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  1. I think as game, it has brought together a community that is composed of many nations and backgrounds. The community on this forum, at least from my perceptive, has always been a very good community. We all have been willing to help other people learn the game. I think sometimes that's one reason why I play this game. Edit: I think for the most part people are more aware of space.
  2. This is a question that I have been thinking about for awhile now. I thought I would start a discussion on this topic. For myself it was the other way around. I found this game because I already enjoyed space and science. I watch as much about it as I can. After playing this game, I have a better understanding of how hard it is to get into space. And regardless of how hard it is, we as humans want to put our lives on the line because it is so important. What has been you experience with Kerbal Space Program?
  3. I might be wrong, but maybe this is just a distraction for something else that will be revealed.
  4. Scott Manley made a tutorial how to do it. To me it wasn't worth the effort.
  5. Never tried the Kerbal Engineer. I mainly use Mech Jeb for docking and stats. Everything else I learned before I found Mech Jeb. I think Kerbal Engineer might be what I should try.
  6. I think for me, the main reason I play this game is because it teaches you that failure can be a good thing. In other words, we don't really fail. It's learning from our mistakes that make us better. I tried to land on the Mun today, and didn't realize how weak the gravity was. I ended up on a hill and I wouldn't stop sliding. I know now I need a flat landing spot and a wider base.
  7. I plan on trying out the an ARM mission tonight. Like most of my adventures, it takes me about 4 hours to get my rocket the way I want it. My usual process is: Build, Launch to about 30,000m(usually because I forget something), revert back to vehicle assembly, fix, launch, watch rocket explode, revert back to vehicle assembly and on and on until I finally get the rocket just right. Love this game.
  8. Scott Manley's video's are the reason I started playing the game. I bought it at christmas time and took me about a month to actually start playing. Once I watched and tried some tutorials of his I was hooked.
  9. This game took me awhile to get into. Thanks to Scott Manley, I finally got into this game. There was one week I would come home from work and play all night. Haven't had a chance to do an ARM mission, but I am looking forward to trying it. Thanks fro an awesome game. And to top it off I have learned a lot from playing this game.