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  1. Hi :-)

    don't want to discuss this openly because drug stuff.

    Yes, a lot of people smoke weed. It doesn't cause addiction, but at higher doses over longer times changes the perception of reality. I myself quit 30 years ago (am 55) and 20 years ago smoking at all. But i have made the experience that people who smoke weed at higher age do have a reality problem, not as heavy as consumers of alcohol, but still. I am sure, the guys you know would be different, more focused and concentrated, if they quit consuming.

    Oone i know who still smokes is a lower manager at Daimler in Stuttgart, and he is real crackpot. Pretending to be relaxed but runs hot and cold on small reasons. He could be two levels higher. I think the stuff and his lifestyle has, over the decades, changed his personality.

    And, if i may say so, discussing this openly could wake the moderators, because the drug is still forbidden in most countries and minors(*) are around in this forum, i think.

    Doobie free cheers from a small green Atlantic island :-)


    Edit: (*) Musk knows that of course. Showing that he smokes openly has kind of childish protest style to it, i think ...

  2. Psst. Actually Galilei has worked on relativity, just a hint ;-)

    Not 19th, but 16th century.

  3. Hi tater ;-)

    hmm, how do i say it, i don't want to post it in the thread ...

    Just because your house wasn't hit doesn't mean that others had the same luck. It is, how shall i say, a state of mind, if you don't mind ...




    1. tater


      No, bu landfall is what matters looking over large timeframes since before satellites, that was the only way to be sure it was a hurricane.

      The IPCC working group a few years ago in 2013 said: “Current datasets indicate no significant observed trends in global tropical cyclone frequency over the past century … No robust trends in annual numbers of tropical storms, hurricanes and major hurricanes counts have been identified over the past 100 years in the North Atlantic basin.”

    2. tater


      A simple question: When the media and climate people were saying after Katrina (then Mathew) that we'd have Katrinas a few times a year now because of global warming (trust me, that was the narrative in the US news), did this do a service to the politics of climate, or a disservice?

      I would argue that this kind of hyperbolic prediction was 100% negative, because the following decade of no major hurricanes (in spite of the US media making a big deal of "Superstorm" Sandy to try and make climate news) actually made people reject climate predictions---they had been told with no uncertainty that Katrina was the new normal, then a decade of nothing.

      Real scientists don't make those kinds of claims, they talk about uncertainty. WRT models, they'll say things like, "this is the best model we have currently, and it works well enough for X, but when a better model is established, we will dump this one."

      Particle physics guys are more guarded about models that predict out to many decimal places than climate people are about models that are likely only accurate within an order of magnitude.

  4. Hi,

    which flavour and version of linux are you using ? And do you remember which libraries were causing problems ?

    I use the pc i have ksp installed on for a little naive c++ programming (learning vulkan :-)), but i am not a programmer.

    I must say that the past versions of ksp always have been an unstable mess causing kernel intervention sooner or later. And there hasn't been any new functionality since 0.90. I would expect a well behaved program to certainly handle messages related to possible timing problems etc.



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    2. Green Baron

      Green Baron

      No dependency problems on my pc, they would have jumped in my eyes :-)

      Yeah, don't downgrade to versions from before your os' version. Only if you are sure that you can really keep them apart from the newer stuff, and especially with a system like Ubuntu one can never be sure what dependencies hide behind the scenes :-)

      GCC 6.3 and kernel 4.8 come with debian 9, so no version problem there on my side. Funnily enough ksp runs on my notebook with debian 9 but that has only an i3 and 4gb ram. The poor thing starts to sweat heavily.

      The pc i am on now has an i7 4700k with 3500ghz, 16gb and a gtx660 graphics card, so a reasonable pc from 4 years ago. That thing quits when ksp runs. I have another newer one here with an i7 6700k, 16gb and a gtx970. Tomorrow i'll try it on that one ...


    3. TauPhraim


      Hi, did you find a workaround for liblingoona and "old" glibcs ? I see the bug report has been reopened, but since you seemed to know more about how this works than them, I'm not sure there's great hope there.


    4. ThirdOfSeven


      No workaround found still. Updating to newer glibc causes crashes to me, so I'm still using 1.2.2 mostly, waiting for new hardware and, probably, fresh Ubuntu with new glibc. Or when 1.3.1 will be released.

  5. Hi !

    apparently i am not allowed to expand on my motivation. My post where i tried to explain it was deleted. So, i am out.

    A pity, seemed to be an interesting topic.

    Have a nice one :-)



    1. adsii1970


      Wow... that's unfortunate. It stops what I was seeing as a free-flow discussion on ideas. :( More proof we are heading into an intellectually dark age.

      We can always continue the discussion as private messages AND invite key people who were interested in the conversation to take part. That way, it is not on the open forum and not in violation of any forum rules...

      And now the topic is closed and Frybert removed his "God Created" billboard reference... So sad...

  6. Hi !

    I had my post deleted because i felt it had little to do with the question "how do we sound in 1/3 atmo pressure" but it returned from the grave.

    Well, few will ever hear it.

    Do you remember the 1996 Everest desaster ? The famous last words of Rob Hall to his wife "Don't worry about me !". That was hard stuff, showing that this nothing for tourists ...

    Be it as it may, have a nice day and fruitful future discussions :-)



    1. p1t1o


      NoWorries GreenB


  7. Hello sal_vager,

    The strict application of 2.2h on the Scale is illusion-thread was a surprise for me, since you guys have made e.g. the Trappist thread totm. If you look at what is written in the paper and the purpose of why the paper was written and compare it to the contents of the Trappist thread you get many more unproven claims and claims without factual basis than were in the Illusion thread. The error in the latter was merely that the op mixed up general cultural observations and natural science.

    I would totally welcome a more strict and coherent application of 2.2h even if that hit me, but why the example ?

    asks a friendly



    1. sal_vager


      Answered privately.

  8. Where is the forums now ?

    I only get redirect errors ... so i take it it simply doesn't work yet ?


    1. 01010101lzy


      Right. Forums are still WIP now, so please stay calm until they fix all bugs (or transfer all data).

    2. Green Baron

      Green Baron


      I'll be back then

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