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  1. Same. I had the same problem--it failed on the second flight--and that's now fixed.
  2. Then I don't know how to do it. I copied the GameData/FerramAerospaceResearch directory into a fresh KSP install, and it's still broken. EDIT: Oh! Of course. ModuleManager is missing. Let's try that again... Yep, works. Great!
  3. I didn't expect binaries to be checked into github... but that works. I found the dev build, and it works fine, in the sense that my planes now fly. This feels like a major achievement. ^^; However, the analysis system appears to be broken; the graphs all go up and to the right, stability derivatives suggest my airplane should go into a spin and tear itself apart on takeoffâ€â€possibly without movingâ€â€and the displayed wing area is 1 m^2 regardless of actual area. Maybe I installed something wrong?
  4. Nope, can't seem to make a stable plane. :-( If this is fixed in the dev build, could someone please point me at it? I can't seem to find one.
  5. You may start with only 10k, but you can get advances on a lot of non-timed contracts. In practice it's more like 35k.
  6. Sorry, I have a lot more mods installed than just that. I'll figure it out. Starting with FAR-only and bisecting my mod setup, if necessary.
  7. Wait, what? How did you build a wing? EDIT: Also, that doesn't look like the Tail Fin I've got.
  8. The AV-T1, AV-R8 and Tail Fin. If it's supposed to be possible, then I think something's wrong. I absolutely can't accomplish the task. Might be some other mod interfering.
  9. I've been trying to start a game with FAR and KSAEA. The latter changes the tech tree so there are no rockets at first; you start with (non-space-capable) planes and go from there. The problem is, the only components I have in the starting node are.. - Structural fuselage and cockpit. - Jet fuel - Jet engine - Intakes - One tail fin and two varieties of winglets, one of which is the delta and thus controllable. - Wheels. Using these, I've had a hell of a time building a stable airplane. In practice, they always end up uncontrollable, even when they look somewhat like a real airplane; either they won't lift off at all (if I stick all the wings on the back of the plane; no prizes for guessing why), or they're aerodynamically unstable and start tumbling at the smallest excuse--and then the wings fall off. Sometimes, if I keep their speed down and never find an angle of attack larger than about five degrees, they're semi-controllable. The explosions are fun, but I'm seeing too many of them. So, my question: Is there any way, with just those parts, to build a workable airplane?
  10. It's because backspace activates the "abort" action group, which on my ships is designed to tear the craft apart. It's not supposed to do that; my actual bug is that keypresses get passed through to the underlying KSP code. While aborting during takeoff is ok, doing so in orbit around Mun is rapidly--or slowly--fatal for the poor Kerbonaut. That said, the action group is empty by default so you wouldn't necessarily notice.
  11. Yes. Oh, and have a KSP.log:
  12. Installation order for the install script, since some (extensions) used to overwrite parts of others. Not really the case anymore, but eh. And I kind of figured you'd say that, so I put them all in order as git commits, RT2 first, and bisected them. The actual culprit is... *drumroll* ...none of them. It still happens, even when unpacking just the RemoteTech2 zip into a completely clean installation. Oh, and this happens in both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Incidentally, there is no output_log.txt file anywhere in my home directory.
  13. 32-bit KSP. Mods are, let's see... I'll just paste the list. 01-ModuleManager 20-ART_0.5.1 20-DeadlyReentryCont_v5.3 20-DockingPortAlignment_4.0 20-EditorExtensions_v1.3 20-Engineer-Redux- 20-EnhancedNavBall_1_3_2 20-EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements-7-4 20-ExpPack_0.2.1 20-Extraplanetary_Launchpads_v4.2.3 20-Ferram_Aerospace_Research-v0.14.1.1a 20-FinalFrontier 20-FinePrint-0.58b 20-FTT_0.2.1 20-Interstellar.Lite.v0.12.3 20-Karbonite_0.4.1 20-Karbonite-EPL-Converstion16-7 20-KAS_0.4.8 20-KerbalAlarmClock_2.7.8.2 20-Kerbal_Construction_Time-1.0.2 20-Kerbal_Joint_Reinforcement-v2.4.3.0 20-KPlus_0.2.1 20-KW_Release_Package_v2.6c 20-MKS_0.21.1 20-PreciseNode-1.1.0 20-ProcFairings_3.09 20-Rebalance 20-RemoteTech_2-1.4.1 20-ShipManifest.24.2_3.3.2_09282014 20-StationScience-1.2.1 20-TacLifeSupport_0.10.0.12 20-TextureCompressor_x86 20-TransferWindowPlanner_1.0.1.0 20-US_Core- 20-US_KAS- 30-CoolRockets 30-HotRockets 40-KSAEA 70-US_TAC-
  14. Chatterer always crashes the game on startup for me, on Linux. :'( I've mentioned that before, in the previous thread, but.. any chance you could take a look? I still have no idea why it's broken.