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  1. Curveball Anders's post in fireworks and transfer apps 1.12 was marked as the answer   
    If you start a test-save i sandbox you can check that all is there, then it's easier to find them i career.
  2. Curveball Anders's post in How do I update to 1.12? was marked as the answer   
    There has been patches sometimes, but it depends on how much changes there are.
    I'd say that the best way to update to a new version is to make a copy of your working install, and then install the new download over that copy.
    That way you original is safe and you can always use that if there's an issue with the new one.
    Once you're sure that the new version works nicely then you can erase the old one if low on disk.
  3. Curveball Anders's post in KSP Crashes Randomly was marked as the answer   
    According to the log you've got some serious issues with FAR.
  4. Curveball Anders's post in EVA Construction - connecting fuel lines between craft was marked as the answer   
    However, a Jr Docking port fits in an engineers backpack.
    Saved a doomed tourist craft that was out of fuel by sending up a refueller with a crafty engineer.
  5. Curveball Anders's post in linux 1.5.1 not working.. was marked as the answer   
    Open a terminal and start KSP from the CLI.
    It should give you some better error codes
  6. Curveball Anders's post in latest install crashes on loading screen was marked as the answer   
    99% probability that you're running out of memory.
  7. Curveball Anders's post in Comnet mun for a newbe was marked as the answer   
    You probably want your three relays just within the SOI of the Mün (as in 2000-2200km) to give best possible cover.
    I used Resonant Orbit Calculator for the data with good results.
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