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  1. most likely, yes. I do not know which part, but it will need to be passable as well for CLS to allow them to be one space, and for SM to perform internal transfers when realistic transfers are enabled. if you look at the assembly in the VAB, CLS will allow you to visualize the space. CLS works in the editor, so you can then detect parts that are not passable. if a part in the chain is not passable, the spaces will be separated in the editor.
  2. CLS by default, attempts to add hatches to a given part if it has a ModuleDockingPort contained in the part. When it detects such a part, it will automatically add a ModuleDockingHatch Module to the part, during part load via a Module Manager config. Hatch opening and closing is controlled via this module. I'm not (yet) familiar with BDB parts, so I cannot say what the issue is, but maybe this info will shed some light...
  3. Sorry, not sure what your statement means. Science can be enabled and disabled from the settings window, so it is possible you have it turned off. If so, then Science will not show up in the Manifest window. However, if Science is enabled, and you are selecting science, are you seeing the parts that have science container, labs or experiments in the part selector? Finally, the Control window has a labs feature. If you have a lab on your vessel does the lab show up in the labs tab? As you can see, I need more info than provided to really assist you. Please provide steps to reproduce your problem and if possible screen shots of the bad behavior. Finally, include your output.txt file so that I can see if there are any issues with your installation or interactions with your other mods...
  4. Understood. Latest available version compatible with the KSP version you are running against. and yes licensing must be the same as we distribute. The forum Mods are very particular about licensing, so be sure you include our licensing with the distribution. our distributions contain a license.txt, so that should be easy.
  5. Answer is yes. I believe I had licensing all resolved with it after some research... but that was lost when our forum post got eaten... However, if you look on my Repo. there should be a license.txt somewhere. I know I did all the due diligence on that when we started.
  6. I'm sitting here in front of my computer, contemplating how to solve one of the issues I have with science transfers, and it occurs to me.... In the first place, one of the issues I had with vessel to vessel transfers was proper vessel detection. The possibilities can be very complex, as KSP keeps track of each docking with 2 objects. ModuleDockingNode.VesselInfo, and ModuleDockingNode.otherNode.VesselInfo. It is a very flexible way for KSP to keep track of vessels when they dock and undock. This makes reassembling the new vessel easy on undock, and allows for persistence to save file of docked vessel info However, because of this flexibility and "memory" of docking history, you can get some very interesting results when you try to traverse a vessel that contains several docked vessels. I suspect those that have assembled stations or depots from multiple launches are noticing this as we speak. I have not tested extensively with myriad combinations of multiple launches to assemble stations, but I suspect you end up with several vessels connected together in a hodgepodge. this got me thinking. Since I can detect the vessels, why not allow you to combine them? I wanted to be able to merge 15 different docked vessels into one vessel so vessel to vessel transfers are easier. Besides, in actuality, a station, base or depot usually takes many launches to assemble. So, I built it. In the Control Window, where Docked Vessels are displayed, I have added a toggle to allow selection of multiple vessels. The action buttons at the bottom gives you the choice of combining these selected vessels or clearing the selections. Now you can have a single vessel that represents your Station, Base or Depot. Since I added Docked vessel renaming in the last release, you should be able to name it and "make it one". Screen Shots:
  7. May be a moot issue now. New release out. I suggest testing against that. Version - Release 17 Jul 2017 - Vessel to Vessel Edition - New: Added Docked vessel to vessel Crew transfers. - New: Added Docked Vessels Control panel. View your docked vessels, Rename a vessel, and undock a vessel with a click of a button. - New: Added option to vessel to vessel Crew transfers to limit crew xfr list to tourists only. Space tourism awaits! - New: Added ability to create Tourists from Roster Window. - New: Spanish localization added. Thanks to Fitiales! - Misc: refactored vessel detection for vessel to vessel transfers, it was not behaving as exected. - Misc: A bit of refactoring on highlighting, as it was not behaving as expected - Misc: Increased base volume of crew movement sound files. Note: I'm in the middle of testing the changes to vessel to vessel science transfers. I've got it disabled until I have it working reliably. Also, the highlighting bug was fixed with the refactoring I did for highlighting in the change log above. As always, enjoy, and report any issue you may find.
  8. Ok, i have tested SM in a fresh install of KSP 1.3, and it works just fine. Based on your output log, you have a lot of mods installed. I noted some issues during Module Manager parsing about removing nodes based on missing dependent mods. That may or may not be an issue, but I suspect that you have some sort of Mod Conflict. Based on what I'm seeing, possibly USI or Near Future, That is only a guess based on the logs. No errors are found, so that means an expected module is not showing up when searched. ModuleDeployableSolarPanel is what I search for. If that module was replaced by a custom module manager config, that would explain the failure. Using a clean game save, as any existing flights will be broken if you remove dependent mods, I recommend removing mods one at a time, using your test rig just as you have it. when you see panels, the last removed Mod is the culprit. Then replace any other mods that were previously removed to verify, again one at a time, leaving that one mod out. If the incorrect behavior does not return, then it is that one mod. Otherwise, it could be multiple mods conflicting, and this troubleshooting method will identify either condition. Hope that helps. If there is a custom module I need to detect, this will also help me to identify it. Please let me know what you find out.
  9. No it is not normal, IF you have extendable solar panels on your vessel. In my testing I'm seeing panels. So, more info will be needed to help you. Now, for an update. I've been hard at work on an update to SM. I have a major release coming soon. I'm in the middle of testing; this testing might take a bit as it touches a fair amount of UI and functional code: Multi part/Vessel to part/vessel transfers for crew and for science. Now you can move all crew or science from/to 1 or more parts or vessels. Works basically the same as before. The vessel switches now appear for all transfer types when vessels are docked together. I've also done some updates to vessel detection, and I'm much happier with the results now. I think, no matter how your original vessels were decoupled, docked, or undocked, and no matter the order it was done, SM should now properly detect individual vessels within a group of docked vessels, station or depot. Thanks to @fitiales, Spanish language support has been added. Finally I've added a new tab to the Control Window - Vessels. you can now undock or rename a given vessel that is docked to another vessel, your station, or depot. Proposed change list: Version - Release xx Jul 2017 - Vessel to Vessel Edition! - New: Added Docked vessel to vessel Crew and Science transfers! - New: Added Docked Vessels Control panel. View your docked vessels, and undock a vessel with a click of a button. - New: Spanish localization added. Thanks to fitiales! - Misc: refactored vessel detection for vessel to vessel transfers, it was not behaving as expected. - Misc: A bit of refactoring on highlighting, as it was not behaving as expected - Misc: Increased volume for crew movement sounds. More to come folks! I should have some pictures soon.