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  1. That is fabulous! A small suggestion for the Restock+, if I may: the ingame twin boar description talks about some "mythical" KR1 engine, which isn't in the game. How about making it a radially attached engine similar to the MK55 Thud engine, inheriting the texture and stats of the twin boar engines?
  2. BadLeo

    Parts looking for love

    Oh, materials bay experiment part could also get some love. The model itself isn't bad, bu the surface attachment on the bottom and top are kind of weird...
  3. I feel stupid to not have thought of that before. Yep, it feels it should be...
  4. BadLeo

    Parts looking for love

    Landing legs and wheels, undoubtedly. Spot on. Also, texture coherence would be nice across the board both to fuel tanks and plane parts alike. I mean, mk2, mk3 and wing parts textures speak three different aesthetic languages, so to say. Finally, a full fledged engine revamp on the lines of porkjet's project would be absolutely glorious.
  5. BadLeo

    KSP II? KSP Remastered?

    I believe KSP has a marketing potential that we are still to witness the full unleash. I do believe it will have at least one, if not many other iterations, and with good market penetration we are likely to see plushes and other toys back, and maybe more, like books for scientific education to go along KerbalEDU. Stuff like that would make me jump in joy. KSP universe might lack a little more depth for that, right now, but with some work on the front we can see material deserving of animation movies. Kerbals would be much more charsimatic than minions, IMO. I can't help but hope Take Two has seen all of that... "We view Kerbal Space Program as a new, long-term franchise that adds a well-respected and beloved IP to Take-Two’s portfolio as we continue to explore opportunities across the independent development landscape." On the other hand, Take Two is a ginormous corporation with no lack of interesting titles to worry about and invest money on. If the return to investment on KSP isn't what they expect, the future will be dark. But I believe even a moderately mediocre business model could make money with KSP, let alone one that comes out of the money-making machine that Take Two is...
  6. Dunno if I'm alone on that one, but the lights of a retracted lading gear shining through and being visible on the other side of wing parts is one annoying glitch. Make it stop, maybe? Thanks.
  7. BadLeo

    How do kerbals reproduce?

    There's no admin.
  8. BadLeo

    How do kerbals reproduce?

    Welp, they do have the ability to take their helmets off, but that has to be done manually because they have to hold their breath and their eyeballs in place, or something. Maybe, maybe they can breathe on Kerbin, but what that proves? Only that they breathe, nothing more. They obviously don't time out, though. Neither will they die, they are simply molecularly rearranged into themselves time and again. Which, for me, means that they are, if not summoned, 3d printed on Kerbin. But I insist their 3d sketch files are downloaded from somewhere else.
  9. BadLeo

    How do kerbals reproduce?

    *puts foil hat on* Almost that. Except I don't think they are produced, but rather summoned. The question is: from where? My theory is that they aren't even from Kerbin, really. Think about it: they use their full pressure suits when walking about just anywhere on Kerbin. They cannot really breath Kerbin's air, nor is its surface pressure adequate for them. And more: KSC is the only operational place in Kerbin, save for a bunch of relay antennas. Other colonization attempts have been made, on the island and on the old KSC, both doomed to some kind of catastrophic failure, but 3rd time was the charm. I believe Kerbals come from some other place on the galaxy or maybe even another dimension, summoned by some high tech device inside the Astronaut complex, with the intent of exploring and colonizing Kerbol system, which they have to do with the resources available for them in situ. Also, they are colonizing other systems, which, judging by how they name themselves individually, are all called Kerbol System. They might have some kind of ethical protocol to follow, because they don't reproduce while in mission. Or they just aren't able to, maybe because they are sterile clones tailored specifically for the job. I'm pretty sure that we'll know where they come from, though. On KSP 2.0. *takes off foil hat*
  10. To be clear: timewarp is currently possible in DMP mod, but it de-syncs players, as they are able to warp independently and end up in different time frames. Good for sci-fi material, bad for MP gamaplay.
  11. No MP system that hypothetically gets implemented will be perfect. It'll please some and displease some others. People will always argue that it could have been implemented differently [coincidentally or not to better suit their particular taste]. We are egotistical monkeys, even the best among us are. Choices have to be made. Hopefully devs can devise a way to please the biggest number of players possible by the biggest margin possible while displeasing the smallest number of players by the smallest margin possible. Utilitarianism is as far as perfection goes. What it substantially will consist in when it comes to KSP MP, thought, only the devs can tell.
  12. In my opinion, nothing. It would be the perfect solution to reconcile timewarp feature with MP gameplay. I just proposed MP without timewarp in the hypothetical scenario that it is it what's holding MP back, which i'm not sure is the case anyway. I would probably add a mechanism to vote kick players that decide to hold everyone back on timewarp as a form of grief, but that would probably not even be necessary in case MP is local. That would also be a nice solution. Probably easier to implement, too.
  13. BadLeo

    The Explosions.

    That reminds me that there's even a mod that adds spark trails and other effects on crashes, but I can't recall its name to post here. About the performance, though, I believe it relates more with part count than anything else, provided the system is running fine with the graphic settings of choice. If you crash a 1000 parts craft, it'll drop some frames anyway, firework effects notwithstanding. Furthermore, they would probably make the crash debris non-persistent objects just like the fairings pieces. But, yeah, some adjustments and compromises would have to be made on lower settings.
  14. I just want to say this mod is brilliant and I love it for the stories that it makes possible to rise from KSP.