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  1. First off welcome to the game; no sorry not a game, a Lifestyle Change, and welcome to the forums. Second Eve is evil. :-)
  2. With everyone carping on being schooled by fish, this thread might just flounder. :-)
  3. Well asked if you did anything interesting over the weekend, when you answer they then ask if you did anything that didn't involve KSP. You can't answer them.
  4. When finally getting around to cleaning your backup KSP folder you discover KSP back to ver .24 saved just in case. Also your saved mod folder when tidied up goes back to 2013 and nets you a few GB freed up.
  5. What about the 'Expanse'? What I loved about the show is scene were one of the characters pours himself a drink, and the stream of liquid curves since Ceres is spun up for the sake of gravity. Sure there are places when the plot overrules science, but that is a choice that the writers have in every show, it's that they make an attempt, and the attempt is consistent throughout the run of the show. That is where Star Trek fails for me, and shows like B5 and Firefly succeed.
  6. It's a close call but the landing lights win with the launch pad placing second.
  7. Sort of, my idea would be once the modular wedges are fitted around the core the size would be the same as 7.5m parts. So it would like the 7.5m crew module in appearance once all sections are assembled.
  8. Hello, Bonus if you don't mind a suggestion how about an octo-core in 2.5m size, and wedges that you can attach to the core, like in Universal Storage, but the wedges are things like crew quarters, science labs, storage, and if you chose to expand, forge/furnace/ISRU, or other modules like greenhouses/life support etc. You could add the mass to the core to keep CoM balanced. It would allow much more freedom in how a ship is assembled, and expanded. Also no reason why the wedges couldn't be Ore/Fuel tanks. Just my $0.02.
  9. Well you could make it look like a 'normal' flat panel radiator but have the panels translucent? Would that be possible? Or even doable? OT, in the future be careful with Atomic Rocket links I just lost 6 hours to it reading about various radiators, drives, centrifuge, etc, it's like TVTropes for nerds.
  10. When talking low mass high power it seems nuclear would be the way to go. Most submarine reactors seem to generate in the area 150MW-180MW from what I can find out, Of course low mass when talking a nuclear marine power plant is relative. However something that size does fit in the Kerbodyne-Plus dimensions, and you can't beat the energy density of a nuclear plant.
  11. Nope no trolls or internet piranhas here, but we do have a Kraken that needs to fed now and then. Seriously welcome onboard.
  12. And the weapons...ah the weapons...Dres I never liked you...WHAM then mine the rubble.
  13. Hi, it's me again. I still love the mod been playing with it to get a feel of what is possible: Answer: A Lot! But, there is always a but, a few suggestions if you don't mind. Would it be possible to make the parts bigger? I'd like the ability to install 3 rows of 3.75m parts in the cargo bays, it would make stuffing the bays with all kind of useful stuff as well as support craft for exploiting, no wrong word, exploding, no still wrong word, exploring planets. Or perhaps more of a 3.75m-5m-3.75m internal arrangement? I know I'm greedy... Anyways again thanks for the mod.
  14. Dude...just dude. Seriously awesome, nice work. Any plans for an modular engine section so if we use mods like Interstellar, K+, or Orion we can mount them inside the hull and not ruin the lines? Hmm how many guns can I put on this from BDArmoury... This appeals to my inner mad scientist...
  15. When you consider KSP to be the best sleeping aid ever, as in you start playing it and always fall asleep, usually 18hrs later. Don't judge me.