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  1. This is great!!! I can't wait for release! I'm thinking if a hammer and a feather fall at the same rate on Mun, then surely both a thermal generator and a wind turbine will produce equal power -all things being equivalent, of course.
  2. Great work!! I'm counting the days to release!
  3. I love your pillars!! And, I'm so looking forward to the new KSP. I do love the fact that stranding a Kerbal on Mun doesn't stop me from blinding ignoring their cries for help while I build my Musk-killer. :b I will ask a favor of you all though... please be aware of scope creep, though... (e'hem... "StarCitizen") ... it's ok to draw a line and say - good'nuf so that we can actually play the released game. Plus the one thing I've learned from Kerbal is there is always another rocket to tweak -- don't we all have "Simple Rocket 12.3"? Good luck ... we're all counting on you.
  4. I love that we'll be able to evaluate our failures by color!
  5. Thanks for taking the time to write this up - I'm sure you, as a programmer, don't have a lot of time to devote to these extras to keep people interested in your work... BUT it pays off and I love hearing about it!!! Another nuance of the "flattened orbit" problem is shading. We typically see things go off into the distance - and as that happens it becomes fainter and fainter until we can't see it. In Kerbal, the orbit is shown at 100% brightness even though the line we see is millions of kilometers away - and that is why we see that sharp corner to begin with. My personal preference has been that the orbit should be shown in "relative distance". When I'm that close to the orbit line, my focus is really the objects that are on or near that orbit. I really don't care if the orbit line curves to the left or right millions of kilometers away - I'm only concerned about orbit intersections and object interactions -- thus the reason I zoomed in to begin with. So, the "closer" I am to the orbit line, the more of this "fading" should happen -- I should just see the orbit line go off into the distance (perhaps showing the faintest of suggestions that it curves left or right. That said, you guys are amazing and I can't wait to see what you've done with the place!!
  6. Thank You aeroz2011!! I will try it the next time I fly! Regarding Spricigo's comment, that makes sense since it would be a logarithmic inefficiency based on surface area up to the "max q" - then a fall as atmosphere decreases (very quickly). Thanks you guys!!
  7. How do I calculate the amount of thrust and fuel required for a given engine to reach a specific altitude at a specific speed? I'm early in the career mode, and I've got the "Test RT-10 "Hammer" Solid Fuel Booster in Flight Over Kerbin" mission. I started using trial and error with a new configuration - constantly reverting -- but then I realized I should be able to just work out the math for this and build it once, yes?? I spent the day learning all about calculating Delta V, Isp, etc.. and have learned a bunch - and I feel a new passion rising in me. BUT - I feel I'm in the same place, because I can't seem to figure out the math I should be using. We can calculate Delta V at Sea Level - or at Vacuum - but what about in between. Also, since I'm really only using solid rockets at this point, I need to reduce the thrust of the rocket -- but wouldn't I need to recalculate the engine's Isp when I do that? The flow changes, along with the pressure changing throughout flight (if we've reach a vacuum, we've gone too far!) So... Regardless of whether I'm doing the mission right or not (I'm sure people will say to use an engine that I can tweak in-flight) - I still want to know what steps I would go through to calculate the resources I would need to make the trip. (I mean in real-life there are no do-overs, right?) Any help is much appreciated! Thanks! -Dave
  8. Your mod is perfect! Simple, yet intuitive. It makes docking super simple. I don't even need to see my ships -- I have all of the information I need right in one place. I can even tell when I need that final burst to compensate for the increased velocity from the pull of the magnetic locks (don't want to set up a resonance across my station...) Great job! Thanks! -Dave
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