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  1. Thank you so much for making this! You are a savior among the KSP community! - - - Updated - - - I'm super curious. Doesn't error report tell you right at the top if someone is using the 64 bit version of ksp or not? I see all the negative comments you received from modders and I just don't understand how they feel so mad like were forcing them to support us on 64 bit. Basically what I'm asking is can't they just deny help to those using 64 bit by asking for error reports? I've been dying to know about this forever! Someone please answer this.
  2. How high up do you have to be for the elevon/rudders to stop working? Great fix! I've always wanted this to be a stock feature but you know... so little time.
  3. Best modder EVER!! Thanks for being so awesome n the KSP community!
  4. Any plans on correcting the Saturn V F-1 engine mount? The nodes are incorrectly placed and I always have to use cubic octagonal strut to put nodes where I need them. The way it is now the F-1 Engine fairing doesn't line up with the paint job like the real Saturn V does.
  5. So guys I finally got my first crash last night. I was running at 10 Gigs during the crash and I almost feel like it was something else because I was hardcore testing with explosions and launching an awesome Space shuttle I built. I jettisoned MY srbs on the shuttle and they impacted my wings and caused rapid disassembly of the entire ship and then crash! But I really had to push hard for this crash and I'm starting to feel like all the hate for 64 bit is being proven here in this thread as just being mis-informed modders who don't know how to ask for/read the error report. The very first thin
  6. OK explain to me how disabling strict part placement breaks ANY mod? I think you misunderstood what I said to do! That's like saying putting infinite fuel on will break mods!? - - - Updated - - - Hey thanks!
  7. If I use this with Kerbinside I will have problems wont I?
  8. I...Love...YOU!! You could not have said it any better and if modders would really do this we might have a working win64 KSP right now!!
  9. Yes I'm gone but what data? Their is no data for 64 bit on 1.0.2? You just assume out of your rage for it! Have you tried it? Nope and think for one second man this is my last message to you but just think about this one thing! I had some bugs on 64 bit .90 that completely are gone in 1.0 and I'm sure engine is the same? Maybe the bugs are SQUAD and NOT Unity? When you see ow stable on my series than you will see I'm not lying and I'm sure that some of this is not in the engine and is in the code! Well sorry to bother you on a forum. Peace out! And Who doesn't know how to recompile a mod? I tr
  10. I never did bro he drew all this out! All I asked is was the code still their to disable itself!?! WHY THE HATE! I don't care what they do nor do I care if it ever officially comes back all I care about are mods disabling themselves for the super smart people who know how to get 64 bit running stable and need it for their youtube channels! If the mod would not say at the title it was disabled for 64 bit I never would even posted originally. I give my fans top quality content and I hate when too many mods means having to lower resolution. Also when I need to build a big ship or a base I need lo
  11. Try going to the Alt F12 menu and check the box at very bottom of cheats tab that allows strict part placement! KAS containers had an issue like this and that fixed it! And guys come on! Stop being so rude o each other on the forum! Moderators especially! - - - Updated - - - You want to tone it down a notch buddy he was asking a simple question without being rude at all! How do you feel if someone got smart with you for a simple mistake and told you to use another mod! Yes he should read back but hello some people are not hooked on these forums like the majority of you guys and don't know the
  12. Greatly reduced? running 20 mods at 3.8 gigs is not greatly in my idea! 64 bit will come later time for sure but everyone acts like it's gone forever and like if it's a good thing. Sorry but I have bases that cannot get built in a 32 bit app. But I just needed a simple answer is all not to get into this again. 64 bit is gone for now yes but that does not mean it's buggy for those who know how to use it still. - - - Updated - - - Don't you guys wanna see amazing modpacks like Minecraft has like FTB and Tekkit? I had to allocate 9 gigs of ram to my minecraft because I have 135 mods installed and
  13. Sorry and don't spread this but KSP 1.0.2 works AMAZING with 64 bit! Just because SQUAD did not test at all with 1.0 does not mean 64 bit was buggy with 1.0! The community workaround works better than ever and mostly all bugs are gone! Kerbals are no longer in slo-mo at bottom right, no more white flashing from orbit and white halo in the ocean from orbiting Kerbin! Been using it with a lot of mods for days and it has not crashed yet. The only bugs I can find is the right click left click thing on alt tab but thats nothing. Also switching screens you see like some fire graphic for a sec but st
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