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  1. yes, i abhor all these effects, if they introduce them i hope there will be disable options in the graphics settings
  2. This is such an effrontery from any game developer integrating these kind of spyware and it doesn't matter if you can opt out or not. Most users wouldn't even read it and just click on. I say to the devs remove that redshell spyware completely, nobody paid for the game to get spied on. You can do these things on free games if you like but i as a paying customer don't want that crap on my harddisk.
  3. Everybody talking about the speed of light while actually it's the speed of causality hence the c. The speed of light in vacuum just happens to be as fast as the speed of causality but if light travels through different mediums it can have different speeds.
  4. In principle yes but i vote to make it configurable, either turn it on in easy mode or off in the harder difficulty settings.
  5. Exactly, ignorance leads exactly to that. The Chinese paper shows it, everybody here ignores it. Why? Because they are Chinese? So Chinese can't be good scientists? Such an attitude is pretty much "waisis".
  6. I will just laugh watching it fail miserably. This drive is in the same category as the free energy machines.
  7. I already posted a scientific paper here that clearly debunks it in a series of experiments. However you can't possibly do anything here to convince believers into non believing. Even if NASA officials would say it's not working people here would accuse them of conspiracy.
  8. Thankfully it's not forbidden to dream. Else reality would be to hard to swallow.
  9. I just ran into this: https://news.uic.edu/breakthrough-solar-cell-captures-co2-and-sunlight-produces-burnable-fuel
  10. Well, because they obviously measured something with external power supply i'm pretty sure it's a translation error. And that em drive itself is subterfuge.
  11. Abstract:In order to explore the thrust performance of microwave thruster,the thrust produced by micro⁃ wave thruster system was measured with three-wire torsion pendulum thrust measurement system and the mea⁃ surement uncertainty was also studied,thereby judging the credibility of the experimental measurements. The re⁃ sults show that three-wire torsion pendulum thrust measurement system can measure thrust not less than 3mN un⁃ der the existing experimental conditions with the relative uncertainty of 14% . Within the measuring range of three-wire torsion pendulum thrust measurement system,the independent microwave thruster propulsion device did not detect significant thrust. Measurement results fluctuate within ± 0.7mN range under the conditions 230W microwave power output,and the relative uncertainty is greater than 80%. So they say they can not measure less then 3mN but you say 3000mN. You say expected are 7.6mN which is way above the 3mN they can measure but didn't and you conclude the papers is subterfuge. Wow. *clap*clap* Much logic in this.
  12. Well sorry guys, i hate to be someone who busts a party but a Chinese team debunked the EM drive. http://www.tjjs.casic.cn/ch/reader/create_pdf.aspx?file_no=20160220&flag=1&journal_id=tjjs&year_id=2016 Seems like it delivers no thrust anymore as soon as it is powered with batteries. Nobody tried to power it with batteries until that. Seems like all the thrust came from some effect caused by the external power supply and the cables of it. Another German team measure result support this cause they measured the same thrust in the same direction even if they rotated their EM drive to point upwards. Game over EM drive.
  13. Don't let the acceptance of scientific theories be guided by social aspects.
  14. Well it hurts me to say it (and it will hurt some other also here) but math alone won't give us all the answers that we seek.
  15. What if the speed of causality can be faster then the speed of light. What if it could be infinite? It wouldn't allow paradox situations to happen. Not sure what this means for determinism though.
  16. Lets assume for a moment and you are right with your statement in your first post "I think you can get instantaneous communication" What exactly does that mean instantaneous? Please specify in an example like this. We sent a spaceship out there to Alpha Centauri and we have a communication with them instantaneous. Which consequences follow out of this regarding causality?
  17. Yes there have been aliens: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/12/opinion/sunday/yes-there-have-been-aliens.html
  18. The faces at the end say it all.
  19. That day the snacks didn't arrive.
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