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  1. Having a problem downloading...one site says your download has been to busy and has been stopped for awhile, the other "mega" site wants to download a program into firefox, which firefox doesnt want and keeps warning me all the time...eek stuck...help please...this mod looks fantastic and i so want it. many thanks sam
  2. Hey people, you are so nice and kind heartd , thank you for all for the advice, and bits, have taken it all in and will do, i'll post back let you know how i get on, and again thank you all.
  3. You know Taki117 i think that is my problem, cause have tried suggestions and still i arnt able to do it, what do i do, or more to the point what am i doing wrong...yes up, then 45% then at 80km right angle for orbit, then maneuver mode to meet moon, burn to it but no fuel!!!
  4. I just cant seem to get it right, no matter how many tanks i stick on by the time i want to do my burn to leave orbit and head for moon, i am out of fuel...i am stumped,...please any help thanks sam btw.. i am early in career, so no fancy bits yet.
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