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  1. Hello, This can lift up to three (3) orange fuel tanks into orbit. Mods used: B9 KOS (not necessary, can remove the parts) FAR Instructions: Note: At all times, watch the engines to prevent overheats. 1. Enable SAS 2. Stage. 3. Tap AG1 twice. Tap AG6 once. 4. Proceed directly down the runway. 5. Takeoff at 140 m/s. 6. Gradually pitch up to 60 degrees. If you exceed the force limits (into the red), the craft will break apart. 7. Proceed to ~1600 m. Pitch down to 45 degrees. 8. Proceed to ~20000 m. Pitch down to 20 degrees. 9. Gradually climb to 25000 m. Stay below 25500 m until your speed is gr
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