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  1. Wow, thank you everyone...fantastic...ok will go back to 32bit and yes thinking about it, useing 64bit has increased the old crashing thing quite a a lot. i do agree about mod packs and not everyones cup of tea, but personaly i find them a huge help...i use them in games like silenthunter 5 etc and find they have ironed out alot of the problems of combining mods and instability problems...and for that reason any made for KSP, i'll probably snap up and use. also would like to add, that of all the game forums i have used, this KSP forum is certainly one of the most friendly and informative i hav
  2. Hi, been playing this brilliant game, and do love to use mods, as i do in all my games...but i keep finding the game crash alot...yes i do put alot of mods in, but i have a strong up to date pc that can handle it...unfortunatly i dont have the patience to test which mods work well with others...so basically...may i ask some of the more experianced players to give me a list of their mods, that they know work ok together, so i can use these, and get on playing the game...instead of constant crashes and getting totaly fed up. i do like utility mods, and novapunch...but will be happy with what i a
  3. yes, well i can see you really just had to make a comment, and well done...its not actually the contracts, its the finance bit i dont like...and if the finance bit is included in this great idea, than unfortunatly not for me...ok...thank you
  4. Hi, this sounds fantastic, cant wait...will it be playable in just science career as well please, as i dont like the contract thing...thanks.
  5. thanks Darkblade48, that is very helpfull...thank you...bless
  6. thanx Lazero, but how do i use the said modded craft in career mode, where do i put the file please...i dont understand where to putthe file so the craft shows up for me in my career. thanx sam
  7. hi, well exactly that really...have several mods loaded with ready made craft.....atm, i need a landing craft, and i know i have one in the ships VAB directory, how can i use that craft in my career mode...as i am very poor at designing landing craft thanx sam
  8. have tried but install sticks at zoo-model...tried both new one and one b4...install same problem...using 64bit any help please thanx sam
  9. Hi, i really love the look of this mod, very good...but i have absolutely no idea how to install it...may be a bit thick...sorry. in each folder are 2 zip folders..2..2.01...which one do i use please...also in the install decrip on page 1 it says at about .4...delete the klockheed martian base folder....whats that!....also have about 7 config files for kw rockets...where do they go please. one confused kerbinaut here....please help. thanx sam
  10. oh thanks sir...what i want to do is have some external tanks transfer their fuel into a middle tank as it empties, so all tanks stay equal level...will altclick do that please.
  11. advanced into techtree far enough to get a yellow extendible fuel pipeline...i understand that the fuel flows in dirrection of arrows, but it never transfers any fuel at all...tried clicking parts of it, but cant...it doesnt seem to do any thing...please help this baffoon...thanks. sam
  12. Hi, love the mod, but ksp wont load past warpplugin models thingy...on 64bit, anyone know why please. thanx
  13. Hi, i got same problem..except it is the model.mu that hangs on loading playing 64 bit
  14. ok thank you everyone, i understand the weird navball thing now...as for the rolling, i think there is a chance that i kept landing on the side of a large crater or mountain [if there is one] hence the side ways multi roll. gonna have another go [obviously] and try and pick a flat landing spot, rather than just plop down any where. anyway thank you each for your kind help. all best sam
  15. Hi, trying to land on the mun, and every time i am about to touch down [about 350m to go] my nav bal landing yellow roundal suddenly shoots off to some where and when i do touch down, its like the mun is spinning as in our 24hr cycle spin. i end up crashing and rolling for along time. from the videos i have seen, it isnt any thing like that to land on the mun...i do how ever have a lot of mods running, but they are mainly things like parts stuff also texture manager and mechjeb and engineer. any help please many thanks sam
  16. Hi, some very kind person told me how to make a custom action group trigger, and i love this mod, but i just cant figure out how to get these bits to trigger, any help for this fool would be greatly appreciated. many thanks sam
  17. starwhip bless your heart, thank you...now the mystery is gone...brilliant...really got to say, of all the forums i have ever been on, people here are so kind and quick to respond...such nice intelligent and helpful people...and ksp is probably the best sim-game i have ever had, and that is like out of around 1,500 of them...yes it is alot, but have had a long term serious illness, tho much better now.
  18. Hi, i just cant figure how to set up an action group, am particularly interested in setting up custom action groups...any help please. from a newbie...keen to learn...knows nothing...lol thank you sam
  19. bless you blizzy78, your a gent. just downloaded your ingame tutorials and about to start the moon travel one, thank you so much for all your really wonderful work, all you modding people are clever and brilliant.
  20. i saw a mod that let you set up an automated setting for the stages triggers, and being an old idiot, i cant remember what it was. probably mechjeb does it, but i aren't into my career far enough yet for that module, but it was some other mod i saw that did this. i am so sick of keep hitting the space-bar by accident and sending my little green guy off into a never ending orbit to die a slow death...and my wife thinks i do it deliberately...damn i really need that clever mod...anyone any help please many thanks sam
  21. Hi, i love the look of this, where can i get it please anyone...many thanks sam
  22. Hi, yes i am a newbie, but have probably a silly question, how do you find the different biomes on planets and is there an easy way of being able to see them, like a map or some kind of layout thingy...please many thanks;.; sam
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