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  1. I know, I know, I realized it as soon as I hit post. I just thought the following sentence would show how this would be different. I went ahead and revised it.
  2. Not sure if this particular point has been discussed or not, but if it has, mods feel free to merge this into the appropriate post. So, it's pretty clear by now that you can't use EVA construction to merge 2 craft together, so you can't simply just get two vehicles close by and hook a fuel line to both of them. But, if you were to merge them before hand, either with a docking port or a klaw, you could then place parts on both vessels unabated. Yeah, sounds obvious, I'm aware, but the implications are pretty neat. Take this for an example: Here I have this recently flown SSTO in low
  3. Wow, that's quite an honor. My congrats is given! Not only to them, but as well as to all the thread of the month picks.
  4. Nice work! Pretty ingenious design for those legs, I'm surprised they don't seem to just flop all around once they're extended.
  5. I would say for me, whenever they released the update where wheels would now break based on relative speed and sudden impacts rather than breaking via exceeding a certain surface velocity, I started to get a lot less broken wheels. Still had them from time to time, but a lot less.
  6. Can we get a tech tree overhaul as well? I always thought that since the DLCs were introduced it doesn't feel as balanced, more so towards the end of the tree.
  7. Man, you guys need to chill with all this awesomeness, my heart can barely contain my excitement as is.
  8. Even though things like KAS fuel lines won't be added, I can think of a simple stock way to do that. You could just build out with cubic struts or, really most anything, all the way to whatever you want to fuel up to, then put either a small docking port or klaw at the end for easy attachment. May not make a whole lot of logical sense, but it's sure as heck a kerbal way to get the job done!
  9. Holy Kraken, I am so glad I was wrong with my initial prediction of this update, this is incredible! I am beyond excited for this! It's just another one of those things that I never knew I wanted until I saw it. Thank you 1000x over! Also, is all we know about the release date is that it's in winter? Like we talking December-winter or like February-winter? Gosh I hope it's the former.
  10. I really hope that since we now have official repair kits, in the future we'll be able to repair more parts than what is already available. This would be a great opportunity to implement a more detailed "damage scale" to parts. Much like the current repairable items, instead of having an impact go from "Not a scratch!" straight to "This thing is filled with TNT!" we could have a stage in the middle where the part is just simply damaged, and needs repair before continuing usage.
  11. So it seems like my initial speculation about this update was correct, an update that will focus on more things like bug fixes and quality of life issues. Nailed it!
  12. I keep saying "I'll only use quickloading for bugs and glitches, and not anything that's my own fault" and I never adhere to it. I just can't help myself. If this game was perfect and glitchless I'd gladly turn off quicksaves for an ironman-mode career, but since that's not the case I guess I'll keep telling myself this lie. I've never played through a science or career playthrough all the way to land on every planet or unlocking the whole tech tree, etc. I always end up starting a new one, either because I get board of my current save or I want to experience the next new
  13. I'm willing to create a little wager: let's see what happens first, KSP2 is released, or Starship gets into space for the first time. Place your bets now.
  14. Yeah, I would disagree. Just from looking at the screenshot, not only does it have the earth, an accurate Soyuz orbiter, and a completely different UI, but this game also appears turn-based? I'd sooner call simple rockets a clone rather than this, and simple rockets is far from a KSP clone.
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