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  1. Hello Is this the Megalodon 720 that made The Victory in Hatbat's series called Kethane Station?

  2. I'll give it a go tomorrow hopefully, and yes, two Nouveaus would probably beat a Victory into submission. BTW, I noticed that your ship seemed to fracture easily and I was wondering if there was a problem with the way you were constructing it. As a result, I will leave you with a link to my video showing how I built most of my "recent" ships (including the Victory), which may help you create more resilient ships:
  3. Armour test No.2: This time I changed it a bit. I was firing into the Victory's bow, not the stern, and I was firing from 300m. I also fired four rounds at the Victory, all of which hit their mark. First shot: This shot was similar to the last test, shaving off some armour but ultimately leaving the insides intact. The second shot simply hit the command module on top and destroyed a single panel. It also took out three solar panels. Third and fourth shots (the ship began spinning after the first shot, hence why I hit the side): This shot was surprisingly destructive. It dislodged two small fuel tanks, destroyed an engine, destroyed some plating, and took out two missiles in the bow. Overall damage: Result: The Nouveau used up all of its missiles and dealt considerable damage to the Victory, however the latter was still alive and had three quarters of her armament left. She also had most of her fuel and enough engines to move at a bearable pace. Therefore, the Victory would be perfectly capable of a revenge shot after the Nouveau had run away, and is still a ship to be reckoned with even after four shots.
  4. I should thank you really, if it weren't for that test then I wouldn't have found the weakspot in the ship's stern. Also, your SRB rockets have a very limited range, and ran out of fuel before they actually reached the Victory (they missed though, because I'm a terrible shot) so when using them it would be good to close to under 500m from the target.
  5. I'll do it when I can. BTW, I just thought I'd let you know that it isn't a bad idea to release the 1.25m missiles and aim them separately from the ship.
  6. I did the test, although I didn't see these new posts so it's just an edit to the last post, sorry. Also: What the tracking station looks like now :
  7. Oh bugger, That's misleading, sorry. I'll post a picture of her soon to avoid more confusion. EDIT: Here we go, A picture of the glorious Victory class in orbit around kerbin: And now the test: I place both ships about 750m apart around Kerbin and fired two "popper" missiles at the target. The first missed by a few meters, while the second clipped one of the Xenon engines on top. This shot obliterated the craft, and before long I had a rather big cleanup operation on my hands: Result: The Victory is still a battle-worthy craft and should only need minor modifications, if any. I have to admit that this is a tad unfair though, seeing as I used a battleship against a frigate, and still used a missiles designed to obliterate capital ships. The Nouveau is a very nice ship and with a surprisingly low part count. Armour test: Fired the two front missiles at Victory, the first missed and the second hit, and knocked of a lot of the stern armour, although the insides stayed intact. Result: Lucky shot
  8. Both, I just want to test her with a newer ship, and I think you may be looking at an older version of the Victory, the newer one is lighter than that (I think it's about 130 tons.)
  9. No, just 1.0.4, I spent a lot of time not playing this game, don't worry, the problem's on my end.
  10. Thank you, I shall post results. EDIT: Damn, I have to wait for the new version to download. BUT THEN! You puny ship shall feel the wrath of the glorious TCMS Victory! ...And maybe the Praegrandis too.
  11. Alphasus, may I have a download link for that ship you just used? I'd like to see if the Victory needs some upgrading.
  12. Like Spartwo said, you're allowed to place your ships all in one clump, but for the sake of your opponent's computer, please don't. Instead, put them at different heights around the planet/moon.