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  1. That. Also, the game ins't made more challenging when it hides such basic information. It makes for a grinding experience, instead. The challenge of games, specially simulations and open ended ones, comes from forcing the player to apply creativity and ingenuity to the use of tools and info provided by the game to achieve the desired outcomes. Besides, showing delta-V figures is more likely to make people use maths and make calculations than hiding it, which is a plus. EDIT: If for no other reason, having a stock delta-V-meter will significantly reduce the number of stranded Kerbals through the Kerbol system, which is a noble goal worth of being chased. Stock delta-V-meter for a higher chance of returning home in time for dinner!
  2. Well, one can always hope for it to be in the next version, then...
  3. Hum... a vanilla Delta-V-meter for the VAB would be nice. Is it to late too ask for that feature?
  4. Yes! It seems that the system uses the Intel GPU for the application if the energy mode is set to anything other than maximum performance mode. In my case, for some reason it was set to balanced - I swear I had it on maximum performance. I always use the notebook plugged when playing, and I had manually set KSP to run on the Nvidia GPU via it's control panel, so, for me, the log was being silly by pointing out to the Intel GPU instead of the Nvidia. Weird is that the Nvidia GPU would accuse the game to be running on it, as the picture I uploaded above shows, even though it wasn't. Now that I set the system to maximum performance on the energy management window, KSP log shows the game is running on the Nvidia GPU. And no crashes as of now. Lesson learned: when in doubt, trust KSP log, not the Nvidia panel Thank you all, guys, for taking some of your time to try and help me, specially sal_vager for finding out the culprit.
  5. Thanks for the tip, but it doesn't work. I would like to thank steve_v, also. Any help is appreciated.
  6. I would rather use DirectX because shadows are quirk and flickering with OpenGL. Yes, it is a minor issue, but still I rather not have it. This didn't happen before, even with heavily modded games. The thing is, I can't pinpoint when it started to happen, so I can't trace the exact cause. I suspect of Unity, but it could well be a hardware issue, yes, but I have no indication of that since other games, such as Total War: Rome II, Magicka, Stellaris and Cities Skylines do not present the issue whatsoever. Also:
  7. The log reports the incorrect video card. The game is running on the dedicated Nvidea one. Dunno why it does that.
  8. I'm having an issue with KSP that ends up locking the entire Windows, requiring me to reset it throught the power button. The game starts normaly, but after a couple minutes in it just stops working. Log, annexed here, says something about "HandleD3DDeviceLost" and "D3D device reset failed [out of memory]". Notebook specs are: CPU i5-2450M 2.5 Ghz, 6Gb RAM, GeForce GT 540M Graphics Card, Windows 10 I found out that starting the game with the tag lines -force-opengl -popupwindow makes it stable, but I would rather have it running with DirectX. Log:
  9. BadLeo

    Kerbal Spice Program

    Congrats to the winner, it was well deserved.
  10. BadLeo

    KSP Weekly: Per aspera ad astra

    Saw the title and thought someone was going to refer to a song by Haggard that I haven't listened to for quite some years... funny how the brain works...
  11. BadLeo

    Kerbal Spice Program

    No reference to Russel's Teapot as of yet? C'mon, lads...
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    Kerbal Spice Program

    When you end up taking far more ice cream scoops than you should at one time.
  13. BadLeo

    Kerbal Spice Program

    Have you got anything without spam?
  14. Click on the button that says "clone or download" and then click on the "download as zip" option.