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  1. Hey there. When I land anywhere, it looks like the collision mesh is about a meter below the surface of the texture. It's probably due to some incompatible mod I have installed, but wondering if this is a known issue and if so what the culprit might be. Thanks!
  2. Those are from Space Docks (the mod, not the mod hosting site). I haven't used them yet, but seem like an interesting Extranplanetrary Launchpad expansion.
  3. Derp. Nope. I was being a dummy. Sorry! My mistake was that the thermal turbojet and nozzle are now both present in High Efficiency Nuclear Propulsionn, and it doesn't indicate that they are upgrades there.
  4. Unfortunately, that doesn't appear to be the fix. Tech Tree indicates that I already own the parts. I should also say that the parts were not greyed out in the VAB/SPH; they are not present at all. Worth noting, the other parts in 'experimental rocketry' are all avalable to me in the VAB/SPH.
  5. After updating to the most recent KSPI, I have lost my thermal engines. Wait! It's not what you may think... My most recent tech unlock was in fact 'experimental rocketry' and both KSPI thermal devices are present in the tech tree in their new location, but absent from the SPH/VAB. This was in my current career mode and when I tried in sandbox, the thermal turbojet and nozzle were both available in the construction buildings. Any ideas? Thanks!
  6. You can see which way your joints and pistons will move in the VAB/SPH while you're configuring them. In the IR UI you can reverse the rotation of a joint if it isn't to your liking. More than that, you can adjust the min/max angle and length parts will move as well as the speed at which each individual IR part will move. To be sure, you can do more than that too! But play around in the VAB. If things aren't doing what they doing outside the VAB, then that's a different issue. Best of luck! edit: Also, I would recommend trying the version linked below. I'm not sure if the latest github re
  7. I see. Perhaps then those images didn't help. I am, however, still at a loss. On my test rigs, the reactor's output and subsequent transmission power do appear to scale with the thermal helper info. edit: Removing NF Electrics does appear to fix the problem.
  8. Perhaps this is more illustrative of the problem. With four radiators it yields some fraction of efficiency that rounds to 0 and with 40 radiators, it yields 0.64% at 100% power. The latter rig yields about 1.86MW from the transmitter, which still isn't much for a craft that looks pretty silly (not to mention the extra load on my PC). I really love this mod and your others and the ones the you maintain. I really appreciate your help!
  9. Ok. I'll muck around a bit in LKO and see if I can make it work. edit: I don't have any improved performance in LKO. Did I do something differently than you or could there be another mod messing with power/electricity?
  10. Thanks for the swift reply! I do in fact have NF Electrics as well. Anything I can do un-adjust the power balance without uninstalling NF electrics? Or else, any suggestions on how to build a power station that doesn't have hundreds of radiators to get a sufficient thermal gradient?
  11. I've used any documentation and vods I could find on the beamed power machanic, but I am still having some issues. For example see my test power rig that, despite indicating it has MegaJoules available, will not transmit any. I also tested the rig in LKO with the same result. I understand that megajoules are for thermal power and MegaJoules for electric, but can't see any indicator for megajoules (thermal) in my resource panel (maybe relevant, maybe not).
  12. Hey everybody, Just wondering how people are managing their beamed power networks/crafts without Infernal Robotics. Are we limited to using the wide angle receivers and/or stick antennae in all directions on our beam powered craft? My first playthrough with KSPI, so I could be missing something basic.
  13. Greetings, New to SXT and I'm having an issue with the Meadowlark command pod. I attempted a crew transfer (part to part, not EVA) to a Meadowlark unit while in orbit and it appeared successful, but neither seat is filled nor can I select the kerbal who should be there. However, when I'm back in the tracking station, all of the crew (including the 'vanished' one) are accounted for in the vessel info panel. Any ideas on how I can find my missing Kerbal and get her back in a space chair?
  14. Oh I see! I am indeed running SVE without the BoulderCo folder. I tried again with the right BoulderCo assets (no .cfg's), and it works great! Thanks @The White Guardian !
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