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  1. As ive seen and experienced, even with a stock game, the game eventually crashes due to some BS memory leak. The more mods you got, the less time you have to play, and i have zero playtime allowed now. Either this, or life has truly quit on me and everything i do is abandoning me. Im gonna try reinstalling the game
  2. well, it doesn't matter anymore, my game wont even make it past loading thanks to the new memory leak in 1.0.4
  3. Alright, thx. I wasn't sure if it was that simple or more complicated, and i was looking at blowfish's procedural wings as well, probably gonna use them.
  4. So, i was going to use B9 again, but i just want the structural parts, no engines, no wings, (most likely) no fuel tanks, etc. because i wanted to make tanks like What files should i delete to just get the structural parts? - - - Updated - - - I also really wish procedural wings still worked...
  5. Welcome to one month later... As already stated, the wings don't work, and i want them to work so i can do stuff like , so what can i do to fix this?
  6. Two months and 10 days later... Hey everyone. I'm having some issues with fairings and overheating, because when i spawn any vehicle with the fairings, they immediately overheat and explode, and idk why. Idk if its something with infernal robotics or part clipping but they just overheat asap and i don't want to turn on ignore overheating cheat because of the part color and temp. overlay.
  7. Ive seen that in quite a few places and i also have a 64 bit operating system on my laptop, but i just want to know how i can fix this problem, also, it seems that getting rid of scatterer has increased the time before each crash.
  8. my mod folders: 000-USITools ActiveTextureManagement BDArmory CAL CommunityResourcePack DarkMultiplayer Firespitter (plugin) JSI KAS KerbalFoundries Kerbaltek Kerbinside KermangeddonIndustries KIS MagicSmokeIndustries MechJeb2 medsouz MP_Nazari NAS NearFuture North Kerbin Weaponry OldSchoolTurrets OPT Remotetech Smokescreen SpaceY-Lifters SXT ToadicusTools TurboNisu TweakScale Umbraspaceindustries and ModuleManager.2.6.8 IDK where i can post or put a download link to the output log so just let me know what i should do
  9. First things first, i have over 20+ mods such as NearFuture and KerbalKonstructs and hotrockets and ive installed ActiveTextureManagement to try to recuce the lagging and crashing. Lag isnt a problem (except in DMP because of all the crafts flying around) and i can use most modded parts without problems. I can even use the North Kerbin Dynamics nukes and Tsar bombs without problems. Now, i have two ideas to why this is happening and i believe one is more likely then the other. I have scatterer and KerbalKonstructs installed and i know Scatterer sometimes causes crashing, so ill uninstall that and report back on what happens. Ive also enabled OpenGL using a command that i had found while browsing the forums for the problem and my computer "doesnt support" PPFX, so i cant enable or disable it. Error Log
  10. I just downloaded the server a few days ago and a few hours ago i had done all the port fowarding with TCP on 6702, setting a static IP address (, running a few tests with my private and local ip (local is and i had visited canyouseeme.org multiple times and so far after 5 visits nothing has changed, i cant connect locally to my server and my private laptop ip works just fine. so what should i do now?
  11. i have many mods like EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements, Chatter, B9 Aerospace, PlanetShine, Infernal Robotics and so many more mods. i can usually use these mods for a varying amount of time (i dont really keep track, maybe an hour?) and everything seems fine and when i do something that has to load, life reverting a flight, my game crashes. Crash.log here http://notepub.com/#buttons=hidden&name=BluePhoenixV
  12. Granted: the book is a 5189 year long book about nothing and you are forced into a small room to read it. I wish this thread wasn't this long.
  13. I have done this on the Minecraft Forums as well, but what is perhapse the best craft you've made ? (note: i made this out of extreme boredom)
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