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  1. I would love a nice stock alike WW2 bubble cockpit.
  2. On purpose? LKO. But I have strapped a kerbal to a booster and gone into a sun orbit. And Bob glitched in a plane crash and is now flying exponentially faster than the speed of light into oblivion. I'm not saying this quizzaciously, I just spend all my time making planes.
  3. They have built in systems preventing them from turning too fast. And years of research on structural integrity.
  4. Could you make a pointier tail? This one looks to stubby. Other than that, Very nice!
  5. What do you mean by target field?
  6. My vids are only 720p, but relatively short, maybe you could stick one in at the end?
  7. Is there a setting to change the speed of the tracks? I just find it boring having to go at 0.2 M/S on them.
  8. Can you add compatibility for procedural parts? (New stretchy tanks)
  9. Waaaaanttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Is there a way to auto snap the ends to fit irregular fuselage shapes so maybe it could snap to the and of the Mk2 fuselage and have a nice seamless transition?
  11. Why no toroids and shapes with "holes" is it a technical problem or just a big pain to do?