. Your profile picture has always reminded me of Major Tom in the picture here


    1. Green Baron

      Green Baron

      Oh, it's Ian Mc Neice interpreting Baron Vladimir Harkonnen in the Dune Movy from the early 2000s. The role fascinated me. But since we allready have enough "Red Barons" i made him venemous green ...

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  3. Your profile picture has always reminded me of Major Tom in the picture here


    1. Green Baron

      Green Baron

      Thank you sir !


      The german version always sends a shiver down my spine.

      Let me try to translate the last verse:

      Und da trauern noch die Egoisten

      Major Tom denkt sich

      "Wenn die wüßten !

      Ich werd' hier ein Licht

      durch das All.

      Das kennt Ihr noch nicht

      ich komme bald.

      Mir wird kalt.


      The egoists still mourn,

      Major Tom thinks by himself:

      "Only if they knew !

      I will become a light

      through the void.

      That you don't know yet

      I'll soon be coming.

      I'm getting cold".



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  4. Where is the forums now ?

    I only get redirect errors ... so i take it it simply doesn't work yet ?


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