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  1. Every time I load one of two ships, launch and revert, or use subassemblies several times, the save corrupts. I Can delete the save and put the ships back in and it not be corrupt until I use the VAB. I tested it in a fresh install and my normal modded, both corrupt. I am using windows 10, 64 bit and 1.0.5 ksp. The save corruption is I cannot exit the VAB SPH, launch anything, and cannot edit the crew, craft (second time it gets loaded in the corrupted save), or the staging.
  2. Making another artificial gravity mission (third version, one huge (mk3), one small (mk2), and one tiny (mk1 structural). Here is the mk2 version (download is in my subassemblies):
  3. Pictures done, currently working on making crafts and missions using it...
  4. Payloads move the centre of drag, causing me to take an inefficient accent profile, or lose the payload and launcher (that I reuse).
  5. Here are some subassemblies for making rockets and bases off of Kerbin. I am currently working on missions that use nothing but these subassemblies, so pics will come then (I cannot fit every subassembly in one craft and it launch). You can post your pictures of what you do with it. https://mega.nz/#!04VjRZSC!FFTEL_X69kHcgk2GqEPORhBcvqnAkAa9z0S2lV1TUkI Minmus, Gilly,or orbital Station mission 11 (Centrifuge, capsule seating five, science module, ore module, node, and bearings): https://mega.nz/#!J5UzSaaR!3clg_w1GnE33M8V3cC8PoIu8vEdqzTMK1h86Mf6SbRA
  6. I tweaked my subassembly list to make all rockets modular (not the mod, like bases), so far, it has been used in one mission and two more simulations. The mission was a ssto launching a centrifuge and glider to a 200 x 250 km orbit, then sending it all back and recovering. The glider is easier to land from orbit than all but one of my past planes were from suborbital. I also worked on a sandwitch launcher payload launcher to send large payloads. It is almost ssto...
  7. I can land close enough to a module on a surface base (from orbit) to dock without a rover or rcs, but hyperedit docks in orbit.
  8. Would it be possible to have pages or a scroll for the subassembly category, like in the other categories of functions? This way someone could have more than 15 subassemblies (ascending and descening togelling adds some), and view them more easliy without using subcategories. I have searched, and I have found no mod.
  9. Lagging for all crafts with fairings, and anything with more than 1,000 parts.
  10. It is too laggy to play (it is just a 1,200 part shuttle...)
  11. LAG! It is only a 2,500 part space station! Let me dock the 1,000 part shuttle to it with at least 3 fps, not 5 spf (seconds per frame).
  12. Granted, you are now homeless as Jeb just got a new VAB. I wish to be able to change anything (I can change the corruptness/bad part to not exist).
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