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  1. I really wanted something like this in KSP. I would imagine it could work as a passive science generator, where the longer it was deployed the more science it would produce, but it would have diminishing returns, meaning you would eventually have to launch a new space telescope to replace the old one, or perhaps send a crew up for maintenance to increase it's lifespan. That's at least how I would implement a telescope into the game.
  2. If we're talking about races, I'd like to see what happens first; either KSP2 launches, or full stack Starship launches for the first time.
  3. This game has been a long wait in the making, but I've been going over all the updates that have been given to us, and boy is there a difference between when we first got a look at the game to now! It gives me hope that they're actually going to deliver us a product within the current time frame they set.
  4. Well, I guess technically, speaking strictly from a lore perspective, there was at least one creature to exist in the KSP universe known as the kraken, as shown by the kraken easter egg on Bop (There might be another one somewhere else but I may be mistaken about that). However, as far as adding a literal kraken species to the game, it seems a bit of a stretch if you ask me. I'm not saying it's impossible, but most likely improbable given what we know about the current direction of the game. Could be a neat thing though to find other kraken easter eggs elsewhere in the galaxy.
  5. Man, this means we could potentially have SSTOs needing only one engine for all of it's tasks. I'm just all the more excited to get to try this stuff out!
  6. If by space debris you mean my own craft not slowing down in time approaching my station because I came out of time warp too quickly, then yes, I've been hit by debris in a mission. But in all seriousness, there was one time I can remember where I came into mere meters of a piece of space debris during an orbital circulation. Scared the crap out of me, and now I try to keep debris out of my parking orbit.
  7. I know people are saying "Oh but it's really the original 3" but may I remind you that Val joined the others over 6 years ago, and was the first official female kerbal. That being said, why would you choose anyone else but Jeb?
  8. Huh, interesting. It must be experiencing a high amount of asteroid bombardment considering it's suppose to have a think atmosphere as well. If our atmosphere was able to weather away most craters earth has, then that shows that all those craters on Gurdamma are pretty new in the planet's timeline.
  9. Promontory - ATK Launch Systems. (The place they test Space Shuttle and SLS boosters)
  10. I'm getting a big "Space Engineers" vibe from some of these new parts. Not that I'm complaining, they look amazing!
  11. Well, I suppose a ten year anniversary does call for a celebration.
  12. Despite what everyone is saying, I'm not so convinced that this update will center around Spacex. For one, unlike the ESA update, there has been no announcement of colaberation with Spacex, the former having an announcement about it very early on. On top of that, the suit, while remanicent of the IVA spacesuit that Spacex uses, it's simply titled as "slim suit" while again, the ESA suit is labeled clearly as ESA. Second, this is currently the only new item that could be connected to Spacex. I know that some people pointed out that the solar panels look similarly to the panels on the dragon 1 capsule, but those are a pretty common design of solar panels. They looked more like what many probes have, or to me personally they look like they belong on a soyuz. Nothing else about this update clearly screams Spacex at this time. I could be wrong of course, but right now it just doesn't seem that likely to me.
  13. I dunno, in the first trailer for ksp 2 they had the original design for the poodle engine on a mun lander, but in a future presentation the poodle now matches it's current KSP1 design. There was also a post a while back talking about how it was kind of difficult to keep track of what KSP1 was implementing because they would need to consider that and try to put it in KSP2 as well. I'd link to the specific thing if I could remember where it was.
  14. Yeah, we still don't have an official name or theme for the update, but I think we'll be getting that next week. I actually kind of laughed at first when I saw the suits because of the obvious similarities to spacex, but they look awesome nonetheless!
  15. I remember them saying that the original kerbal system would stay the same in this game, so the only reason that they'd add another planet in KSP2 is if they were... adding another... to KSP... *Moment of realization*
  16. New solar panels? Enhanced docking ports? A ground anchor? Hmm... Methinks this new update may focus around base and station building.
  17. In my experience, the community has actually improved. The community I remember was a lore more... well, whiny, to say the least.
  18. Wow, that's amazing! It looks so much more like our own moon now, but I can still tell from it's features that it's the Mun, very well done!
  19. Wow, I love stuff like this! Pointy orbits have always been something I've noticed but never really took thought into how or why it happens, so this explanation was really enlightening!
  20. Dunno, I don't own a version that keeps track for me. But I'd guesstimate somewhere around 500-1000, but it's not really possible to tell for sure.
  21. I mean at least put the hint in a spoiler, doesn't make the search much fun if you just say that before I even see the picture.
  22. Yeah, just think of saying "Lays" but with a lisp.
  23. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQhRCAAlTXk For real though, very, very impressive build. The uncanniness of how it moves is really amazing to me, it looks like an actual living thing.
  24. So, I'm sure this has been talked about before, but I wasn't able to see any recent posts about it so I thought I would make this. I've had the idea that some sort of "camera" part should be added to the game for a while now, but I was never able to figure out a good way for it to be implemented. But I think I've figured out something that could work and is unique. The camera would be a science part that would function similar to the other science parts in the game, but would have a few unique features. Firstly, it would come in 2 forms; a static, stationary version that can be mounted anywhere on a vessel, and one that can be on a robotic arm of sorts, similar to the scanning units in breaking ground, where you can more freely adjust the camera's angle. Additionally, there could be an EVA camera that a kerbal could place down. Second, in addition to taking pictures for all of kerbalkind to see, it can have a use to take actual screenshots, with a choice of just having the normal picture, or showing it through filter that would make it look something like the recent first pictures from Perseverance. Thirdly, since seeing photos and videos of space really gets the public buzzing here in the real world, it could be that, on top of earning science, cameras could also provide a boost in reputation when kerbals get to see pictures from other worlds. I'm not sure exactly how that last part would be implemented, but I think it's a neat idea. That's my idea for cameras. Thoughts?
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