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  1. i live for this mod please update 1.0 thank you
  2. trying to install this mod where dose the source file go?
  3. loaded the new file and there is no thrust vector engine. locked out of all my main craft. help!
  4. I am having some weird occurrence with Romfarer. it seems to be working mostly but when I open the menu screens I can not get them to close again and I can not open the control panel that has the directional controls for the tractor beam. the menus do not have borders and there dose not seem to be a full array of functional switches on the menus. any help out there? thanks! I think some thing is not quite right with my install
  5. I got my .25 firespitter working okay but there are no biplane parts except for the tail section. where can I replace those parts?
  6. yea it is awesome. did not realize how bad I was missing that light till saw it. great job thank you
  7. kas works great but when i go to a craft on the launch pad i get a series of yellow error message on the screen relating to sound file errors for kas. i tried fresh downloads and moving the enclosed sound file to sounds but the text still appears. i have an image of it but i can not figure how to paste it here