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  1. Hello! I'm struglling terribly trying to produce entire ships in space. I can create kits, and they'll show a green deployment area, but when I hit deploy, nothing happens. Also, the UI says that my test ship (a simple 2-person scooter just a cockpit with fuel tanks, engine and some RCS thruster, battery and a solar panel) will need some stuff - like electrical units, snacks, and fuel. There is plenty of all of those available - and no obvious way to make the kit use them. I've even tried seeing if I can transfer resources , but it just doesnt work. I have watched the videos, I have read the instructions at the beginning of this thread - and I can still get no further than creating the kit. Is there a good write-up of how things are supposed to work? (I do much better reading instructions than I do watching videos). Everything is so easy up to the point of creating the kit, but I seem to have hit a brick wall at that point, which makes it all the more frustrating. Latest version of KSP being used, GC installed via CKAN. Oh and I have one further, but much more minor question - when the UI says "wield the port" does it mean use or was it a typo for weld? - it has occurred to me that maybe it needs me to be using the "welding ports" from the USI Konstruction mod, but that doesnt seem likely as Allista would surely have made that clear. Anyway, many many thanks for your hard work in making your mods Allista, I bet the problem is me overlooking something somewhere! :-}
  2. I've no idea if this may be relevant to your problem, but on switching to the latest version of Linux Mint, I found that KSP would crash on startup. Which was odd, as nothing else had changed. SO I started my task monitor - aha! Only 1GB of swap was beingallocated (I have 8GB of RAM). After some digging, I found that the Mint devs, in their wisdom, had decided that Mint no longer needs swap storage on a par with RAM size, so just sets up 1GB which is supposedly enough for general purposes, and I think what I read implied that the system should automagically expand the swap on the fly when it sees a need to. All I can say is that mine certainly did not. Whilst I heartily dislike having to use the command line, I'm not afraid of it either, and so found out how to add swap files to a Mint/Ubuntu install that's using LVN. With an additional 8GB of swap in place, all was well again - indeed, slightly better than before, it seems to me! I've just checked, and my system has both ALSA and PulseAudio installed. I have no idea which it uses for KSP though. Good luck!
  3. Oh wow, Nertea thank you so much! I'd just like to take the time to say how much I enjoy your mods, especially this one; they really greatly add to my enjoyment of what is already an awesomely fun game!
  4. Hi folks! I'm wanting to copy some of the Kerbals from my previous game to the new one I'm about to start. Sure I can recreate them manually in-game but I was hoping that it might be possible to simply copy data across , name, profession, suit type.. - it's looking to me as though it's all buried in the .sfs file for a game save, and that it'd probably be easier to just recreate them manually at game start. Is that correct? Or have I missed something?
  5. Great mod! Many thanks to all who;ve worked so hard on it! Any idea when CKAN will be able to access the version with the DeployableSolaranel fix?
