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  1. Game version : (Steam, x64) (+ just EVE, Scatterer visual mod, ALL parts are stock) Stock Mk2 cargo bay has a door angle glitch. The open angle of the long one and short one are different. When fully opened, those lined up well, but.. When it is not fully opened, CRG-08 and CRG-04 doors are dislocated even if 'Deploy Limit' are same. (I set this 50 for example) And the dislocation is also different between left and right. (the Deploy Limit are same.) (lastly, sorry for my 'dislocated' English ;D)
  2. Wow, IVA!? Yeah!!! Thanks for the update, and this mod must be a part of stock. I love it!
  3. Hello! I've had a lot of fun with your mod! Thank you! Recently, I got a problem. Actually the hatch is exposed, but system message told it isn't and kerbal can't get out. I think the hatch position is not matched with modeling. I'll be glad if I can get the kerbal out in next update! (and sorry for my bad English D: )
  4. As far as I remember, mass of the inline docking port was 0.125t. And after ARM update, It jumped to 1.0t! (also COM position of my spaceplane is changed ) Is this on purpose? or just mis-type by dev? I'm really confused. (sorry for my poor English if I made you uncomfortable..)