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  1. lets hope indeed, it would be very disapointing if these mods would not be continiout!! ( sorry if i typed that wrong)
  2. what did dragon01 do? what is the reason for his ban? -snip- and does this mean that the editing of new iss parts stops?? cause that would be rather unfortunely ( i think you wright it like that)
  3. hey guys, does anybody has a problem docking a css shuttle to the pma docking port ?? and i thing its called a apas docking port, it doenst dock to the css and also not to the pma can somebody tell me what to do?? thanks already:)
  4. there is a mod for the altair but its with different framework, im not sure if im saying it right, but chaka exploration beta that is a mod that is using it
  5. woow, this is amazing, cant believe its not even finished ( as in the download file is not here, or i just didnt see it) please finish as fast as you can i cant wait until its here
  6. there was one the american pack and it will be back, and i have it but i dont know how to put it online you can ask someone else
  7. yes im sure that i downloaded the latest versions of all the required dependenties, cause i downloaded sdhi for the first time and i didnt have all de other required mods, and im in sandbox. and those mod of the real chut and animated decouplers did work if i only installed then without sdhi
  8. hey guys, i have a problem getting all the parts show up, ive downloaded i guess everything you need for it, but the fueltank and decoupelar( sorry dont know how to write it) dont show up, and the parachute docking mechanism doesnt work as well, soo does anybody know what is wrong??
  9. i sad it on the gateway threat but i say it one more time, so im sure that you would read it can you build MIR as the new space station ?? that would be cool i guess? i really like the project i wish my computer could handel so many mods but it cant unfortuantly so i could try build it myself, but i wont come close to you haha.
  10. aha okee now i get it, didnt saw it, sorry for the late reaction, and i may have a idea for the odessy project, can you build the mir into it as the new space station??
  11. hey guys, i have got a problem, with buran, when i reenter its always burn up, i have deathly reentry installed but can some one tel mee how i can add a heatshield into the parts?? or can some one add it for me?? thanx
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