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  1. Indeed. I freely admit my original structure was NOT set up for all developers
  2. I did, thanks!. I'm reworking the distribution portion to fit my environment, but I have it merged and compiled. Looking into it now.
  3. There was / is code in place to prevent the transfer if the module is full. Technically, it should move one of the kerbals in the destination module back into the source module. I will take a look. I've merged micha's latest master into my dev branch. If I have some luck, I'll submit a PR.
  4. Hey Papa_Joe!

    Just saw that you were active again and I wanted to say, "Welcome back!"

    eightiesboi AKA Scott

  5. for those that would like, I have created a batch script that automates the update and distribution of a new game to my development environment. It makes the process very painless. The batch script is menu driven, so you can perform all actions, or only one at a time. Also it pauses between steps, so you can see what is going on. This script is specific to my environment, but it uses txt files for folder locations, so you should be able to adapt it for your needs and your environment. @echo off rem This file sets up a fresh Development mode install of KSP from a Steam insta
  6. Thanks! I saw the pr pop up. I'll look at it this evening US Pacific time.
  7. Hey. I'll be updating apps in a day or two
  8. First, delete any BDArmory folders in your GameData folders. Then Go here. Then downlaod the zip file and unzip. then drop the BDArmory folder into your GameData Folder.
  9. The repository for BDAc contains the source code for bda. Go to the releases page for bda on GitHub and the download is there. You can go to the original post for BDAc on the forums and the link is located there as well. While it is true that there is a gamedata folder in the source code repository, the dlls needed for bda to work are either out of date or don't exist there. It is used only as a storage area for the pieces needed for the distribution process. During the build of the distribution file, the data in that folder is combined with the latest dlls to create a zip file.
  10. Yes, I screwed up when updating BDAc. I do have an update for VM in the works. Some amazing code work by @DoctorDavinci. I'll talk more about it as I get it fully integrated and some additional features finished.
  11. It is a conundrum for sure. KSP provides little in the way of truly identifying vessels within vessels. There is a root part that when docked provides info on the other vessel it is docked to. However since the 2 vessels are docked, they become one vessel in the eyes of KSP. When they undock, the vessel id is then applied to the newly undocked vessel. this presents problems with properly identifying "unique" vessels within a larger structure. Compound that with the fact that there is a launch Id that is tied to each part. This cannot be used as a means to identify a vessel, as if, for
  12. Your empty button exists. In settings, under realism you will find settings for allowing fil and dump. these do exactly what they describe. However, it breaks realism as it is a "free" fill up" Dump just dumps the resource to space (or where ever) Flow priority is a bit ambiguous. You can transfer a single or group of tanks to another single or group of tanks. You can also transfer from parts to a vessel, or from a vessel to a vessel... so there is a lot of flexibility there... Height settings are something I have considered. It will take some refactoring to make it work, how
  13. New Release. R17, 10 Sep, 2018 * New * Recompiled for KSP 1.4.5 * Renamed project to reflect Mod Name (generally accepted practice with KSP mods) * Reorganized code to follow current mod structure best practices. Split classes into separate files for improved visualization of the code. * Config files moved to PluginData to prevent ModuleManager from needlessly invalidating its part cache. * Added Build/deploy automation to reduce labor, testing and reduce deployment errors. * Added change log to distribution. * Fixes * Per forum post by MOARdV, added a
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