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  1. Approximately, 2000000 Years into kerbin's future... The planet kerbin was said to be destroyed, The sun... Reached it's final apex and the whole kerbin system was said to be destroyed... "Said" Not even a shard of realistic okay? So don't be coming here for realisticity, Your reading the fanworks lol. Also this story is greatly inspired by the call of duty zombies storyline! The only few parts of the planet kerbin that were left, Only shards of each planet survived, Each shards connected to kerbin, The home of the kerbal species... And the ancient kerbals before... They found something... Let me tell you how this all began. Once the planet kerbin was at it's last few years... Every kerbal knew it was close to the end... But it had to happen, For the events that would happen in the future, Would make it all meaningful, So they thought. The climax that started this event was known only as "Odysseus Event" In the year of 9090, A horrible ancient element was found, Mined, Scanned and expirimented on. Only known as Element 204. A new element was added, As 204. A group of miners known only as group 36, Found this orb, A ancient orb that was meant to never be found. The orb was found unpowered, locked... dead! Once the orb was close to element 204, The orb powered up... And stole the souls of all the miners, and the project leader! Those souls powered it, Giving the ancient orb the power it needed to regain it's horrible grasp on the planet oncemore. The recordings we're disintegrated, The Souls Stolen, Bodies Gone... Orb, Disappeared. Noone knew what happened, But the orb, Would ultimately destroy the world... And start a new cycle! Next parts soon!
  2. Jeb: We're going to the muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun! Bill: Why did we have to tell him here we go again... Jeb: We're going going going going going going to the muuuuuu---uuuuuu---uuuuuu-nnnnnnnnn Bill: Oh.... Jeb: Boosters on the bottom, maybe on the top, oh i don't know CUZ WERE GOOOOOOINNNNN TO THAAAAAA MUUUUUUUUUN! Bill: *Facepalm* Why... *Facepalm* Did... *Facepalm* You *Facepalm* Tell *Facepalm* Him *Facepalm* Jeb: Well we're launching time to press alot of buttons randomly, and hope for the best!!! Bill: Last time you did that you got us all 2 missions in the corner. Jeb: Yaaaaaay time outs!!! Bill: You never really understood the concept of time-outs did you? Jeb: MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN Bill: Uhhhh... Can i please jettison one of us? Jeb: Launch in an hour!?!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO*Pushes random buttons* Bill: Here we go again... Corner here we come. Jeb: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Bill: Turn on the *cough* AS *cough* SAS TURN IT ON!!!!!!!! Alot of burns spinning around later... Bill: OH MY FOGOGOEWGIHAWRDHJGNAE BWJASKZQKAGMAWJM Jeb: YAYYAYYYYY CIRCLE THING IS AROUND THE MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN Bill: You... are.... HORRIBLE! Jeb: Thank you bill :DDDD Bill: Another thing to the list of things jeb doesn't understand... One FEAR, Always smiles even in certain death. 2, Loves time-outs, 3 Insults... Jeb: Mission control says we're so dead when we get back... Bill: WELL YEAH YOU CRASHED US INTO A FREAKING ASTEROID THEN LANDED US ON THE MUN NO WAY TO GET HOME... Well... LOL. THE END
  3. Approximately 1 year after the Events of Operation Redstone King, As tensions rise between the infamous Insurgent force known only as "The Federation" Future tech was being developed and we hit the age of the near future, The Federation secured secret dealings with Dictators in The Northern Deserts, Civil war breaks in Kyberia The citizens want their freedom back, The Federation Wants Control. The events of this civil war are increasing in danger and getting closer and closer to the UKS, It was time for us to step in. On the brink of total World War III, Nuclear Missiles are being created and on live TV Enemies are showing live television streams, The UKS KIA Kerbal Operations Agency, Sent their top tech workers to get those down to no avail, We had no choice but go public... The Media News Networks Had Breaking News... We had to tell them, We were on brink of total nuclear breakdown and WWIII, So we are stepping in the civil war to take a desperate effort to avert this crisis! 0600 Hours After The News Broadcast... The Enemy Streamed Again, Hacked into our secure broadcasters... Not everyone had faith in our success for operation desperate effort, The Federation had been planning this the whole time! They broadcasted one deadly broadcast that would start civil war right in our own homes... The Broadcast: Citizens of the corrupt UKS, You know the tensions in Kyberia, As it draws closer towards your beloved cities, You do not have faith in your armies... Take that fear, that rage, that sorrow... And End This! Assault your corrupted governments and we will free you, And stop all launches and save you... If you do not start a civil war *Shows Timer and Launch Maps* We launch all nuclear missiles, on each and every one of your beloved cities. Make the choice, Make the day. *End of Transmission* The citizens then started a civil war... Operation Desperate Effort, Went from defend Kyberia, To end this civil war without a maximum of any civilian casualties. Approximately 45 Minutes After the Broadcast, The citizens somehow started burning down every government building that wasn't guarded by at least 20-30 Juggernaut Soldiers with Rocket Launchers and Auto Aiming LMGs... We didn't want to kill civilians even in their murderous state, We just tried our best to suppress them with high weaponry, And Armor. But there was a time... When we had to, somehow they raided the gun stores and we had to fight back... But we tried our best to use non-lethal bullets, We had snipers use knockout bullets and try to get enough of them sleeping and get them to stop. Once we suppressed enough of them they pulled back but we couldn't start our original objectives, The Federation Hit our Home... Hit Swarms of Drones and Infantry at us, We sent out emergency broadcasts and told the civilians all was forgiven, Get to the evacuation points, The streets are warzones! After 2 Days of Fighting, None of us knew how powerful the federation really was... But we fought them, We fought them hard and well... We fought them to a stalemate! As enemy recon teams are that they can send due to our air defenses being back online, We always have a emergency counter attack on all cities in case of attack... With a variety of Robotic Attackers, Such as UGVs and Experimental Robotic Soldiers As Well as anti-vehicle and infantry cannons/MGs/turrets and more, Anti Air Defenses Shot down enough drones and we took down the rest. It's time to fight them back, we pulled away our quick reaction force, Tasked them with taking down various enemy positions in order to support our assault and end this bloody battle. They got their in a few hours, undetected luckily. They assault enemy Artillery and Mortars, Various armed and infantry patrols as well as sabotaging enemy transports, air and ground... Once we got them out of there we gave the word, And Explosions were felt in all enemy positions, We pushed them out and they retreated... It was a lucky day for the UKS, And we regained the citizen's trust by fighting them off and evacuating them... After our teams recovered they stopped the civil war, Saving our cities... But the federation is long but defeated.
