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  1. Hi, Now I am attaching one big wing to a body of a plane, and then later add other wins to that main wing. Then later I can move the whole wing easily in order to adjust CoL/CoM. However, if I want to attach more wing parts straight to the body, then I need to move them separately when adjusting CoL/CoM. Is it possible to group parts (mainly wings) in editor, so that they all could be moved together? (Like ctrl+click in other software) Thanks
  2. This was it!!!!! Life saver! Tested by moving to a side, and works. Explains removing canards as elevator too:) Thanks again Alshain! P.S. It is stupid rule, to be fair:)
  3. Tested, brakes are all fine. What I discovered now: 1) Start engines - dont move 2) Push W (nose down), get 10m/s, continue at 10m/2 3) Doesnt accelerate more 4) Push W again, get 10m/s more 5) and so on So it only accelerates for a bit, when I push W... weeeeeird If anyone want to try it out, here is craft file: And if anyone wont offer any solution, ill have to give up with this type of plane...
  4. Ok, more pics: Full throttle, standing still (back wheel is lower than front) And this is what I noticed - blue arrow is pointing forward: 1) Why? 2) Shouldnt it affect only after plane got some speed, not at 0 speed?
  5. Ok, another question - what could be wrong, that when I start engines, I dont move, and only start moving, if I push planes nose down ​(W key)? Could it be because CoM and CoL are very far to front? P.S. I think all of my problems in this thread, is because of CoL a lot in front, as when it was in back/middle, all was normal..
  6. It was advanced canards! I put them as elevators, and they mess things up. Strange thing is, that even if they are disabled for everything, and dont move, plane still steers.... anyone experienced this? Anyway - dont use Advanced Canards as elevators.
  7. I rebuild everything using the same engines, yet it still steers left. I think its something to do with them. When I run them both, one generates 0.03 electricity, another 0.04 - shouldnt it be the same? (both 100 limit)
  8. SOLVED - dont put anything behind engines! Hi, I made several planes today, and all were acting fine. However, with this, I cannot understand where the problem is. It has 2 turbo jets, and if I turn them both on, it instantly turns left. However, if I keep right engine off, it goes straight... I removed all but one central intake, still the same. Any reason what is happening? You can see that all wheels are straight, and its going straight with 1 engine. As soon as 2nd engine is engaged, it goes to the right. And here you can see that everything is fine - CoL is just behing CoM, and CoT is centred... I also tried various wheel positions, still the same... Any ideas?
  9. Ok, I get it now. So, I made another SSTO plane, using RAPIER - this one is so much easier to fly - lift of, straight to 10km, then quickly go to 30' to reach ~25km 1600m/s, then switch to rockets. I liiike Rapier. (But, to be fair, I made sure that CoM doesnt change much with fuel and payload detaching, this makes a big difference, as you mentioned). However, I barely, but made to orbit - last 15delta m/s was using RCS . I guess RCS will be used to deorbit as well (I still have LF to land). (And my Mun satallite is launching for the first time from a plane - cooool!) P.S. Good suggestion putting stuff inside cargo (like RCS tanks) P.P.S. I just dont like all those air intakes........ Thanks!
  10. Rapier is a beast! 2-in-1 and powerful! Question - how to know how much extra LF or less Oxidiser to take? Take a rough guess?
  11. Thanks guys, I really learned a lot! I just researched Aerospike/Rapier, so will try to use them next. I will also start adding something in the cargo bays... em.. for testing . Thanks, but I'm also sure I will create more threads in the future about other things
  12. Thanks for all the tips guys! I replaced 2 basic jets with 4 turbo jets, added moar intakes, and managed to reach orbit and land! THANKS! Now, to finish up and go build more SSTO with payloads, a couple of questions: 1) In the picture bellow, you see I am at 23.5km doing 1300m/s and I am flaming - is this normal, or should I be higher before I start doing this kind of speeds? 2) (Not a question) After hitting ~25km and 1500m/s I engaged rockets and reached orbit! 3) Cargo bay - how do I add "things" to it? Do I need to attach something somehow? 4) Landing was easy, but landing at exact spot was quite difficult - aerobraking to a precise location was hard, and didnt have enough fuel to correct that much (this landing was after a couple of autosaves ). Any tips on how to judge aerobraking, or will that come with practise? 5) I dont really like the look of many intakes on a plane, but I guess it will always be like that for plane SSTO? Or is there a way to minimize them? Once again, thank you for your advice, and I'm off to building more SSTO with payloads now (once I know how to put them in cargo:) ).
  13. Thanks for some tips, will try adding more turbo jets and intakes later. Will update a bit later:)
  14. Hi, I can make pretty good rockets now, so decided to start learning SSTO. Could you tell me: 1) The procedure of flight? (i.e. reach X km high with X speed, then activate engines etc). 2) What should I look for building SSTO? 3) Below is my first attempt (I know its a bit big) - it flies perfectly fine, and I can reach 15km with 400m/s horizontal speed, but then I start dropping down. Do I need bigger wings? More jet power? (I reach 0.1 for air intakes, but engines never flameout - I just start losing vertical speed). (bigger image) Thanks