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  1. Err, I was thinking of a different part, the probe core. Either way the concept works if you launch the command pod first and EVA off the launch pad, then launch the rover and walk back up to it.
  2. I've found it easiest to simply launch the rover, drive it off the lauchpad, then launch a command pod, eva, and walk over to the rover. My solution to this is to basically duplicate the docking ports. The part hard attached to the module is a construction port, but then attached to that is another normal docking port. Yes it adds some more parts and loses a bit of stability, but it gives you the ability to dock to it normally and when you want to construct things you just remove the doubled port and deconstruct it in space (getting some materials back). Yes the construct
  3. Definitely looks like something I'll have to give a go. Would it be possible to include a few more screenshots in the OP (specifically of the tech tree and some of the new parts)?
  4. It shows because Minimus (along with all other planets/moons) are actually rotating. When you're sitting on the surface you're "orbiting" minimus at roughly 9.5m/s as that is your speed relative to the center of the planet. If you're trying to land, what you need to do is click on the blue box that has Orbit in it. That will switch the velocity mode to "Surface" That will give you your speed relative to the surface below you, which will exclude the default 10m/s that Minimus spins at. You can see a similar thing on Kerbin when launching a new ship by clicking on the same blue box (it should
  5. If a modder wishes to take a finite system and use it in an infinite manner, shouldn't it be their responsibility to implement a way to expand that system? I'm not at all opposed to a system like this where a science lab is used to do actual research as opposed to simply increasing transmit value, but making the science system infinite seems to be a solution in search of a problem, especially given that it already was infinite via asteroids, contracts, and strategies.
  6. One thing that's helped me in the past is adding -force-opengl as a parameter to my KSP shortcut. Dramatically cuts down on memory usage and I haven't seen any change in performance (although admittedly I haven't rigorously tested it, just haven't noticed anything while normally playing). .25 was the last time I went really crazy with modded installs and adding that parameter turned my memory usage from ~3.6gb down to 2.1gb. On my less modded .90 install it makes the difference between 2.15gb to 1.15gb
  7. I added a comment on one of the enhancements, but am copying it here for discussion. If you move down the road of a tech tree, and to avoid duplicating a UI/hassle with a UI, does it make sense to integrate it into the stock tech tree system? Potentially making use of TechManager and/or TED - KSP Tech Tree Editor. Specifically thinking of something like anonish describes in this post where you could have the KCT tree be and addon to the rest of the overall tech tree. That would require you to progress a certain to certain milestones before various VAB/SPH upgrades can be unlocked.
  8. I'd say there's two options 1.) Only 1 happens at a time. Reconditioning has to be completed prior to rollout. 2.) Both happen at once, but you can only complete a certain percentage of rollout prior to reconditioning being complete. Part of the rollout time is literally that, rollout. Physically moving the craft from where ever it is hangered to the pad. Then the next part of rollout would be putting it onto the pad and fueling it up. Clearly you could complete most of the first part of the rollout (from storage to beside the pad) regardless of what shape the pad is in but it's pretty ha
  9. That's actually not that crazy from a realism perspective. A kerbal (or human) weighs an awful lot less than a command pod. Any old helicopter can fly out and pick up a kerbal or three and the few pounds of surface samples they have, but it takes a major operation to recover a 3 ton command pod. Sure you could send out one craft to do both, but if the goal is just "hey get out there and pick up Bill" there's no reason to send the behemoth lifter and all it's winches and crew out to the site, just send the cheap little copter and pick them up
  10. Will there be a way to delay recovering stages? Generally I have the funds rewards for things cranked way down, which means I wouldn't want to "waste" money on recovering a part until I actually need it. Or I may not even have the money to recover a stage if it's part of the launch of a mun exploration mission. I may have to wait until my Mun explorer returns to have money to do anything more.
  11. In a way that's what having a decreased value is. You get X number of credits back for recovering a part, but the further away it is from KSC the more it costs you to recover it, thus receiving lower number of funds in the end. Although if you're playing with an inventory system (Construction time, or the next one magico is doing) then maybe it does make sense to have a recovery cost, since you're not actually getting money back for an item, you're just getting the item back.
  12. The problem is that you don't know it's working correctly, you just know that you haven't experienced any issues yet. Maybe there never will be any, or maybe the next one will show up when you hit some obscure scenario. Now, when you yourself are modifying files (either hex editing or modifying source and recompiling) you're taking a certain level of responsibility for looking into errors. If something occurs in the future, the odds of you (as someone who modified files) thinking "hey, I remember that I had modified this to ignore the warning, maybe I should check for an update before report
  13. I'm forgetting if this was mentioned earlier, but will we be able to sell inventory items for cash with the new system? Specifically I'm thinking along the lines of using a mod like Karbundium or Interstellar to mine/collect rare fuels and sell them for cash. Basically making a mining company to raise funds to keep exploring
  14. What about allowing simulations to land on planets without atmosphere simply by purchasing the relevant planet/moon package, but for planets *with* an atmosphere you need to have science from within it. To logic being that if a planet doesn't have atmosphere there's nothing stopping you from simming a landing short of knowing the terrain which is presumably accomplished by the probe/kerbal that returned the science, whereas if it does have an atmosphere you don't really know what it'll do to your craft or what it's made of before you've experience it. From a gameplay perspective it fits, even
  15. That's kinda the point of simulations though, at least IMO. You need to be able to test if a craft will work prior to spending days/weeks/months building it. I'd rather see simulation price/scale factor included as a setting. That way if you're really intent on not really using simulations you could jack up the cost and be forced to fork out thousands of credits. Edit: In addition to adding a scaling setting, I like the ideas Noventta posted a couple pages back about having all orbits unlocked from start, but needing to visit atmospheres (ideally do some kind of scan/science there to "learn"
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