  4. Briefing: We have lost contact of a spy satellite called Viking 12, Sent in low orbit to spy on other KSC Locations to no Avail. Approximately 200 Hours after we found another KSC Location, But looked abandoned... We suspect we were wrong, 0600 Hours Later The Satellite's Signal Dropped, Lost it Completely. Luckily we were able to recover some footage being recorded from our stations before it went down... But unfortunately, The footage recovered didn't give us any thing on why this happened, And how. At 1200 Hours, We declared the Satellite M.I.A. We didn't have enough tech to actually steal a satellite, Which left us all to speculate Where did it go... At 0600 Hours The Next Day, We recovered peaces of the satellite, But not the whole satellite itself. We believe the remaining peaces were either salvaged by bandits, or stolen by a secret enemy that hid themselves well. Once the clock hit 0600 Hours The Next Day, We started an operation, Sweeping and clearing every single KSC Station we found, And thought were abandoned. We could NOT Allow this to happen again... It was called "Operation Redstone King" We had a co-operation with Northern Kerbin Allied Forces and The Kerbin Special Space Activities Division They are the best of the best when it comes to space, and ground. So we briefed all of our teams, The next day it was time to go Teams ready... Their names Hitman 1 and Bravo 12 The Allied Forces Are Grabbing intel on enemy positions by AC-130, With some weapons for support. They landed at the LZ, But something wasn't right... Our team's transports were being fired on right when we entered their airspace, Something wasn't right... And they all knew it! After landing only a few transports were badly damaged, None destroyed. We we're trying to ensure everyone made it back, So we built a new transport based off of an old one we used, But upgraded it's armor and weapons With as much stealth as we could give it... Stealth drives were just invented in the time we're in and they weren't perfect... But they got the job done! So our teams landed and the Allied Force's Intel told our teams that enemies had patrols and were sending infantry search parties and armored search parties, It wasn't a pretty sight. The plan of this mission was to get all of the known KSC Places swept and cleared grabbed all intel and everything, Each known place would be cleared by this team, They would get in and clear it, Then get to the helicopter and fly to the others and rinse and repeat. So our enemy, We took to calling them "The Federation" Due to their nature of battle and urban weaponry. But our one advantage, Was tech, Organization, Teamwork. We had the most important of advantages, One being tech. They only had old salvaged weaponry from the 1950s and the kuban war... Not good at all. Once our teams got to the base without being spotted, It was time to go loud... We tried to set up some explosives to get a bit of a surprise, Only able to plant a few on some places that wouldn't shake them alot... But would surprise them. Our AC-130s Had New GAU-19s We've been working on them for a while, They worked out well. Our first tech developed with laser weaponry. You see this was only the end of the modern age, And so we had a bit of tech, And a bit of future tech, A Lot of it nothing special. Once our teams held through and cleared the first center, We decided to think about pulling them back. The enemy damaged a few of our transports and we didn't want to take a chance on our team's life. We finally cleared the first station, Then it happened... Our teams comms went out... They went completely black, It then happened! The enemy some how managed to invent a substitute for our normal EMP Systems with the satellite's parts, They launched an EMP And all of our transports wen't completely dark, and all of our teams died in a crash... We only had one, with possible survivors, For months we searched and we had to finally call it quits, They were Declared M.I.A. Next mission report in the UKS Series coming soon "United Kerbin States"!!
  5. Oh I know that hehe it's just I like to have debris when I fight other enemies.... It adds to the movie and stuff.
  6. I'm making a ksp war movie and I've been practicing and recording and there is 83 debris I have to point and click and terminate or recover to stop lagging, so then I thought... What if you could recover/terminate more than one debris at a time, Like you'd delete those pointless junk emails in your email?
  7. Niiice, Thinking outside of the box I see! Thanks I'm going to rep you for this... Ohhh the old nostalgia. Oh I thought you we're the OP... Okay this is embarrassing, Someone get this post taken off.
  8. In a world where space is controlled by 4 Separate factions... The people of the factions can't go freely, Meaning civilians and even the troops of the factions. The head Faction, Merkus Empire controls who goes freely and who doesn't. Causing civil wars. Some abide for the peace... Others fight. KERBOL WARS... Trailer:
  9. Oh.... Alrighty then.
  10. Hey if you liked it I worked hard, Please rate or rep or something haha.
  11. I've been trying the solar panels, they help but it still drains, I'll start using those thermoletric generator things some more they helped on my Munar landing mission a while back.
  12. Thanks, I like to call it operation crystal clear!
  13. How to not loose electricity alot? No matter how much batteries I put on when I go to mine the kethane... It drains electricity, Is there a way to make it where I have enough electricity? Or when its manned does it stay controllable? Please I'm really tired of loosing electricity when my kethane storage is barely a quarter filled.