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  1. 2 and 4 are awesome. 380: Railway to Duna.
  2. Here\'s a challange! I\'d love to see megastructures in this game. Like Dyson Spheres and Ringworlds. Ringworlds: Act as a huge spacestation/artifcial planet. Would orbit a planet of interest making exploration missions much easier. On the ringworld there\'d be your usual Space Centre but perhaps with the addition of mass drivers to shoot unmanned probes at host planet (that sounds weird doesn\'t it?). Dyson Sphere: Orbits sun, acts a power station, wirelessly beaming collected energy to ringworld or planet to power mass drivers, radar installations, factories etc. I think it would be awesome to see those little kerbonauts climb the Kardashev Scale.
  3. Well that was predictable...
  4. No thats Swiss. Quark doesn\'t have holes. =D
  5. Since we don\'t live inside a black hole, we have to obey the laws of physics. And that\'s why reality isn\'t awesomer.
  6. Egg + bagel ÷ c x mass of Kerbin + Antiquark What does that equal? =0
  7. It\'s actually several million tons of quark particles. (the cheese)
  8. Haha, well at least we won\'t have inescapable homing explosives destroying our creations. Unless heat-seeking antimatter comets are added...
  9. Hey all! I found this game by browsing through wikipedia\'s list of open-source games (interesting stuff worht looking at there). I have since given the ZIP to all my friends and due to the fact the game is still in Alpha stage, I believe it is the new Minecraft!
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