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  1. Maarek_Stele

    [1.4.x] B9 Aerospace | Release 6.5.1 (June 23 2018)

    Anyone else having the built in RCS thrusters on the HL Cockpit not work on the right hand side?
  2. Maarek_Stele

    Opt-in Prerelease for 1.1!

    oh wow, totally sign me up.
  3. oh my that was it. My virus software blocked the dll
  4. It is possible that I am an idiot here but I cannot seem to get anything to work beyond the base station run central station tests. None of the other parts have menus from EVA or are able to be selected in any way? How does one run the experiments after setting them up? I'm using a scientist BTW.
  5. Maarek_Stele

    Aero and Thermo in 1.0.X

    2 things I'd like to note here that I think should be fixed in future patches. 1. parachutes with the new heat system. When using a heat shield, pod, and chute can survive extreme re-entry when you wait to stage the chute till lower altitudes. This is not the case when you set the chute using atmo pressure pre-deploy and stage the chute up high, the chute is destroyed even when not deployed. This makes no sense to me, if the chute is still packed staged or no it should survive if not deployed yet. 2. Fairings are related to the aero & heat so I'm putting here. The issue is that I noted that solar panels are working through un-jettisoned fairings. They should block the sun.
  6. Maarek_Stele

    Do manned spacecraft use reaction wheels?

    I would think any thrusters that are oriented in the right direction could dump the buildup of angular momentum.. Look at these real Hall Effect, arcjet and plasma thrusters that actually exist today...
  7. Maarek_Stele

    Do manned spacecraft use reaction wheels?

    Well that was what I was leaving out.
  8. Maarek_Stele

    Do manned spacecraft use reaction wheels?

    I was thinking about this build up in angular momentum and the need for RCS to zero it out. Wouldn't it be possible for a gyro or reaction wheel system to cancel it's own angular momentum issues by reversing the craft's direction to start working the wheels in the opposing direction? I'm sure I'm not accounting for something in my logic so I'm hoping someone can point it out for me?
  9. Man I hope he's back soon to finish the IVA, I want it so bad... Love this pod.
  10. okay, got the patched dll, but having issues with the docking autopilot. When it links up, it puts rcs on 100% and craft goes out of control.. Anyone else having this problem?