  6. I've been doing exactly that for a while now in KSP1 using the ThroughThe Eyes mod, forum link and Spacedock links below. Good fun! NB: I am still playing version 1.9 of the game as my main game, but will be switching to the current version when my current game ends. (Devs; I'm really pleased with the performance improvements I'm seeing over v1.9, thank you!) https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/166786-19x-through-the-eyes-of-a-kerbal/ https://spacedock.info/mod/1560/Through%20The%20Eyes%20of%20a%20Kerbal
  7. Hello all! I have recently got back into playing KSP after quite a long time away, and it is even better than it used to be, I am having so much fun! I decided to see if I could work out how to use automation. So far I have been unfolding hinges and telescoping pistons etc manually in the few circumstances where I have used them, but I'd like to be able to press a button instead, and I know this is possible. To my great surprise I have been unable to find any tutorials on using automation. Have I simply missed them somewhere? But also, when I opened the automation editor (which baffles me utterly - I mean, I can see it is set up to play a string of actions, but how the heck do you tell it the actions you want it to play in sequence?!) it seemed to me that Action Groups are involved, and I have never used those before either. I did find and read the article in the wiki on those, but am still a mite puzzled. NB: I am aware that I may be struggling at least partly due to poor mental health issues at the moment (I had a nervous breakdown), so please bear that in mind when responding. To give you an idea of my level of ability with KSP, I have in the past sent probes to every planet except Eeloo (not sure Eeloo was even in the game back then!) , although havent before got Kerbals out of Kerbin's SOI (hope to be attempting to send Kerbals to Duna soon with a 100 ton ship I now have in orbit). I play Science games only simply because I have no interest in a business-type of game. I'm fairly adept with orbital mechanics and can land manually (just about!) on the Mun, though I prefer to use MechJeb for landings, generally. The sort of thing I;d like to automate is a rover using hinges for legs and the light rover wheels - have te legs unfold and the wheels deploy with a single command. I'd LOVE t be able to use automation on the cool stuff in the Konstruction mod, but baby steps first! All help greatly appreciated! :-)
  8. Nice work, SQUAD! I'm looking forward to seeing what 1.1's like, although the way my life's going at the moment, I'm not sue I'll find time to play very often until next winter :-}
  9. Unfortunately, I can't provide pictures, as nothing but a video of my desktop (which I still don;t know how to do - must learn, one day) would have done the experience justice. I have posted this elsewhere, incidentally, but can't recall where. It was my first 3-man capsule lander, sent to deliver extra crew to my small but expanding Minmus base, back in an earlier version of KSP. For some reason, whilst I could get ships buiult from 1.5m parts to perform perfectly on jobs around Kerbin or Minmus, my luck with 3.0m designs had been apalling. But after testing first by launching one with a single crew member into Kerbin orbit and seeing how much dV I had left, it was time to send the first 3-man crew I'd ever launched, to Minmus. And amazingly, everything went reasonably well at first, but if I recall correctly, the trajectory was a bit off and needed some correction. Then some more correction. Injection into Minmus orbit was a bit ropey - and so on. Suffice to say that by now, the surface of Minmus was the only place the capsule could reach (it should've had sufficient dV to be able to return to Kerbin from Minmus orbit, if need be), but that was Ok, because the Minmus base included a fuel refinery (I was using the Kethane mod) So the ship was carefully aimed at a landing close to the base, but the fuel margin was thin. And somehow, the ship seemed to just slowly be leaking dV (almost certainly I was simply just having a bad day and doing things inefficently, but it seemed that the ship was jinxed!). I was now using manouvering jets to try to help slow the thing down as well, and accidentally nearly set the thing tumbling. More fuel wasted. The design of the ship was a 3m fuel tank of similar height to the capsule directly under the capsule, then a 1.5m drum of monoprop. The main engine was directly under the monoprop, but the tiny auxiliary engines were attached to the sides of the main fuel tank, along with the manouvering thrusters and the landing legs. By now, the ship is coming in too fast at about maybe 30 degrees from vertical, and was durned near out of any kind of fuel or reaction mass. I couldnt bea rteh thought of losing all three of teh crew, so I quickly made one of them EVA, hoping to get at least one of tehm down on their jetpack, but too late! he exited teh capsule only a fraction of a second before the ship hit with a flash and a boom. The Kerbal I;d EVA'd was flung off in a low, fast arc, and my stomach squirmed - I felt sure I was about to see a Kerbal pulped by smashing their space-suited body into the landscape at high speed. But no! They bounced! Surely the next impact would kill them? I cringed, in anticipation. Astonishingly, the kerbal survived four or five successive impacts before skidding to a halt. I yipped in delight, and got him to stand up when my mouth fell open again; I was dumbfounded. Entering from the left of the screen was the ship, skidding along on the capsule side, nose-down. The main engine and the monoprop tank were gone, and two of the landing legs had buckled, but the ship was otherwise intact, and the crew had survived! It was so perfectly timed that it could have been a cartoon, it honestly was. And so unexpected - when I heard that bang on impact, I had thought the entire ship destroyed. The icing on the cake was that, having repaired the landing legs, and finding a couple of spare spherical monoprop tanks, and some spare solar panels to replace some that had been lost during the ships eventful landing, the ship was refuelled, and, after some careful experimentation, righted. Due to Minmus' low gravity, the remaining miniature engines were sufficient to be able to get the ship into Minmus orbit and return it to Kerbin, so the pilot was able to get the ship home where it could be properly rebuilt! I've never had a ten-fifteen minutes so full of highs and lows and tension, either before or since, as that landing on Minmus with a 3-man ship!
