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  1. Does this mod have, or will it have, a constant rotation mode? I really like building custom centrifuges, but getting them to rotate is finnicky even with mods
  2. No worries, I'm glad you're still working on this. Mostly because I'm not going to play again until this is finished
  3. It would be a cause for concern to me if it was at the cost of worse non-habitable planets, but... Just look at this adorable, pastel navball floating through space :3
  4. Shush, it's because of quantum-entangled infinite improbability morhic matrix resonance field thingamajing. Just go with it Though I feel I have to agree that you might want to slow down on these Eartlike planets. It's cool that there's more than one, and they look stunning, but having too many of them will decrease their importance and instead of the priceless jewel of the system they might become just another planet like others. It's harder to make a rocky or icy moon visually appealing and distinguishible from others, but if you manage to do it it's worth more in my opinion. (Afterthought: you could make some variance by introducing Earthlike planets covered in vegetation that doesn't use chlorophyl, but a chemical of some other colour. Icky, but would make them stand out from each other.) Love these new ice caps.
  5. I think there might be a slight issue when trying to use it with GPP, because it uses cbNameLater in two configs, which I think makes all planet packs loaded afterwards think Sun is called Ciro and Kerbin is called Gael, not just visually but also internally. I might be talking out of my bottom here, but I know some other planet packs didn't work with GPP until I deleted that line. Though even if I'm right it's just a matter of adding a config loading if GPP is detected that parents the stars over Ciro instead of Sun. More of something to keep it mind than a problem.
  6. I clapped. Honestly. This looks amazing. I'm quite speechless about the speed at which you roll these out. And their quality. I have quite demanding tastes when it comes to planet packs, but these planets satisfy them completely. Keep it up!
  7. No rishathra? What's even the point then? I'm kidding, this alone is amazing, and if you manage to get collisions and such to work... That will open so many possibilities. Like creating such a structure as a surface of the planet, placing it around a planet, and by using particularily modelled "real" surface and the "bottom" or inner surface of the structure, creating cave systems! Or a planet inside a planet. Not the scope of this mod, of course. But if we had a precedent, we'd know it's possible.
  8. Will there be, or is there, some way of using GC to extend existing ground bases? As in, build a new module so it's attached to the base by default, without any need to move it around and dock. I've been looking for a way to do that, since I want to extend bases in-situ but I want them to be attached to the ground with pylons and such AND attached to the base with rigid corridors, not elastic tubes.
  9. In that case I was wrong and imagined things. Maybe that was just wishful thinking. I guess my question is answered.
  10. I'm pretty sure it appeared both in map view and in normal view last time I used it, so I see no reason why it couldn't.
  11. Weird question, but does the window appear in the IVA view? I'd test it myself, but I'm out of home for some time
  12. Idea: weldable construction dock for EPL. Could be used to build an extension of a ship/base, then attach it permanently, disappearing in the process. Could be useful if you want to build a new module for your surface base that is rigidly attached to the rest of it AND attached to the ground with things like pylons or clamps, so cannot be moved to dock. Possibly something similar for GC, though that would probably require modifications on their part.
  13. I'm terrible at landing, so I always use more fuel than I intended. In effect probably half of my Mun missions managed to get back to Kerbin solely because I've put way more monoprop than I would need if I could fly properly.
  14. It's not finished, but I think I'm onto something here... Orbital station, or rather orb-ital station! Designed with being a centrifudge in mind. Could have additional modules attached to the sides, or could be stacked on top of interplanetary propulsion system.