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  1. I'll be looking at the code changes pushed to Git. Thanks for the support @micha! We can get an official release out pretty soon, I think.
  2. First, Yelling is not necessary. Second, if you want help, refer to the OP for information on what to provide us in order to assist you. At the least a player.log and a screen shot of your gamedata folder would be helpful. Please refer to the OP for information on what specifically to provide. Finally. please refer all issues to the following thread: All support for BDAc 1.12.3 and later will be there. Good to hear from you! Thanks for the info. I'm not familiar with Runway Project, so my information is second hand.
  3. Ya. that would be a Realism setting. Since CLS is used with the Realism community, I will have to make that a "cheat" proof setting. Let me look into that. Comments from others are welcome, as this wouild affect its use in a realistic environment. I know that others were pretty vocal with Ship Manifest, and that limits its use in the Realism community...
  4. For those that are interested, I'm reviving the original BDAc thread, as i'm going to be resuming maintenance this BDAc fork going forward. I've discussed this with @jrodriguez, and he is fine with me reviving my original thread. As you all know, I've released a beta version for KSP 1.12.3 and it seems to be working for the most part. I will be updating my original thread with that version. Please post any issues you find going forward in that thread. I will continue to look into this thread for a short while to catch any stragglers, but please refer to the original thread below:
  5. Necroing an old thread. I discussed with @jrodriguez, and He is fine with me reviving this thread, since I will be maintaing the BDAc fork going forward. As you all know I've released a beta version of BDAc for 1.12.3. So far it seems to be working for the most part. Please post any issues here. I will post this in the other thread so we have continuity. I will also be looking over the other thread to try to catch any outstanding issues that remain from there.
  6. CLS uses Module manager to configure parts at start up. IIRC, there is also a Passable switch in the VAB for changing the behavior of some parts, however this is limited. There are also "alternative" configs in the distribution in the form of zipped files that "relax" some configs. You can examine those to see if they might help. I would have to do a bit of research on the parts in question to be able to characterize what is actually going on. The design philosophy was you can set passability before flight, when in the construction phase. after that it is hardware, so no changes are possible. If you can provide some details on your issue (including parts, etc), I can look into it further.
  7. Agreed, nothing totally catastrophic. but the issues with textures and nodes, while not causing errors, could be contributing to the node issue. Kerbalism is looking for certain resources, which by itself is not a problem. Restock is looking for certain squad part textures (.dds files) which may or may not be an issue with a corrupted install. I don't claim to be an expert in either mod. However, something is causing your issues, and those kinds of problems "could" contribute to them. Just my thoughts. I know you have quite a few mods, and for the most part they are playing nice together. But the node problems you are getting are part configuration related, so any mod modifying parts could be suspect.
  8. I'm seeing issues with restock and kerbalism and configs. kerbalism is complaining about nodes. I don't know what parts are specifically affected, but I would look at those two mods to start with. I saw only a few exceptions in the log... Since I saw texture issues with restock, and node issues with Kerbalism, I would look at removing those mods and reinstalling them. First remove those mods and try creating a vessel. if that works, then reinstall each and test after each installation. they might be corrupted, or just out of date... not sure. Hope that helps.
  9. YOu can start here. Runway Project | Scott Manley Wiki | Fandom It does not appear that there is a forum thread for it. Github source: BrettRyland/BDArmory: Gun turrets and other weapon systems for KSP (github.com)
  10. Yes. I forget the significance of the date (too long ago, over a decade), but yes. Just an update. Based on research I did in the forums, it appears that it shows up around April 1st as an april fool's joke. Not sure about Feb 22nd...
  11. To help you troubleshoot a player.log file would be very beneficial. Please supply a link to your claire.log file and we can look over what's going on. Also if you think you might have installed it incorrectly a copy of your installation folder hierarchy would also be helpful
  12. Yup. There is and it is active. Scott Manley also uses it. There have been some significant changes from my understanding, and it has grown more complex. That is one of the major reasons that this fork was discontinued. I'm ony reviving it to make it compatible with 1.12.3, and support those that don't want the changes that were made that break a fair number of existing part mods. A fair number of config changes, changes to the way bullets are handled, the ability to mix and match ammo, and more. Check it out!
  13. After testing with @Acid_Burn9, we have determined that it appears that BDModularMissleParts is causing the graying of the Hud of Mk22. I"m looking at the Modular missles mod now, but it is a new area for me, so that will take time and a lot of questions (building parts and models). If you remove BDModularMissileParts, the BDMk22 hud is transparent.
  14. Just for your edification the Nyan cat has been a part of that mod since it's inception many many years ago. At the risk of offending you, get over it. You can always choose not to use it.
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