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  1. It's been largely a guessing game, but I believe I'm doing it correctly. Well, at least for the orbits in sight...
  2. I didn't have the slightest idea on what direction to aim for the burn and what "pattern" of orbit to look for. The way I did was that I put the craft between Kerbin and the Mün and hoped it would drag me along it and, with a small nudge I could maybe hit the L5 (the one behind it, dunno if that's the correct one), but I guess my nudge was far to strong and it just threw me far away. Your pic is indeed very insightful, though, thanks!
  3. Erm, sorry to make such a simplistic question that must have been asked before, but what is the proper frame of reference to look for lagrangian orbits?
  4. Eh, I don't think so. Well, I would say it's not entirely incompatible, but the orbit info provided for KER might not reliable due to its complete rework of orbital mechanics. Surface readings would probably still work fine, but Principia also changes stuff regarding the navball (sorry, not remotely knowledgeable on coding, can't properly describe it). I guess it would be quite some effort to make both compatible, I couldn't ask you to do this just because of one player. EDIT: Well, it seems Prinicpia supports KER. So, the issue might have something to do with the way it uses the NavBall.
  5. I think the key factor is to realize no game will ever be 100% complete, in the sense that, after released, people will always find things that could be added, subtracted or tweaked (shout out to Lisias)... the difference between allowing players to do those things to their hearts content or not allowing at all is the difference between a game being played by an unyielding community 10 years after its release and a game abandoned by all but a few die hard fans in less than half that time. Regardless of the actual content a speculative KSP2 would have, I believe it would be down right dumb
  6. Uh-oh. Decided to give Principia a go and it seems SUA isn't showing up its magic along with it. Do you have reports on that?
  7. It seems to be working on 1.6.1... Well, I didn't actually crash anything, dunno if it is working properly, mind you. But the blue artifact is still there, so, remove the file Jade_Falcon pointed out.
  8. If I would try to make a list of all that could be added to KSP on a second take of it, to make it a new and interesting game without losing the connection with the first iteration and the community built around it, that list would be, of course, incomplete, not to mention that it would only be a personal view coming from my expectations and wishes, therefore it would be a meaningless, unworthy effort. So, here it is: - They could add a complete historical take on the development of the aerospacial industry, including the political struggle that rushed the technological race, which leads
  9. My totally unnecessary 2 cents, added even though I don't have relevant info on current sales numbers for PC and console versions: console sales are probably keeping the game afloat, or will, at some point. In fact, this may even be the turning point. They have to give the console people something from time to time. Yes, bug fixing helps everybody all along, but they don't show, like water pipe and underground infrastructure. Nothing is to say, though, bug fixing isn't also being carried out. Last I checked, designers and artists don't fix bugs, anyway. Better get them buttocks working on
  10. <S> Yes, I kinda feel we should stop discussing KSP MP. It takes nowhere because: a) People who don't want it won't understand that an eventual MP mode won't take away the SP mode; b) Said people won't allow a proper discussion to happen without derailing it, falling on circular reasoning, snow ball or strawman fallacies, or simply trying to shut it down with quasi-authoritarian claims about how MP would ruin their beloved SP game; c) People who actually want KSP MP will wait whatever time it takes to get it, although from time to time they'll nudge the devs, because
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