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  1. I sent up a new space station core for my career in LKO, and had the orbital booster stage deorbited to crash into the ground, only to have realized that when it crashed, instead of hitting the "back to space center" button, I hit the "revert flight" button. It's not that bad, the flight's pretty simple, but still kind of frustrating to have to do it all over again. Maybe this time I'll put parachutes on the booster so I can recover it.
  2. Ah yes, thank you for that, I had not spotted that earlier. This actually helps, so thank you for that as well!
  3. I had recently downloaded the breaking ground expansion and was enjoying myself, but in my old career save when I took a contract to bring back a mun rock, I went to the biome the contract said they would appear and I have found zip so far in all of my searches. I tested this as well on an old sandbox save and couldn't find anything else either. Then I made a new sandbox save, and there could find surface objects with ease. What's up, do these things just not appear in old saves? Or do I need to turn something on for them to?
  4. Like how other people have said, I personally like using the thud in career, when I need a more powerful rocket, but don't have the proper tech. It's a great supplement to the skipper in the lower atmosphere.
  5. Actually, the highest point (above sea level) on any celestial body is on Bop, at over 21,000m. Eve's highest is about 7500m.
  6. Multiplayer is certainly exciting, for sure. But this is different than that. This is an in-game, kinda AI-like space agency that is in direct competition to you and your career. It's not really meant to feel like a real person, per say, but rather an entity that's purely there to one-up you.
  7. It's Tuesday. 2 weeks after the pre-release launch. Hype train, when do you think 1.2 will be officially released? Thought so.
  8. So, I've had this idea for a while, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the first one to think about this, but I think I figured out how to make a Rival Space Program. Now, I'm no modder, so I couldn't really put any of this together myself, but my idea is that, to simulate a different space program launching things into space, you could use the code the game uses to generate asteroids and stranded kerbal pods, to generate "ships" made by the Rival space program (RSP for short). The ships would generate in various locations depending on how far it's space program has developed. Ex: a low level RSP would only have ships and sattelites in LKO, possibly ships landed on kerbins moons. A high level RSP could have ships, bases, etc. all over the solar system. The type of craft it spawns also needs to be determined by the current tech and funds it has, if that's somehow possible. How fast they advance would also scale with difficulty. With the RSP, your main goal would be to beat them in the kerbal space race, obviously. Your space program's rep would go up or down depending on if you do certain things before or after the RSP. There could also be certain contracts, like "Land on the Mun before the RSP" that would show up and give you more funds if you do it successfully. You could even go as far as, say, "Launch a spy satellite to see what the RSP is doing next." Basically, the contract system would be geared more towards objectives that beat out the RSP. That's the basic idea I have for it, anyways. I don't know how much work would be needed to make something like this work, but it certainly would be cool.
  9. Stayputnik doesn't have any SAS control. It's meant to be an early career probe. It's the only one without it, though.
  10. I was making a new save in the latest build and noticed this in the options: Kerbals can experience G-force now. Was this discussed yet?
  11. True, true. I just see it as a potential issue for people who play career with a penalty for declining contracts. But I guess they could just let them expire was well...
  12. Hey, I just had a thought. If we have satellites and probes out for communications and such, would there be something stopping the contract system from asking you to move them? So far I don't think this has been brought up much.
  13. Did I hear right? There's now a stock version of Hyperedit?? Loving EVERYTHING about 1.2 right now! It almost makes up for the new rocket designs not making it in. Almost. But still loving it!
  14. Looks like since you're landing a whole aircraft with parachutes, the plane's aerodynamics will also factor in how fast you descend. Try to use the cabin's tourque to set it level, that should slow it down more. If that's too hard to do, try turning the nose down and pitching up. Doing that will turn some vertical velocity into horizontal velocity.
  15. If squad were going to make an official statement on this, it may take a little bit of time, saying that most of the team is on vacation at the moment.
  16. I'm kinda surprised this thread isn't at active as I thought it would be. KSP communities elsewhere, on the other hand...
  17. Ok, that's cool. I do love the movie myself. Take a look at my last post. Think about it for a second. I'll wait.
  18. You're really forcing these star wars puns, aren't you?
  19. I don't think aero has changed much in 1.1, but hey, what do I know?
  20. Now that 1.1 is officially out, I would hope to see more craft here. I love to see what everyone's done here! If fact, I may or may not be working on something right now...
  21. If you do, make sure not to use older versions, else you might destroy the planet via jousting!
  22. Good job with the selection here, very nice craft indeed! But about the thing with the missing craft file issue: I feel that maintainers should be free to post whatever craft they want, but if they do post craft with no download link, at the very least it should be the minority of the craft showcased. Take my last week's shot at SCF, for instance. I had 1 craft, the railroad one, that didn't have a download link. Yes, the link was there originally and was deleted because of the mediafire ban, but that's besides the point. I thought it was cool and I wanted to showcase it. I was disappointed I couldn't try it out for myself, but still thought it deserved recognition. And, like I said earlier, it was the only craft without a craft file presented. In short, I feel it's ok to post craft with no download, as long as everyone agrees that it deserves to be showcased.
  23. ...Hype for release this week...? ...Maybe...? ...Pretty please, Squad?
  24. And don't forget to go during winter too, very critical!