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  1. Electron VTOL UAV: This is my tiniest/smallest VTOL aircraft that I have ever made. It's ultra small and light, meaning it can pretty much fit anywhere you want it to fit. Despite it's size, it can fly for a reasonable period of time. But make sure to save about 1-2 units of fuel for safely landing as it can only land in VTOL mode. The docking port on the bottom works even though it has landing legs and a small jet engine clipped into it. Like all my VTOL UAVs, the Electron VTOL UAV features a docking port for refueling/docking with other vehicles. Full Album: KerbalX Download Link: All 4 of my VTOL UAVs can be found on KerbalX in this hanger:
  2. Thanks! Yes, it helps minimize the drag by lifting the vehicle more out of the water. It hadn't occurred to me to test this yet. From my searching, I was the first person to discover this and make a submersible vehicle with it. So it's really just been me testing the idea. Thanks, I discovered it a while back but no one has really taken an interest in using the idea in their own submersible vehicles from what I have seen:
  3. The Kaspian Sea Carrier: The Future Of Autonomous and Kerbal Supported Sea & Air Missions: The Kaspian Sea Carrier comes complete with a carrier landing deck, VTOL UAVs, and an ROV for all your exploration needs. Low part counts of just 265 for the main craft with UAVs and ROV, allow for less lag than one would expect from a craft such as this. The UAV and ROV only have 20-21 parts each, and thus due to their size, are perfect for use in Kerbin and Laythe missions, even in carrier mode! The UAV's can fit in even the tiniest of cargo holds, and are incredibly stable at all speeds. The ROV features it's own ballast/flotation system of my own invention. You manipulate the landing gear pods to control buoyancy. (KerbalX and the Album below, explain this in more depth) The Kaspian Sea Carrier With UAVs Visible On It's Deck: The VTOL UAV: The ROV: Full Album: KerbalX Download Link: KerbalX Hanger with Separate UAV and ROV sub assemblies:
  4. the von braun interstellar space craft, is at kerbin's orbit right now, it is taking a jump to go to laythe, and them study its terrain with special rovers with the newest and most efficient antenae, which is the same antenae the voyager uses, (compared to power of the signal)

    and them lol idk what to do, squad really needs to put fauna, like some unmovable kerbin and laythe animals and plant (plants for laythe :D) or can there be an option like "custom solar system" to make new planets and study its enviroments, like they should study around 5 thousand fictional and real stars

    so we can explore more solar systems, and maybe an option called "number of solar systems in map, so we can do interestellar journeys :D

  5. Refueling while orbiting jool: The stages will last another round with the new fuel allowing much more mission flexibility.
  6. The nose shield is ok going up, but physics gets really weird if you but a small craft on it and reenter the atmosphere. The nose shield isn't just a heat shield, space is not completely empty and thus particles can damage the spacecraft: The nose shield is called "Extra large nose shield" or something like that in the file download that includes subassemblies. You can use it on your ships and test it to your hearts content!
  7. Arcadia with two different sized cargo containers aerobreaking over Jool: Arcadia and it's other vehicles info: The SSTO is capable of returning to orbit from any solid planet with an atmosphere. Very efficient and can perform many trips. Smaller cargo container is loaded with rovers, landers and other goodies. Big cargo container is loaded with a satellite swarm capable of becoming a orbital communications system with no blind spots with the Arcadia. Smaller orbital vehicles are located between the cargo and the crew section. These vehicles can move cargo around, recover craft with no RCS, act as docking port size adapters, etc... The Arcadia processes all the data from every satellite and vehicle. The giant nose shield can be used as a radio telescope and the entire ship with the nose shield is one giant antenna.
  8. Horus Probe Lander: Craft Info: The craft lands like the Horus Probe Landers in the sci-fi docmentary Alien Planet. It can land in Laythe's ocean safely to deliver ocean cargo. Gifs: Alien Planet landing gif for reference: Images and Galleries: Featured in the Von Braun Mission to Darwin IV gallery: KSS blueprints image: Videos: Kerbal Space Program Horus Probe Ocean Landing: Kerbal Space Program Horus Probe landing: Other Media: Download: Dropbox link:
  9. The Arcadia Interstellar Spacecraft [WIP] Craft info: This spacecraft is still a work in progress. KSP_x64.exe works best. Usage: You are responsible for getting this thing into orbit. No launch vehicle is supplied. Tested on Jool mission from kerban parking orbit of 1,000,000m. (Use refuel craft to bring it up to that orbit, then top off the gas tank before you leave.) Images and Galleries: Orbiting Kerban: Aerobreaking over Jool: Arcadia full craft picture: Arcadia Multipurpose orbital vehicle gallery: Old Arcadia gallery (Not the current version): Gifs: Craft Stability: Videos: Jool Aerobreaking: In Orbit around Kerban: Other Media: Download: Dropbox Link: Main craft with cargo, orbital vehicles, SSTO, and subasseblies: Download:
  10. My Von Braun spacecraft on it's first test voyage to other solar system. Wish someone would make a multiple solar system mod.
  11. Thanks, the aircraft designed were inspired by Skylon.
  12. Images: New image gallery: Original image gallery: CRAFT AND SUBASSEMBLY FILE DOWNLOAD: Details: These SSTO aircraft use FAR and the Spaceplane Plus mod. Far download link: Spaceplane+ download link: Reddit post: If you notice issues, have comments or concerns, know how to make them better, etc.. Don't be afraid to reply!
  13. Thank you for the reply. Number 2 was large wings, different shaped wing parts and small wing parts.
  14. What has been said on these additions? 1. Range of landing gear sizes (from small to large). 2. Large and small wings and large already shaped wings. 3. Space plane decoupler. 4. Range of engine sizes. 5. Saceplane RCS. 6. Air breaks.