  10. Duna. Accident. Lonliness. Hope? Rescue! Home!
  11. Wow, excellent devnotes! As several others have said, SQUAD team, please make sure you get a reasonable amount of time out, and don't overdo it! My two penn'orth re 1.1 is I'd be perfectly happy with 1.1 just being the transition to the new Unity engine. That in itself will bring improvements all round. We've only just had some nice extras in 1.05, and, as has also been pointed out, it's not as if there aren;t plenty of mods to choose from if we want something not in teh stock hgame. Take your time, get 1.1 right (I'm against releasing just because teh calendar has hit a certain date on prnciple) - and THEN start thinking about new features. IMHO. As I can't buy you a round of drinks, I must see if I can find someone I can find KSP for as a gift!
  12. I quite like the swing music that's played, IIRC, in the recruitment centre. I tend to hear some lyrics in my head though, when it hits the 'chorus part: 'Do you think it'll fly, shall we give it a try? C'mon!' I imagine it sung in the sort of style that the Swingle singers used to have (somewhat akin to the folk that sing, for example, the Flinstones theme song)
  13. Download it, absolutely. I download every version of KSP as it comes out. However, I also keep multiple instances of KSP going, too. I still have a v0.23 game with a nice little base on Minmus that I revisit now and then. I do the same thing with mods, I create folders for each version of KSP, so I've one for mods that I used with 0.29, another for 0.9m andother for 1.0, etc. Just because you download 1.05 doesn;t mean you HAVE to give up on any earlier version that you;re playing - you can run both, or several (as I do).
  14. I woudl be fascinated to see reports of such a game. My personal inclination is to just go and explore whatever I can, but with some kind of progression system hence my preference for Scince rather than Contract games, and I'd love to be able to take my Kerbals to the stars (they haven't evengot to Duna yet!). So I;d be interested as to how well it all works out for you, but n the other hand - I wouldn't read/watch every episode as I'd be hoping to do something similar myself one day, and would want to be surprised occasionally. :-}
  15. Just heard of this mod, thanks very for giving this aspect of things a look! I shall be trying it out soon!
  16. Finally managed to create something reasonably like an Ithacus/Pegasus SSTO, Mine's rather smaller, with a 2-man lander can as the command module and a Hitchhiker can as the passenger section. Stability on the way up has proven to be the main issue, and thus far my Mk 3 design can reach space but only on a sub-orbital trajectory, but it's a whole lot better than I was able to manage in earlier versions of KSP. I'm currently using 6 aerospike engines, am going to try a mix of those with Sabre engines next.
  17. Minor point, but I had to check the build.txt file to see whether I had the latest version of KSP or not, it wasn't showing on the menu screen. I'm running the Linux version of KSP. Have only had one quick play with 1.05 (just about to have my second, now I've got the patched version installed), looks good, nice work!
  18. All the best for the future, Maxmaps!
  19. Thanks Squad! Just downloaded 1.05, very much looking forward to trying it out tomorrow!
  20. I've just spotted this news at the BBC website http://www.bbc.com/news/business-34694935 - according to which it's hoped that unmanned test flights using the Sabre engines could begin in 2025. Excellent!
  21. I've just caught up on this thread - wonderful stuff, Overland, just wonderful, inspiring as always! Esme
  22. Wonderful devnotes! Durn near every time I read the devnotes I want to go all gushy and thank everyone involved for making such a wonderful game that gives me so much pleasure. I've kept it short this time. Thank you, KSP team! :-)
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