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  1. i can't get this to work and log says "Encoding name 'ks_c_5601-1987' not supported" and this is very likely i use korean version...if it isnt too much hassle can you fix this thanks
  2. Looks like there is some typo in the cfg. Typhoon and Mirage cockpits should have TechRequired = advAerodynamics instead of Advanced Aerodynamics, and Su-30, Interceptor and Trainer cockpits should have TechRequired = supersonicFlight instead of Supersonic Flight. Simple fixes, probably you can do it yourself.
  3. I've had this problem for years, and the game's lagging even worse in 1.1.2. I'm glad someone is looking for a solution, but the fix is making it worse for me, unfortunately.
  4. Well you could always get Tweakscale...worked well in 0.90 so I think it will work as well in 1.0. Anyway those new Mk 2 parts are so nicely designed. Really appreciate that you're spending time on churning out such great parts. Shame you have to abandon the old vertically asymmetric cross section - while I understand it works better for gameplay reasons, it just looks cooler and feel more realistic to me.
  5. Home grown rockets feature a nice 2-men pod and several options as well. Its size is bit bigger tho.
  6. Well now we have parts heating and new aero with mach effects. They should require more cpu time.
  7. http://www./download/3h6an64hds466jl/ Here is one. I load up the KSC and recover one vehicle already in the KSC runway, which seems to be working correctly, then load up SPH and launch same vehicle, get some science data in it, and then unable to recover it.
  8. Had good fun mostly ignoring boring contracts and doing science instead (especially with new mobile lab that is a great idea I must say) but it seems that this mod has broken my career save now. Trying to recover vehicles with science data shows only crew has been recovered with 0.0 reputation, which is not properly processed that tourists are not removed from the roster, and the craft remains at the place with no way to recover. It happens in the new game too. Removing the mod seems to solve the problem, but there are a lot of error in the log fil e after removing the mod. Can you please look into it?
  9. That's quite smart uses of stock part models. Also, peristaltic thruster looks like a good enough way to dump excess fuels. However, there are a lot of weird mods like ion engine rebalancing and KAS stuffs that are not stated to be included in the file. I think they can cause troubles. @vardicid : He added afterburner mode with lower efficiency and higher thrust, just like you did.
  10. Wow, Roverdude you never cease to amaze us. ;^) A great mod, which hits the right place between TACS and Snacks as you mentioned. I repurposed some modules in universal storage to store supplies and recycle mulch, and so far seems to be working pretty well!
  11. Found some tutorials with your information. Looks a bit of hassle but I'll try when I have some time. Thanks again!
  12. Thank you! It feels so good when there are working screens and HUDs to look at. But I have a question: How do you guys move props around in IVA? I want to see MFDs more clearly due to my small laptop screen, and rearranging MFD props would be a good solution. Editing XYZ and rotation values in internal.cfg files do seem to work, but without any way to visualise it is just a very tiresome trial and error process.