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  1. What about module manager configs to make the Tantares parts a bit less overpowered? As much as I love Tantares, getting a Soyuz style launcher to orbit while only barely touching the 2nd stage seems a little silly
  2. Small bug with the expanded cygnus/phoenix. By default it has no storage for LFO so its basically useless for a cargo ship in the stock game. Looks good though ^^
  3. Apollo is already perfectly doable using TKS parts and looks pretty damned good. Only real things missing are a more accurate sized/shaped engine and maybe a bigger docking port/parachute combo. Small request, could we have an adapter for the Soyuz rocket (R7/TLV whatever its called currently) that can be used instead of new fairing mount that can be used with procedural fairings? Maybe even a module manager patch for the current fairing base would work. The stock fairing model is a pain in the backside to make a remotely accurate looking fairing while procedural fairings does it fine.
  4. For the sake of not breaking peoples saves/crafts again I'd suggest just making new ports instead of converting existing ones ATV panels are looking good, seem a little long in the picture but I'll hold the pitchforks until they are in game Speaking of ATV, is there any way to make it not default to putting crew in it other than removing the entire ability to be crewed? Gets a bit problematic when you launch an ATV to a station only to realise two Kerbals went along for the trip
  5. Congrats Beale. Curtquarquesso: I would honestly love a major focus on balancing whats currently in the pack versus adding or revamping anything else. The launchers are especially messed up balance wise. Also noticed that with the new slightly larger docking ports there's a few gaps in the parts catalog for adapters for them to sit nicely on some craft, maybe something to think of for adding to flesh out the parts
  6. 64bit on Windows is an unstable mess (so much so that Squad are giving up on it with 1.0 until Unity sort their crap out) so random crashes are expected. The chances of getting KSO, KW, FASA and Tantares working together on 32bit are slim to none, its a simple memory issue. Also I'm vaguely sure that half the plugins KSO relies on have no official compatibility with 64bit anyway. Additionally, if your mods were fully updated you wouldn't have a BoulderCo folder any longer as the latest ATM versions don't use it.
  7. Finally finished my new station Made mostly with Tantares parts and some stock parts (mostly for the science module on the left of the screenshot). Shown with a visiting Soyuz, Apollo (made with Tantares and RLA and docked to a docking adaptor/tug) and Orion (SDHI with Tantares solar panels).
  8. For some reason some of the textures for engines and tanks (the MPR-1 and MPR-1R along with the Stratus-V tank) turn completely black after a second loading of the game with ATM. The first load (where ATM creates it's texture cache) has all textures perfect but restarting KSP afterwards results in a number of missing textures. Attempts to get ATM to ignore the RLA folder entirely have so far failed so I'm hoping someone has an idea I've missed.
  9. Made a small module manager patch to allow the command pods with no IVA's to use the MK3 placeholder (to get the portraits up for the crew at least). @PART[Polaris_Crew_A]:Final { INTERNAL { name = Placeholder } } @PART[Polaris_Orbital_A]:Final { INTERNAL { name = Placeholder } } @PART[Tantares_Crew_A]:Final { INTERNAL { name = Placeholder } } @PART[Tantares_Orbital_A]:Final { INTERNAL { name = Placeholder } } @PART[Tantares_Orbital_B]:Final { INTERNAL { name = Placeholder } } @PART[Alnair_Crew_C]:Final { INTERNAL { name = Placeholder } } Just copy and paste into a .cfg file in your gamedata and enjoy Remember to remove once real IVA's are added
  10. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say half the problems Higgs is having is ship design. The screenshotted one has struts going to the launch clamps instead of actually strutting the ship properly. Struts should be going from the outer tanks to the middle tank and from the top of the outer tanks to somewhere as high as possible on the upper stage. Said ship only needs a maximum of 6 launch clamps (basically 2 per orange tank on symmetry) to hold it perfectly stable, half the problems with it not being "touchy" is the amount of physics calculations being done to separate all the pointless joints those struts and clamps are making.
  11. I'd hazard a guess that part of your launch clamp problem is that you have them attached to the rocket too high up. (could be mistaken though). To stop the engine explosion change the lower fuel tank into 2 of the half tanks, lowers the overheat of engines for some reason.
  12. Sounds like firespitter is missing. Try downloading the latest DLL and putting it in gamedata/firespitter/plugin/ Can download the DLL here: https://github.com/snjo/Firespitter/raw/master/For%20release/Firespitter/Plugins/Firespitter.dll
  13. Roll your KJR back to version 2.4.5, it seems to fix the random weirdness with docking and uncoupling for now.
  14. Fairly sure the effects just mean you are going faster than x speed at y height. Hence why you get re-entry effects while launching if you go fast enough.
  15. The issue with the 6 way node might have been caused by Kerbal Joint Reinforcement, downgrading to older version to resolve some other weirdness seems to have fixed the node as well.
  16. I believe on Linux/OSX it's called player.log but I've no idea where it gets created. Maybe a search for player.log will help.
  17. Loving this pack and would like to add my support of a Beale texture pack for procedural fairings/parts Maybe also a combined fairing base/decoupler to attach the payload instead of using stock decouplers and the PF fairing bases (would look neater at least). Do have one odd issue though, made a station consisting mostly of the main Salyut/Vega parts with the 6 way node at the top (with Tantares docking ports on all sides except the connection to the Vega parts). Anything I docked to the ports resulted in a steadily worsening wobble and uncontrolled acceleration (with SAS, RCS and engines all disabled/shutdown). Undocking whatever was docked caused it to shoot away at high speed (but otherwise still intact) while the station would then suffer rapid unplanned dis assembly. Replacing the Tantares pack 6 way node with the stock Rockomax thing and standard clamp-o-trons has so far been working perfectly fine and docking things such as a Tantares to an Alnair with the Tantares ports seems fine. Sadly the log shows absolutely nothing of relevance that could explain whats happening so I'm a bit of a loss on what (if anything) could be done to fix it. Mostly just reporting so its known and to see if anyone else has experienced similar issues. Pic of the modified station to give an idea of the parts I'm using:
  18. That part is by design. Use action groups or the context menu (it's to prevent accidental staging).