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  1. Derp. Yup misquoted. I've never tried turning off vanilla scanning in scansat. I only added support because it was requested. I don't play with scansat myself. I'll throw it on my game and see if I can get a workaround. Consider it added to my to-do list.
  2. @Xaero1701 Heybuddy, Are your ships drones? or crewed? If you don't have both an engineer and scientist on board, expect super low efficiency and heat issues. Fly safe.
  3. I'll look into the patch for the scanners, I have done no testing on the mod for a few updates. Previously only one "start resource scan" button was available on the scanners. Perhaps the mm config is now duplicating the module instead of simply updating it. thanks for bringing this to my attention. As for the scanners being available out of stock order, this was a design decision. As I had previously almost never used the narrow band scanner; I thought it a rewarding method of perhaps finding a gold ore deposit before the m700 was available, whilst finally using a cool scanning method that I otherwise wouldn't have bothered with.
  4. Are USI rare metals and exotic materials an additional addon for USI? or are they distributed with all of the USI mods. They could be the reason why scansat was having problems, as there are a limited number of ore IDs in scansat. As to the balance, I haven't played that aspect of the USI mods and wasn't aware of them. I'll look into it, but are the exotic materials and rare metals available in abundance within the kerbin sphere of influence? Are they available at the same position within the tech tree?
  5. I am so putting that up on the main page under reviews. Lol Also I've been meaning to make gold a bit heavier. Thanks for your feedback. Lol.
  6. I'll look into it if I can, moving to another country atm so a little busy. One thing to note, is I have found the above problem only when there was no available data one the specific resource. If you do a full scan are you still unable to switch to the updated gold ore map? I have been meaning to add support for a number of modded planet packs, including OPM. Though as mentioned in a previous post, I will be taking a hiatus from development for the next month or so. You could always add support yourself in the meantime as a quick peruse in the config files should show how unobtanium is spawned, it is quite intuitive. Have a good one.
  7. Happy to hear the mod has piqued your interest. If you do give it a go please let me know how you feel on the value of Unobtanium (if you ever find it) and the weight of gold. Those are the two values I still want to balance out a bit. Have a good one. - Dewar
  8. So does the remove all utility no longer work? It is one of my staples in my modded installs, absolutely loved it to clear junk. What's the dealio? Edit: Nevermind, Didn't get the right click menu on my first load... Her der... nothing to see here.
  9. No problem at all! For those of you using the mod please do me a favour and leave some feedback. I.e. The difficulty vs reward. Is gold too heavy, too light, unobtainium too valuable? Working on some compatability patches right now for a few mods that will be released soonish, I will also be increasing gold's weight slightly.
  10. I'll look into it. I hear you for sure though, my textures for the containers are very meh.
  11. Done. Version 1.5.2 Released Just added the latest version of Module Manager and updated the version for Ckan. All should be well. - Dewar @ARS Sweet mission overview, glad to see the payload made it in one piece!
  12. The reason you don't see it on ckan is that I havent taken the time to update module manager to the latest version for 1.3. As the great @DStaal said, you can use it now as their have been no changes to the coding that my mod utilizes. Just install the newest module manager for ksp version 1.3. I'll update the Mod to the latest version on cKan sometime early next week. Time permitting.
  13. @ARS Thanks so much for the praise and feedback on the mod! That ship is absolutely massive by the way, call it the minimalist in me but I've never even tried to build something like that! Let me know how the dres mission goes! -Dewar
  14. @ARS Haha, glad to hear you are enjoying the mod. An Eve mission for Unobtainium? Wow, I just presumed everyone would go to Eeloo or Moho. Good on yah buddy. What are your thoughts on the weights and value of Unobtainium? Do you have any screenshots from the mission? You're more than welcome to post some if you'd like.