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  1. I think i figured it out, will confirm in a couple of minutes. The drill by itself pushes the craft up when deployed. My landing legs are shorter than the amount of height that the drill pushes the craft. Got bigger legs now. This maybe should be mentioned in the Mining Guide to avoid this frustration :). Thanks anyway
  2. Hello everyone ! After 2-3 days of trying to build a base on Minmus for my mission contract to mine 1200 ore i am unable to complete this. I don't know if this is a feature or a bug but the drill shakes the hell out of the base so the base is basically moving meaning i cant jump back to the Space Center nor can i time warp. Help ? What am i doing wrong? On all the videos and tutorials this doesnt seem to be an issue.
  3. suddenly everything is so much more complicated but in a beautiful way *googles how to break sound barrier* EDIT: I'm not sure if this is mod incompatibility or is it the new updates from Squad but i cant seem to get over 10000 meters with any of my previous planes with neither the B9 engine nor the stock engines. What's going on here :/ ? It seems i can only go over 10k meters with proper speed only with the OPT Screamjet.
  4. I finally got to test the sabre S engines unfortunately even with 4 engines aboard they are terribly inefficient and it seems that at around 10000 m they start losing speed. I tried changing the .cfg to 450 maxthrust it still doesnt go over 300-400 m/s. I think the previous sabre versions from 0.90 and earlier were perfectly balanced. A nice compact stylish engine design that can pack a punch while still having them on a small craft that can also carry cargo. Right now i can't find any use for it on small shuttles. I'm not expecting for you to change the parameters in the next update but id like to know which lines i have to change to get back my good ol' eficient and cool engines. Thanks !
  5. I'm not sure if the J Science Lab Module is fully implemented or not but each time i'm launched and i try to right click it nothing happens and then it kinda disables the ability to right click on anything else. I have to relaunch, reload to be able to right click on any other attached modules but as soon as i rightclick the science lab again it disables the ability all over the ship again. Thoughts ?
  6. the QuizTech MK2 Fuselage Quarter cannot switch between fuel types. If i change it to LFO it changes back to jet fuel on launch.
  7. Right. That make so much sense i feel stupid now, please forgive my clumsiness for creating this major confusion. Im a dev too(concept artist tho) used to work on a modding team for unreal engine and repositories ended up being lots of gigabytes of temporary texture and large unused files just for the sake of reverting and that's why i imediately ran away from the b9 download ( also thought it would require tortoise SVN). Anyway, thanks again for sharing the developer version with the community!
  8. Ok then sorry about that.... If i wish to use the dev version do i have to delete the 0.9 or can i copy paste it? Edit: also i keep getting crashes with mono.dll in the log. Is that related to b9 ? mono.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module mono.dll at 0023:1011940a.
  9. I think its some sort of mod incompatibility. Maybe with OTP ? the rest are way too different to make any relevance i think. but then again b9 isnt compatible with ksp since version 0.9 ... and im not gonna download 700 mb of temporary dev files to clutter up my gamedata folder. :\
  10. What about the sounds ? All the files are there. How come the SABRE doesnt make sounds ? *and no visual effects Edit1: Also automatic switching doesnt work. it could be mod interference with others that use firespiter maybe *shrugs*
  11. Hey thanks for the air innput aid ! Still, kinda useless tho since i cant attach any stock/other mod parts to b9 parts and vice versa ( cant attach b9 to any other parts) but to b9. They do attach to surfaces (im talking about engines here mostly) but nothing will snap to the sockets besides the b9 parts. Edit: There's something really wrong here. I just attached some SABRE engines and they have no sounds and no particle FX Edit2: Gimbals of the SABRE engines dont work.
  12. It must be interfering with other mods then. I'll check more into it. I have version R5 2.8. also Dev build = repository ? Do i need tortoise svn for that ?
  13. I'm talking about all B9 jet engines such as the F119 vectored nozzel one. It simply does not attach to the bifurcated stock fuselage sockets.
  14. -will this be fixed ? when ? - any B9 engine does not connect to the stock twin engine format fuselage.
  15. Hey guys, sorry to clutter up the thread some more with my bugs but this is a bad one. I have the latest version of ksp up to date and the mod and whenever i build a twin engine jet the second engine just wont work (insufficient air) i added lots and lots of air intakes with no result. Please help guys ! i literally can't play with b9 and build jets :[ If i delete the mod i can fly but i don't have cool parts :v Edit1: Engine parts do not attach to fuselage aswell.