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  1. Based on some testing with @Acid_Burn9 a couple of months back, we determined there is a conflict with Modular Missile Parts. I do not know what the issue is, but if you remove that mod, the transparency returns. I'm going to hazard a guess, but it might be some shader change causing the issue. Typically, transparency is a shader feature.
  2. It may need some CLS config entries via Module manager. I'll take a look at the mod to see what we need to do.
  3. 1. Interesting. it is crashing on the vesselName. I haven't seen that before. Can you tell me the name of the vessel, and is this repeatable with another vessel? I'm not getting an error. I even tried extra long names and got no error... 2. Sounds like a good idea. I can add an option for the Space Center button behavior.
  4. Ya, JPLRepo and I were working on this, but it has languished for a while. Brought it up to date, but could use some more love. A lot has changed with KSP and there are more things we could do...
  5. Ya a lot has changed since then. I've also learned a lot about unity since then. Don't know if I can invest the time, so no promises.
  6. Thanks for the clarification. I can look at how the transform's velocities are combined.
  7. Typical muzzle velocity of a bullet is 800 feet per second. at orbital velocities, that means it is almost nothing. Additionally, bullet mechanics expect atmosphere. So there is a calculation for bullet drop due to gravity and drag. In space none of that applies. Machine guns in space are simply useless... so them going in random directions makes sense. The bullet speed would be considered a small delta V boost and the bullet will rise in Orbit a bit until the eventual gravity and that little drag *might* exist (assuming it is below the threshold altitude of a body that actutally has atmosphere), and then slows enough to start lowering its orbit. It would not make it that far as bullets have a life span (Pooled object). Seriously. Machine guns in orbit are not going to be workable...
  8. My answer will depend on one thing in particular. What is it you actually expect to happen to a bullet in space? And what is the result that you're actually getting?
  9. 1. Reinstalling a Steam installation will not correct any mod errors. You will have to completely uninstall the game and reinstall it to remove any mods. 2. Modding a Steam installation is not recommended. I recommend you perform step 1, and then make a copy of the game folder to some other location. Then you can mod that copy. 3. If you still have errors, please provide a log file so that we can actually see what is going on. How to do that is listed in my signature below under How to Get Support
  10. I do intercept certain portions of the Stock Crew transfer. OnCrewTransferPartListCreated, OnCrewTransferSelected, and OnVesselWasModified. I do not intercept OnVesselCrewWasModified. There is an option to disable Stock crew Transfers, so You can try making sure that option is disabled. Additionally, there is also an option to override Stock Crew transfers, so you get SM behavior even with The stock transfer button. Maybe there is something I'm not handling properly there? Rate Modifier is not updating? Is this in the editor or in flight? I will need a bit more detail for that one.
  11. Congrats on the Post! Good to see you here, and it helps the community understand all the hard work that has been continued off of BDAc and the Runway Project work. My current work with BDAc is only to maintain compatibility with KSP, and it is doubtful that additional features will be added. I will definitely dive into the code base. If there is anything I can do to assist, let me know, though it certainly looks like your team has things well in hand. I will update my OP with a proper redirect to this thread.
  12. Have you tried removing planetshine to see if the problem goes away? I've not seen that behavior with planetshine in my testing and development. Please provide a log file, so I can see what you have installed and their versions.
  13. Your problem is a bad install of BD Armory. The path you show in the image is incorrect. It also looks like you have downloaded the distribution folder of the Github site and not the release file. To properly install BDA, go to the releases section of Github, found in my signature below, and download the latest zip. then unzip the archive in a separate folder and copy the GameData Folder over the existing GameData Folder in you game install. The proper path after installation should be: [Game Folder]/GameData/BDArmory
  14. I'm not sure what you are looking for but such things are typically in an asset bundle. Assets get loaded at runtime, so you may be able to access it via the game database. Mind you I'm still getting to know this portion of unity and how ksp implements things...
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