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  1. I read somewhere one of the devs said to expect around a 10-50% performance boost (sorry I don't have a source)
  2. Maybe if they're super quick, this update will make a really nice Christmas gift!
  3. I've landed on every single body in the solar system except for Tylo. That one is gonna give me trouble for a while!
  4. More pics in imgur album in signature. wow, very impressive! I have a pretty low-end computer so I can only manage maybe 100 parts before it starts to get unmanageable so I could never hope to build something like that
  5. I usually just attach a few tanks with fuel lines to the clamps
  6. I did at least 20 trips to Eeloo and back pre-1.0 but after the update I can't seem to get there and back without sending a refueling mission. At best I can pull off about 8,500 m/s. Any tips?
  7. Oh lord, don't even get me started on those service bays. They wobble, they come loose, they explode, they teleport to another dimension, pretty much everything except their job
  8. The damned bugs!! I don't know if it's because I have a lot of mods or what, but for some reason, every so often, my satellite EXPLODES when I time warp! Out of NOWHERE!!!???
  9. But when I decouple the probe I can't timewarp because it says I am "accelerating" even though no engines or RCS are on and I'm not spinning or anything. Then the heatshield IMMEDIATELY overheats (I've aerocaptured at Jool before, it didn't do that) plus i have an altitude of 193 km so it shouldn't overheat like that
  10. So I sent a probe to Jool to aerocapture (with big heatshield and everything from procedural parts) and the shield instantly overheats and the rest of my probe explodes on contact with the atmosphere, PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!;.;;.;
  11. I always feel so ambitious when playing KSP, like "I'm gonna build a massive space station around Laythe and then make a surface base where landers can go to and from the base back to the space station and I will colonize the whole Jool system!" Then I get in game and either I can't decide how to do it or some bug ruins it for me. Especially the bugs, it makes me not even want to bother with it sometimes
  12. I don't have a screenshot with me but one time I was trying to go to Eeloo (I almost NEVER go to Eeloo) and the one time in a very long while I attempt it, Jool gets in the way and will not move unless I spend like 400 or so extra delta v. It was infuriating and amazing at the same time.
  13. The staging. It all looked like a jumbled confusing mess but it was fairly easy to learn. Also how to read the navball:wink:
  14. Sorry for the late reply, but that seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks!