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  1. Hello, This can lift up to three (3) orange fuel tanks into orbit. Mods used: B9 KOS (not necessary, can remove the parts) FAR Instructions: Note: At all times, watch the engines to prevent overheats. 1. Enable SAS 2. Stage. 3. Tap AG1 twice. Tap AG6 once. 4. Proceed directly down the runway. 5. Takeoff at 140 m/s. 6. Gradually pitch up to 60 degrees. If you exceed the force limits (into the red), the craft will break apart. 7. Proceed to ~1600 m. Pitch down to 45 degrees. 8. Proceed to ~20000 m. Pitch down to 20 degrees. 9. Gradually climb to 25000 m. Stay below 25500 m until your speed is greater than mach 5.1. 10. Pitch up to ~20 degrees. Wait until the engines run out of air. 11. Tap AG1 once. Tap AG6 once. Enable RCS. Pitch up to 45 degrees. 12. Wait until your AP is above 80000 m. 13. Tap AG2 once. Pitch down to 0 degrees. 14. Wait until ~30 seconds before AP. Tap AG2 once. 15. Wait until PR is above 80000. Stop thrusting. You are in orbit. Craft file: http://www./view/naidb1kn69mh56b/SuperHeavy.craft Someone post pictures if they can.