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  1. Hi, i was wondering if it is possible to name a saved file and to load only that particular file rather than just the last save you did. many thanks sam
  2. Damn, i cant find a science page in the Wiki...help
  3. brilliant, thanks Kryxal, i'll go have a look...thx
  4. Hi, in the contracts window,your told to do a low orbit and high orbit science stuff around moons and planets, what are the ranges of these orbits please, and does it change with different moons and planets?? please, any help thank you sam
  5. ratchet freak, thank you mate, didnt know that, will go back to save and have a look, thanks.
  6. yea, well wasnt an electrics prob, had solar panels and loads of batteries, and i use mod fusebox to watch the charge rates. problem is that "none" of the unmanned guidance thingies work, stock nor modded...and on manned craft, am useing the stock docking ports...so probabaly not a mod prob...just something i am not aware of that your supposed to do...i dont know...lost.
  7. hi, yes well i have alot of utility mods like stage recovery and station science..toolbar..mechjeb etc...+ novapunch..far...engineer, and that type as well.
  8. Hi, this is abit weird, but as soon as i leave the atmoshere with either an unmanned probe craft or a manned craft with docking attachements on, i have no control over the craft at all...i have clicked the "control from here" button, but it does nothing...craft just spins out of control... any ideas or help please anyone thank you sam
  9. Franklin...thank you..exactly what i needed...thank you so much..bless you
  10. ok, thank you for your help, going now to your tutorial pages..thank you.
  11. i now have the heavy lifter rockets etc...and want to do some station building in orbit round kerbal...but my mind goes blank as to what to send up first..which way does a docking part fit on a module so it will connect to another docking module...how high do i put the orbit...what is high orbit and low orbit...and what piece do you start with for other bits to add on to. i know i'm a dumbo...sorry, but i see pics of all these brilliant orbiting stations you peeps have made, and my brain thinks...how the !!!! thank you sam
  12. Hi, quite early in career, have landed on mun, but run out of fuel...my problem is i cant think of a way or a gadget that i could send with fuel supply that would plugin to landing craft and give it fuel. any one have any ideas. thank you Sam
  13. really dont feel this is a mod problem...but then what do i know...s.a.s doesnt hold true when fireing engines, and in space steering is all over the place..is there a button i have pressed or some combi key thingy...also small thing but warp doesnt work with mouse on the green arrow thingy, only via keyboard any help please thanx sam
  14. Hi, sorry to be a pain, but dont understand the install of this mod, the readme in the zip says put folders in main directory, not the gamedata folder, but when i do that nothing loads? any help please thank you sam
  15. arhh, so its a fault...yes i have mods installed, but all are .25 updated...ok, well its a steam version, so i'll run the file varification thingy and see if some are missing. you have been most kind, thank you. sam
  16. when i start game in career .25, there are no contracts, just 25k money...how do you make more money please...and there arent any clues as to gaining science...just dont understand what to do any more. please help thank you sam
  17. ok...will remember, thanks Friend Bear
  18. Thank you all, your very kind...now i understand.
  19. Hi, i cant figure out how this works...could someone please explain it to me, and how to setup keys to trigger actions. please some kind heart...help thank you sam damn, just realized posted in wrong part of forum.
  20. ARH, thank you, hadnt thought about memory..mmm, could be...well have just worked it out, am useing 3.9gb, so that might well be the problem, its hitting the 4gb limit.
  21. here are the mods i am useing; sound enhancement coherent contracts DMagic orbital science engineer enhanced nav ball E.V.E FAR fusebox Joint reinforcement science alert alt resource panel mechjeb hotrockets novapunch realchute stage recovery station parts expansion station science tac life texture rep toolbar vertvel research them all modulemanger all are up to date i have even gone from 64bit to 32bit to try to stop the crashes...but it still does...have uninstalled & reinstalled umpteen times..still crashes. have tried various combo's of mods..still crashes within 10 mins of start up. d
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